Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Russian weapons found in Osama’s compound

The inquiry commission investigating the US raid on the residence of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad has learnt that Russian-made weapons were found in the compound. Informed sources told...that the weapons were found in a cupboard of Osama....The report raises several questions. Why the guards of Bin Laden did not retaliate when the US troops attacked them and why only one casing of a bullet was found in the compound...Some residents of the Bilal Town, where the house was located, said they had heard sounds of heavy firing and even bombing during the late-night operation. Some of them said they even entered the house of Bin Laden when the US forces had left, but there was no body inside...
Full report at Gulf Today
OK, so why is this anything unusual?. We all know the Terrs prefer the low-maintenance Russian stuff. We also know our Spec-Op guys police up any brass left strewn about. Osama was constantly and proudly showing off his shorty "Krinkov" Kalashnikov on film (which he allegedly tried to grab before getting double-tapped by UDT/Squid trigger-pullers), which is ironical: Osama worshiped a firearm designed by the very people he despised and actively made war against (USSR/Russia), only to fall to U.S. made 5.56mm (or 6.5 SPC) copper jacketed lead from the other people he had actively made war against. Too bad, so sad, talked a lot of s**t & got bit by the "Don't Tread On Me" Gadsen, courtesy of the US Military (NOT the so-called "Commander in Chief", who never wore a uniform and carried weapons in defense of the nation). Oh, and if you really believe he was buried at sea, I have a bridge in NYC I can sell to'....(S9)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Transvestite Terrorist charged for theft of Police Rifles (Africa)

A Briton already serving a jail term in Kenya was charged on Wednesday with robbery with violence, a capital offence that carries a death sentence. Briton Jermaine John Grant and others were accused of robbing four police officers of their loaded rifles at a police post...and escaping from police custody...
Grant is currently serving a two-and-a-half year jail term, handed down in late December, for being in Kenya illegally. He has applied for his sentence to be reviewed by the High Court.
He is also charged with planning an attack in Kenya in late December after being found in possession of bomb-making material that included batteries, wire, ammonium nitrate, lead nitrate, acetone and hydrogen peroxide...
Full report HERE
Notice it is always the rich and privileged kids who get into murderous terrorist activity?...Osama came from billionaire roots, and this fool holds English citizenship, yet is running around hoping to kill as many victims as he can. This problem can be solved with a 2 cent piece of copper jacketed lead, but even the Kenyan's try to do things legally proper, likely due to the abuses suffered under British rule during the so-called "Mau-Mau" rebellion back in the day...(S9) 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

4 Million AK Variants to be scrapped by Russians (Video)

The Ministry of Defense will be disposing of four million firearms by the year 2015. Most of the weapons are obsolete Kalashnikovs.
­Currently, there are 16 million firearms stored in Russia's military arsenals. Experts say this is four times what the country needs – even in the case of war...

Full story at RT
Video shows some non-Kalashnikov models (such as WW2 era PPSH Sub-guns), likely chosen for video effect rather than accuracy of content. Probably could have made more cash by selling off collectors items, but oh well, bad business model...(S9)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Africa: Zulu Police Flying Squads capture AK's/R-1 & 5's in Homestead raids

KwaZulu-Natal police have arrested four men and recovered several high-calibre firearms from Msinga in Greytown...“Two AK-47 assault rifles with fourteen live rounds of ammunition, a .22 rifle with three live rounds of ammunition, a .308 rifle, a .303 rifle, four pistols, three .38 revolvers and four hundred and thirty eight rounds of ammunition for an R1 rifle were recovered,”...“The Newcastle POP members arrested four suspects...and recovered an AK-47 rifle, two R5 rifles, a pistol and a number of live rounds of ammunition during operations...members of the Pietermaritzburg POP, K9 Unit and the Hilton Flying Squad recovered 11 firearms and a large number of live rounds of ammunition...
Full story at
It is almost humorous, but for the tyranny, the meager amounts of weapons and ammo "recovered" in these raids. There is an irony here, in that under Apartheid rule, with more liberal gun laws and a low crime rate, that the advent of (Marxist) Black rule has seen gun bans and an out of control crime rate, one of the worst in Africa, as many of these weapons were held by "former revolutionaries" that have turned to violent crime/easy money, plus crime groups from all over Africa setting up shop in S.A., bringing their weapons with them, to rape, pillage, and murder, because that is where the money is. Liberal British & American ideas and anti-gun attitudes have made this bloodbath a reality, and Utopian leftist ideology is again proved to be dysfunctional & the most feeble method of government ever imposed on the people. "Legally disarmed" citizens of all hues are prevented from fighting back, being made victims by their own paranoid government. Sound familiar?..(S9)

Over 200 AK variants turned in by Taliban (Photo)

An Afghan policeman looks at a pile of weapons belonging to former Taliban militants during a joining ceremony with the Afghan government in Mehterlam, Laghman province, east of Kabul, Afghanistan...
Article at Mercury News
Note custom paint jobs (Like the Chinese Type 56 Under-folder), slings, and heavier RPD models on table at back. Also an additional photo of Talibanis' lined up with various weapons to be turned in. Despite US news media shaking the finger at U.S. Troops (actually only one trooper who went rogue, in fact the media are beating the drum hoping for a Taliban reaction, they are indeed the Taliban's propaganda arm overseas). Now that they have finally gotten their "Afgan/Vietnam My-Lai" story (and soft soaping the 6 Americans murdered in the wake of the book disposal incident), the vast majority of Afgans have not  forgotten the weekly public executions and shooting of people out of hand for even the most minor infractions, under Taliban rule. Most know Americans are not oppressive or tyrannical in main, (unlike our own news organs, with their biased reports and leftist commentary)...(S9)

Czechs arrest Iranian seeking U.S. M4 (AR-15) rifles

Czech public television is reporting that police have arrested an Iranian national suspected of trying to buy weapons with the goal of transporting them to Iran...the man was trying to buy 500 M4 rifles in the Czech capital. It says exports of such weapons to Iran are banned under an international embargo...
Full story at ynetnews
No information if these "M-4" rifles are semi-automatic or the full selective fire models (i.e. "machine-guns") or if the purchase was for pro-government or anti-government forces. There is also the possibility these weapons were sought so they could be used in an anti-USA propaganda operation..(S9)

Video: Motley collection of AK's & Enfield rifles held by Sryian rebels

Thais to hang for firearms possession

The Malaysian High Court on Thursday handed down the death penalty to three Thais and a Malaysian man after they were found guilty of illegally possessing six firearms and 336 bullets...All four were charged with possession of the firearms without valid reasons under Section 57 (1) (a) of the Internal Security Act (ISA) 1960. They had four pistols - two Colts, a Remington, a Sig Sauer and a Glock - and an AR15 rifle. They were also charged with illegal possession of assorted ammunition under Section 57 (1) (b) of the ISA....
Full report at Bangkok Post
"Internal Security Act", Eh?. Does anyone not think there are elements in the USA who would love execution as an option for simple possession of firearms?....(S9)