Monday, February 20, 2012

House: Guns can't be taken during state of emergency

House lawmakers approved a bill to forbid the state from seizing Colorado residents' firearms during a declared state of emergency....her proposal is one that several states have implemented after Hurricane Katrina, when there was mass looting. The National Rifle Association says 31 states have legislation in place similar to what Colorado lawmakers are considering...
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How many remember the infamous video of the invited in for Katrina California Highway Patrol Officers attacking & beating down an elderly woman who owned a small revolver for protection? (CHP was later quietly asked to leave the state). Anti-gun nuts bank on on emergencies as a back-door method to seize legally owned semi-autos, so this type of legislation, which should not be an issue, is unfortunately necessary to make it clear to the gun grabbers that you can NOT lawfully do this...(S9)

Massive ex-Gaddafi weapons cache turns up in Algeria

The black market for arms has inundated many other African states with munitions from Libya, says Russia’s special envoy to Africa Mikhail Margelov.
“I recently visited Nigeria, Mali, Mauritania and Morocco, and for these four countries what is happening in the desert is a real nightmare,” he told RT in January. “One of the tribal leaders said to me, what happened in Libya undermined the market. I asked, ‘What market?’ He said, ‘Today, a Soviet or Chinese-made MANPAD [man-portable surface-to-air missile] costs the price of two Kalashnikovs.' It’s a real problem, because arms trafficking can end up somewhere in the south of Africa or somewhere in the south of Europe.”
It is estimated that Gaddafi’s arsenals numbered some 20,000 of such missiles – the largest among non-producing countries. The main fear here is that all this deadly cargo can now be easily smuggled out of Libya by various terrorist groups, including local branches of Al-Qaeda, and then used to attack civil aviation targets anywhere in the world....
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When missiles can be had for the price of two black-market AK-47's, we have a true nightmare scenario to worry about. Being harassed by TSA at the airport pales in comparison...(S9)

End of long-gun registry seen as victory in war on Big Government

Stephen Harper has begun the process of shuttering Canada’s long-gun registry, tabling a bill to scrap a database on firearms owners that for rank-and-file Conservatives stood as a powerful symbol of everything that’s wrong with big government.
Determined to drive a stake through the heart of the registry, which cost more than $2-billion to establish, the Tories are going so far as to destroy the data...
 The federal gun registry had amassed more than 6.6-million records on non-restricted firearms by March 31, 2009. These data will be destroyed, the Conservatives said, rather than leave the door open for a new registry. “We will not assist provinces to set up a back-door registry,” a government spokesman said....
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The government already have ways to track firearms, this program was just more expensive & unwarranted harassment, traced to the global anti-gun fanatics program.
This victory is all the more significant, in that this country has no 2nd Amendment, and operates under an oppressive British style system of government which is inherently anti-firearms in the hands of the people. The British colonial experience (Africa, India, Ireland, America, etc) have taught them never to trust the people, who have tendencies to rebel against oppression...