Monday, July 11, 2011

Outrage: ATF to require semi-auto buyer information on border

The tool of freedom is again demonized
The new policy comes amid criticism of a flawed federal probe aimed at dismantling large-scale arms trafficking networks along the Arizona border with Mexico...Under the new policy, federal firearms licensees in Texas, California, Arizona and New Mexico must report purchases of two or more of some types of rifles by the same person in a five-day span. The requirement applies to purchases of semi-automatic rifles that have detachable magazines and a caliber of greater than .22...One of the critics of Operation Fast and Furious called the new policy "the height of hypocrisy." The Obama administration is restricting the gun rights of border state citizens, "when the administration knowingly and intentionally allowed guns to be trafficked into Mexico," said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith, R-Texas. "Limiting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens is not going to solve the problem," Smith said.  Mexico's federal security spokesman... praised Obama's action...
----Full watered-down story at AP/Mail----
Well, as predicted more direct action against law abiding gun owners, harassment of FFL's, and more demonization of semi-auto rifles....All this based on the propaganda operation using the Mexican drug wars as cover. That Mexico's spokesman approves is proof  enough the "policy" stinks of totalitarianism.  Despite the lies and scandal, the administrations anti-gun initiatives are being implemented...Rule by decree, the favorite method of kings & tyrants, seem to be in fashion within the former land of the free...(S9)
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

CA Tyranny: Long Gun Registration Bill to be Heard this Monday in Sacramento

The state Senate Appropriations Committee is scheduled to hear Assembly Bill 809, long gun registration, this Monday, July 11. AB 809, introduced for the second consecutive year by F-rated Assemblyman Mike Feuer (D-42), would expand California’s registration scheme to include long guns. 
AB 809 has already passed in the state Assembly by a 47 to 29 vote...This dangerous bill is a direct assault on gun rights because the only real value of registration is to help governments confiscate firearms in the future. On top of the violation of Second Amendment rights, expanding the registry to include rifles and shotguns would be a huge waste of taxpayer money at a time when California is drowning in debt... anti-gun legislators in Sacramento don’t know how to learn from failures elsewhere.. many in Parliament are fighting to repeal the failed long gun registry. The Canadian government discovered by trial and error...gun registration is of no real value to law enforcement; does not cause criminals to register their guns or reduce their access to guns; is next to impossible to implement; and is extremely costly...This bill is simply a means for anti-gun activists to register more of your guns to be in a position to enforce another state gun ban in the future...
---The only media outlet taking the lead on getting this story out nationwide is ILA---
See previous post here on this blog regarding California...Look at the video posted at the sidebar of this blog showing proof that California anti-gun forces have already banned and confiscated "demonized" long guns, and gotten away with it!. Now they are at it again, and I have said it before and will say it again: You out of state people need to take note, because what they get away with here will soon be referenced by your state anti-gun trolls as an excuse to go after your guns, so quit insulting California gun owners, who are not the problem, and focus on the politicians, who ARE the problem!...They are an evil conspiratorial minority, and through dishonest tactics are an active force of tyranny against liberty...Never give up the fight, because when you are slacking, they are winning...(S9)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Report: New anti-gun laws coming soon (Obama)

Spokesman Jay Carney said that the new steps would be made public "in the near future." He didn't offer details, but people involved in talks at the Justice Department to craft the new measures said they expected to see something in the next several weeks. Whatever is proposed is not expected to involve legislation or take on major issues like banning assault weapons but could include executive action to strengthen the background check system or other steps..Obama wrote an opinion piece...calling for "sound and effective steps" to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, including strengthening background checks...
----Full anti-gun biased story from unidentified author at USA Today via Drudge Report---- 
**(Note to readers: I'm out of town without the usual resources and also just got my desktop back, repaired and improved after 8 Trojans destroyed system effectiveness. I am on the laptop at the moment)**
Whoever wrote this weasel-worded bit of mind-control at USA Today is obviously in the tank for gun confiscation (the Editor did nothing so we have to assume USA Today is also). I "Newspeak" form, they try and convince the reader that Obama and his minions have done "nothing" on "gun control" when in fact we know the facts are just the opposite, just scroll down the list of topics on this blog for the proof!. ( and the Justice Dept. has no credibility due to the "Gunwalker" scandal).  Even an outright ban would never be enough for these misguided evil Utopian fools, who know full well that gun confiscation will bring down American society and is exactly their desired master plan. Being fools, they don't see that the mass-murder happening below our southern border would advent here should they get their radical way. The virtues of "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" are hated concepts to them, only fit to be destroyed. We must not let it happen here - (S9)