Monday, May 28, 2012

U.S. Army Bans High-Performance Rifle Mags for Combat Troops

The Army has ordered that soldiers may use only government-issued magazines with their M4 carbines, a move that effectively bans one of the most dependable and widely used commercial-made magazines on today’s battlefield...
The decision has left combat troops puzzled, since the PMAG has an Army-approved national stock number, which allows units to order them through the Army supply system.
This just follows a long line of the Army, and military in general, not listening to the troops about equipment and weaponry,” said one Army infantryman serving in Southwest Afghanistan, who asked not to be identified.
“The PMAG is a great product … lightweight and durable. I have seen numerous special ops teams from all services pass through here, and they all use PMAGs. Also, a large amount of Marine infantry here use PMAGS, including their Force Recon elements.”...
This seems to be a complete policy reversal, since PMAGs are standard issue with the Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment and they have been routinely issued to infantry units before war-zone deployments.
Soldiers from B Troop, 3rd Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, had been issued PMAGs before deploying to Afghanistan in 2009. On Oct. 3 of that year, they fought off a bold enemy attack on Combat Outpost Keating that lasted for more than six hours and left eight Americans dead. Some soldiers fired up to 40 PMAGs from their M4s without a single stoppage. asked TACOM officials if the Army had discovered any problems with PMAGs that would warrant the ban on their use. TACOM officials would not answer the question... The “dust test” revealed that 27 percent of the M4’s stoppages were magazine related. The improved magazine uses a redesigned “follower,” the part that sits on the magazine’s internal spring and feeds the rounds into the M4’s upper receiver. The new tan-colored follower features an extended rear leg and modified bullet protrusion for improved round stacking and orientation. The self-leveling/anti-tilt follower reduces the risk of magazine-related stoppages by more than 50 percent compared to the older magazine variants...
Report Via 2nd Amendment Police Department ( per full report posted HERE
From Viet-NAM to Afgani-STAN, same old story, the "Perfumed Princes" at the 5-Side ignore the "trouble-making griping" Snuffies at the leading edge of the sword (Wouldn't want to mess up that retirement job by speaking out & backing up your people, eh?)...The very same people, as the WW2 Germans so accurately said about Adolf spending their lives for no good reason, "Paying the Butcher's Bill" fighting the enemy and needing every advantage no matter how "small" that may be. There is a special place in Hell waiting for these individuals, no doubt, as they lie in comfortable beds breathing their last breaths, when the hooded grinning skull of the Cosmic Deathlord, surrounded by the faces of  the unnecessarily dead soldiers at his back, paying their final visit & reminder before the brass-hats are flushed down to Dante's inferno for their selfish thoughtlessness...(S9)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

AK-47 Preferred over AR-15 pattern By Afgan Army, report claims

They say their M16s are dust-prone antiques...Yet they set out on patrol.They are the men of the Afghan National Army...At the rock-strewn firing range of the 203 Thunder Corps in Paktia province, Sgt. Said Aga recalled his M16 jamming in the middle of a fierce firefight with the Taliban, and grimaced as his young charges aired their gripes about the Vietnam-era firearm...A soldier named Abdul Karim said he'd prefer a 30-year-old Russian-made Kalashnikov to an M16. The Americans "are giving us old weapons and try to make them look new with polish and paint. We don't want their throwaways," he said...In Kabul, Lt. Col. Timothy M. Stauffer, U. S. Army Director, Public Affairs, rejected the complaints about aging weapons, saying the Afghans get basically the same firearms that U.S. soldiers have. "I am not sure their complaints are valid," he said. "The equipment they are asking for and are being issued is sufficient to meet the current threat."Most American troops in Afghanistan carry the M4, a shorter version of the M16. Both models have been criticized by some in the military for jamming in harsh conditions and requiring greater maintenance. The Kalashnikov is known as an easier-upkeep, all-conditions weapon, fueling its popularity in the developing world...A career officer, Saburi was less critical than others of the quality of weapons. He was satisfied with the heavy machine guns and sniper rifles being distributed to the army. But he said the rank and file were stuck with old M16s, instead of Kalashnikovs which he said are more suited to Afghan conditions...
Full (Biased) AP Report HERE
Same old story, different war. Without giving weight to either side of this shopworn argument that has been going on since the 1960's, let me just point out the obvious, that there is little complaint from the "Gans" when .30 Caliber (and .50 Cal) weapons are the issue (M2 HMG, 7.62x51mm NATO, 7.62x39mm Russian) vs. 5.56mm/.223 Caliber. I have my own view that all have their uses, pro & con. Make your own conclusions. Nuff' said'...(S9)

India: Police want modern rifles, struggle to get rid of classic .303 bolt actions, blocked by anti-gun bureaucracy

-SMLE .Mk1, .303 (Circa 1903)-
According to sources in the city police commissionerate, a third of the 45,000-plus Mumbai police have been using .303 rifles for several years, but these are now outdated. Several sophisticated and automatic weapons have been introduced in the police modernisation plan following the 26/11 terrorist attack in the city...“The .303 rifles are lying unused in the police armoury. The reason is that not only is the weapon outdated and not manufactured any more, but also that we have got several other sophisticated weapons as compared to these rifles. Also, the cartridges of these rifles are not being manufactured, making these weapons useless,” said a senior police officer, requesting anonymity....
Full article HERE
Despite the hundreds of innocent lives lost in the 26/11 Terrorist attacks, where the enemy carried AK-47 variants, the British influenced anti-gun elements in power still mistrust their own Police being properly armed to protect the public, much less trust the people being armed for self-defense. There is no excuse for this, since the Indian Army is upgrading their INAS Rifles and these leftovers could go to the Police. Another short-term solution it to gather stocks of  British .9mm Sterling Sun-Machine guns, cheap and effective (9mm ammunition is readily available). The .303's could be sold off on the collectors market and make money rather than go to rust, as the Korean Govt. is trying to do with U.S. surplus Rifles, Carbines & Pistols. No one is thinking out of the box, hamstrung by anti-gun bias. The public remain unarmed victims, sheep for the slaughter by criminals and terrorists. The Political Fat-Cats obviously don't care about innocent lives. We see this same mentality worldwide, including the USA (See stories posted here about California, for example)...(S9)

Ban on carrying unloaded Rifles in public pushed in California by anti-gun Democrats

Carrying unloaded rifles in public would be prohibited under hotly contested legislation that passed the Assembly on Thursday.
Assembly Bill 1527 cleared the lower house, 44-28, with no Republican support.
Proposed by Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, D-La CaƱada Flintridge, the bill stems from the "open carry" movement in which gun-brandishing people protest against gun-control laws...
Opponents counter that AB 1527 would create a new obstacle to the constitutional right to bear arms and would do nothing to reduce violence because criminals do not honor such laws.
Members of the open carry movement are "law-abiding citizens who have no evil, nefarious purpose," said Republican Assemblyman Jim Nielsen of Gerber...
AB 1527 carries a penalty of up to six months in jail for displaying an unloaded rifle in public. It calls for a maximum penalty of one year in jail if the offender also carries ammunition for the weapon.
The bill now goes to the Senate.
The Bias and Lies of the anti-gun Political/Media mind-control organs are HERE
Another revolting development. The war without end for California gun-owners continues unabated...(S9)
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Video: Semi-Auto owners again under attack by Anti Gun Nut T.V. Media Meddlers & Politicians in California

Anti Gun Nut T.V. Media Meddlers spark further oppression of Semi-Auto owners in California. As usual, by half-truths, misrepresentation, and outright lies perpetrated upon the public airways by local CBS affiliate in San Francisco (Channel 5). These "Yellow Journalists" portray perfectly California legal semi-autos as virtual "machine-guns", never mentioning the fact that California magazine capacity is set at no more than ten (10) rounds, no matter what they may look like, and imply that the already crippled magazine release button(s) are somehow just as "fast" to reload with the "bullet button" as the standard release, a factual unreality and blatant lie to boot (Think 3 magazine changes to equal one standard capacity magazine legal in most other states) . The pro-gun side is edited to look like "extremists", the standard technique. Crusading do-gooding fools and grandstanding political fat-cats of course seek to make a name by addressing a "problem" that "isn't". The old bait & switch "ugly gun" scare tactic is marched out again to mislead the gullible, firearms ignorant public.  See this phony "report" with it's attendant bias for yourself, and tell me tyranny does not exist, relentlessly, for the hard-pressed gun owner, in the "Golden State". If anything, "Fool's Gold" is the standard for California. Get ready for another fight for freedom, Californians, Here we go again...(S9)
The lies start HERE

Saturday, May 12, 2012

S.A. "Top cop baffled" by "firearms duffers"

-S.A. Police w/Automatic Rifles -

Acting national police commissioner Lieutenant-General Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi, who has admitted to having no idea how tens of thousands of officers can have been assessed as either incompetent or not adequately trained in the use of firearms, has appealed to the public not to panic...
it was revealed that more than 27000 police officers were either not competent or not proficient in the use of state-issued firearms...34 of the 139 members of the Pretoria flying squad, and 90 members of the Hawks in Johannesburg, were disarmed. Slamming critics, Mkhwanazi, who admitted that the police faced a big challenge, said the service would be criticised if it armed incompetent officers - and if it did not."This is not easy. We're facing criminals who do not need competency certificates...
The Firearms Control Act states that policemen have to be competent in the handling of all use all three standard-issue weapons and, according to the act, be competent in all three weapons, they don't always use all three weapons on a daily basis."A member might only use a pistol on a daily basis that he is competent in, and not a rifle and a shotgun, which he is incompetent in. But because he is not competent in all three, he is declared incompetent"...To be declared fully competent, officers must successfully complete both courses...
Full report is HERE
When the Communists took over this country and hypocritically implemented "gun control' (the same people who used "illegal" guns to overthrow the government being the first to restrict firearms to the untrustworthy people, of course)...It is interesting, and telling, to see these tyrants twist and turn trying to work around the very "laws" they tout as solutions, that have only led to an out of control crime rate with a formerly professional police/military hamstrung into ineffectual fumbling by their decisions. The only factual result is that disarmed innocents are unnecessarily left to suffer and die based on political ideology rather than realistic solutions...(S9)