Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Terror Tots Tote AK-47's in Propaganda Ploy

Al-Qaeda's sickening propaganda stunt uses infants, children
A tiny girl aged barely two sucks her fingers in childish innocence while grasping an AK-47 assault rifle almost as big as her.
The tot, in full Muslim dress, was made to pose with the weapon dubbed the "Widowmaker" as part of a sickening propaganda stunt staged by extremists of the Islamic Jihad Union, linked to al-Qaeda...which targets British and US troops...also pictured the girl and five other toddlers with heavy weapons in front of a black Islamic flag...Tory MP and former soldier Patrick Mercer said, "This is a most immoral use of young children."...
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While western political fools wage war against simple semi-automatics for their people, we still have too many that refuse to see these Jihadist fanatics are out for nothing less than world domination! They are proudly & openly training with actual full-automatic machineguns, brainwashing the future terrorists that will be murdering your grandchildren if given the chance!....(S9)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Total Gun Ban; Police Included

Comelec issues guidelines on 'total' gun ban
The Commission on Elections (Comelec) yesterday imposed a total gun ban by recalling the firearms permits of government security forces as well as private individuals acting as bodyguards of politicians. The total gun ban would be implemented for the duration of the election period from Jan. 10 to June 9, 2010. In Resolution 1814, the Comelec ordered the recall of permits of all gunholders, including law enforcement agencies and private security groups accredited by the Philippine National Police (PNP) as bodyguards for politicians...The resolution identifies those who may bear firearms, including the PNP, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), security personnel of the Philippine Ports Authority, Bureau of Immigration, Philippine Economic Zone Authority, Bureau of Customs, Manila International Airport Authority and accredited security agencies. This means private individuals, acting as bodyguards of politicians, will no longer be allowed to carry firearms...Brawner...explained that pending the crafting of an implementation plan, the AFP and the PNP are only allowed to designate a maximum of two persons for security escort duties to candidates seeking local positions. “The objective of this actually is to remove the politicians’ use of private armed groups,” he said.
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------- Take close note, especially all you "Right to Carry" Hounds out there: See how easy it is for a Police State (Anti-Gun Forces of Evil) to summarily turn you into a criminal overnight by well crafted propaganda ("Crime Emergency"), mind control ("Fear Factor"), and the stroke of a pen?. The same tactics we have seen from the Nazi 3rd Reich, to the U.K., and beyond......S9

Thursday, December 17, 2009

WA Political Hacks seek ban on sales of semi-automatic firearms

In response to recent shooting deaths, three state lawmakers say they want to ban the sale of military-style semi-automatic weapons in Washington...
The legislation, called the Aaron Sullivan Public Safety and Police Protection Bill, would prohibit the sale of such weapons to private citizens and require current owners to pass background checks.
It is named for Aaron Sullivan, 18, who was fatally shot last July in Seattle's Leschi neighborhood, allegedly with an assault-style weapon.
Supporters say they also are motivated by the Oct. 31 slaying of Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton and the wounding of his partner. Police believe a .223-caliber semi-automatic rifle was used then.
The bill is backed by Seattle's police department, spokeswoman Renee Witt said. Also pushing it is Washington Ceasefire, a nonprofit that seeks to reduce gun violence. The group plans a news conference today to announce the proposal.
The lawmakers who plan to sponsor the bill are Rep. Ross Hunter, D-Medina; Sen. Adam Kline, D-Seattle; and Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, D-Seattle.
The ban would cover semiautomatics designed for military use that are capable of rapid-fire and can hold more than 10 rounds. Semiautomatics designed for sporting or hunting purposes wouldn't be banned.
"If they're used in the army, used in the war — that's what this ban is about," said Ralph Fascitelli, the board president of Washington Ceasefire.
Dave Workman, senior editor of Gun Week, a publication of the Second Amendment Foundation in Bellevue, said such a ban would punish law-abiding citizens who own such guns. "I don't care if my neighbor has a dozen of the things; ... as long as he's not hurting anyone or breaking any laws, leave him alone," Workman said.
He also said he doesn't consider the gun police say was used to kill Brenton an assault rifle....
(Democrat Hunter said)"We don't allow people to own tanks or bazookas or machine guns, and very few people think that that's an unreasonable restriction"...Kohl-Welles said...she doesn't believe such a ban would violate the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. "Did the framers of our Constitution ever envision something like a semi-automatic weapon?" she asked.
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Here we go again, the same old blatant lies and half-truths invented by haters ignorant about firearms, and intentional propagandists bent on controlling the minds of gullible citizens ripe for emotional manipulation. This entire scheme has been, and continues to be, based in the same kind of mindless hate as Racism: Discrimination against certain firearms based on their outward appearance, and it is just as despicable!!. They are fools that do not know there are indeed people who legally own machine-guns (and never use them in crime), yet lie about semiautos equating them to machineguns (There are no "semiautomatics designed for military use", the military use selective fire full automatics, and they know this). They are the worst kind of liars, Dammed Liars, with a "cure" that will kill many more innocents than they (with their fraudulent arguments, loaded buzzwords, and rhetorical talking points) purport to want to "save". (Also: Any so-called "Police" who support this nonsense should turn in their badges, they are not fit "protect the public" while supporting the crushing of the rights of that same public: They are a disgrace to the profession!). These Political anti-gun manipulators are indeed the forces of evil and like all tyrants, must be fought against by the ministers of truth and justice!!...(S9)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Yemeni tradition of firing (full) automatic

In 2007, the Yemeni government began implementing an ambitious disarmament and weapons-registration campaign in Sanaa, the nation's capital, and in many other cities around the country. The upshot is that Yemenis can no longer carry, brandish or fire weapons of any sort in urban and semi-urban districts — even on their sons' wedding nights.
"People still [fire guns] in the villages. You'll see it all over out there," said Muammar Abdul Jaleel, who runs a wedding supplies store in Sanaa. He mimes firing an AK-47 in large half-circles above in head and laughs out loud. "But in the cities? No, no, no. Not anymore."
For the most part, urban Yemenis are in favor of the disarmament campaign (Show me the proof of that or it is just a biased opinion! - S9), and are willing to simply adapt their old traditions to a new, gun-less environment...Most urban grooms now pose for pictures with an ornamental assault rifle instead of the real thing. (A least one particularly entrepreneurial vendor in Sanaa has begun renting out bedazzled, gold-inflected AK-47s for just that purpose, Jaleel, the store owner, said.)...But a handful of Yemenis (Again, show me the proof of that or it is just a biased opinion! - S9) say the government's anti-gun campaigns are an affront to not only wedding traditions, but also to a deeply revered sense of autonomy among tribal and community leaders.
"Firing guns for celebrations has been a tradition passed on from father to son for generations," said Abdullah Hassan, who has lived in Sanaa for the last six years, but grew up in a small village, where owning a gun is a symbol of social status and manhood. "Guns are a part of being Yemeni," he said.
While there are no good statistics on how many guns are in Yemen today, a United Nations-sponsored study from 2007 indicated there are up to 17 million firearms in Yemen, a country of only 22 million people. Other internal studies and media reports put the number of guns around 50 million.
"Every man in Yemen has a gun. Every single man," said Mohammed Said, a student in Sanaa. "That will never go away."...
"Of course the availability of arms in the hands of citizens provides a base for extremism and terrorism,"(Again, show me the proof of that or it is just a biased opinion! - S9) said Sheikh Abdul-Rahman Al-Marwani, the president of Dar Al-Salam, a Sanaa-based organization that works to disarm citizens and mediate armed tribal disputes in the Yemeni countryside...
Al-Marwani said the massive proliferation of guns in Yemen is due in part to the fact that many Yemenis have no faith in the judicial system, and so turn to guns to defend themselves...
Other scholars attribute Yemen's pervasive gun culture to the succession of highly armed regimes — the Ottomans, the British and then the Soviets — that dominated Yemen throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, and left their weapons behind when they split town...
Yemeni officials have proposed two bills in the last four years — one in 2005 and one in 2007 — that would have restricted the sale of firearms or required licenses for existing firearms. Both were met with scathing opposition by tribal leaders in the Yemeni parliament. Neither passed...
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There is so much bias in this piece it would take an article on it's own just to refute it!. I will defer to the intelligent reader being able to see the obvious. All the rest who can't are hopeless nincompoops unlikely to be saved from themselves..Also: "Gun culture" is a positive thing when it is linked to liberty, not tyranny! S9

Friday, December 4, 2009

Media Bias: "Arsenals"(A Comparison)

The mendacious anti-gun media mind-controllers continually misconstrue what an "arsenal" is when referring to "civilian" owned firearms. This entry uses recent "news" reports as examples, where I will demonstrate what is and is not an "arsenal". Keep this in mind the next time you encounter one of these stories, or when some twit starts woofing about some poor shulb with a few firearms having a so-called "arsenal".
First up, a Police state raids their subjects who have armed themselves for self-defense out of necessity:
Special Ops seizes large quantities of firearms and ammunition in Bulgarian village "In the aftermath of the police operation, local residents told police that they were left with no other alternative but to keep firearms in their homes to protect themselves from burglars and attacks.
"No one protects us here, unless we do it ourselves. Last night they stole my cow with 25kg milk. They took her out of the village and butchered her. And there is no one to defend my wife at home" Petko Krustev told the police, quoted by the BNT
"I would buy a firearm. I would get one illegally if I could. They broke into my house and stole everything of value that I had," said Ivan Kazashki, another local resident.
Police reported that they unearthed firearms and ammunition in every home they searched. Rossen Ivanov from the Interior Ministry's department in Vratsa said that hundreds of items, including firearms, rifles, hunting rifles, self-made attributes and others were seized along with bundles of ammunition.
"It is obvious that that the locals here do not exactly rely on the police much, if they keep hardware in such massive quantities around," he said...[Full Story @:]

Now, a typical American example, from the gun-hostile state of New Jersey, as usual, dredging up the "Assault Weapons" Boogieman for maximum scare quotient:
40 weapons, including assault rifles, seized from resident’s home
"Police arrived at Furesz’ home with a search warrant at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 3, responding to a report that the suspect had made terroristic threats. "Subsequent to the search, we found 40 weapons in the house – 26 long guns, 14 handguns – some of the long guns are potentially assault rifles," (WTF is that supposed to mean, "potentially"? "We don't know what they are but they look scary"? Incompetent fools! - S9)...many of the weapons were loaded. Also among the cache of weapons were knives, swords, crossbows, and some other "unidentified incendiary devices,"..."the department does not have any information that would indicate that Furesz was targeting anyone in particular or had threatened any particular individual or government entity with a weapon, he stated, "I am comfortable in the fact that we took these guns off the street."[Full Story @:].
Now, admittedly, this mo-mo Furesz is a knucklehead with 4 non-violent felonies on his record and knew damn well better than to have firearms (much less alleged "incendiaries", probably firecrackers) in his digs (not on the "street" BTW), however, there are plenty of law-abiding citizens with bigger collections than this that are no danger to society. This is not a so-called "arsenal". Now, in the following report, I will say, (paraphrasing Crocodile Dundee on the knife issue) that THIS is an "Arsenal"...
Massacre suspect had enough weapons 'to arm a battalion'Raid on house reveals cache including rifles and machine guns "among the heavy weapons found within Andal Jr's compound were weapons such as two 90mm recoilless rifles, a 57mm recoilless rifle, three 60mm mortar tubes, four M60 light machine guns, an Ultimax machine gun, two 81mm mortar tubes and 50 calibre Barret(sic) sniper rifle...Ownership of such a highly accurate and lethal weapon is restricted by the Philippine government to the armed forces. Asides(sic)from these heavy weapons, also seized from Andal Jr's residence were five assault rifles as well as 11 pistols and boxes of ammunition...authorities seized an armoured personnel carrier and several weapons in a vacant lot fronting the house" [Full story @:]
Now it should be noted that the holding of crew served Infantry weapons by this individual, comparatively speaking to the prior examples, pushes this into the 'Arsenal" category, in my view, based on the intent these weapons posed in the hands of the private army using them, specifically the massacre of unarmed civilians: Not war, but murder. There are hundreds of individuals who own machineguns as collectors items and use them for exhibition purposes only, and therefore are no danger to society.. So, I submit that use of the term "Arsenal" as inflammatory propaganda is in fact a relative one, and when it comes to photo op scare-tactic media bias, the conclusion is foregone. There is a huge difference between a millionaire collector in Tennessee or Arizona legally owning such gear to live fire once a year under controlled conditions at Knob Creek range Vs. 250 murderous dope-addled ramshackle rebels terrorizing villages in the Congo or Somalia, much less the Cartel killers on our own southern border. To agree or disagree is irrelevant, because it is a fact. I say that anyone who cannot (or refuses to) wrap their mind around such a simple concept is a hopeless fool to start with...S9