Thursday, August 21, 2014

Louisiana: East Baton Rouge Parish received 558 assault rifles from federal defense program

Making mountains out of molehills, this is the breakdown for "Red Stick" and other areas. Note that the graphic used is from someone woefully firearms ignorant, showing a California DOJ photo of a California "crippled" AR-15 with a "bullet button" in place, which slows reloading, yet incarcerated criminal politician arrested by the FBI  Leland Yee and AG Kamala "Cop Killer" Harris sought to ban, despite the fact the device was created to comply with the law, they willfully lied about it as a criminal device. Since Louisiana is a state where you can own machine-guns, you would think such a gaffe impossible, however it just goes to show you firearms ignorance is everywhere, I'm sure the photo was chosen because it looked dramatic, California is the only state that uses such a device, sickening...(S9)

The data show East Baton Rouge Parish has received 558 assault rifles, 21 pistols, eight shotguns and two mine-resistant vehicles. It's unclear if equipment received by Louisiana State Police would be included in the East Baton Rouge Parish data.

The parish with the second most assault rifles was Caddo Parish, which received 229 assault rifles. Meanwhile Orleans Parish received comparatively low 23 assault rifles.

Livingston Parish received just four assault rifles but has surprisingly been the recipient of three helicopters. The parish also received 13 pistols from the program.

Ascension Parish received 12 assault rifles and one mine-resistant vehicle.

Orleans Parish received 286 night vision pieces, in addition to the 23 assault rifles.

Jefferson Parish received nine assault rifles, one helicopter, one mine-resistant vehicle and one other armored vehicle.
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This image is the original California DOJ "Bullet Button" one they used in the story, a device not required in Louisiana (only in gun-hating California), but obviously someone on the paper thought it was dramatic and chose to use it anyway. Firearms ignorance at its worst...(S9)

AR-15: School Police will be "authorized" AR-15's; Democrats resist (CA)

*Campus PD with an AR-15* 
Typical Los Angeles B.S., where the Criminals are better armed than the Police, and the Politicians pefer it that way... (S9)
Beginning this school year, campus police in the Compton neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles will be "authorized" to buy and use AR-15s, the guns often misconstrued as "assault rifles" by gun control advocates...The policy was supported by Compton Unified Police Chief William Wu, who said the "objective" in acquiring the rifles is to "save lives." He said the rifles will leave police better prepared to respond to a "terrorist attack or mass shooting."
Wu added: "With handguns you'd be lucky to hit accurately at 25 yards. With a rifle in the hands of a trained person, you can go 50, 100 yards accurately."
Compton Democratic Club founder Francisco Orozco disagreed with the move..."The school police has not even earned the right to carry handguns."...
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