Monday, March 12, 2012

Africa: Zulu Police Flying Squads capture AK's/R-1 & 5's in Homestead raids

KwaZulu-Natal police have arrested four men and recovered several high-calibre firearms from Msinga in Greytown...“Two AK-47 assault rifles with fourteen live rounds of ammunition, a .22 rifle with three live rounds of ammunition, a .308 rifle, a .303 rifle, four pistols, three .38 revolvers and four hundred and thirty eight rounds of ammunition for an R1 rifle were recovered,”...“The Newcastle POP members arrested four suspects...and recovered an AK-47 rifle, two R5 rifles, a pistol and a number of live rounds of ammunition during operations...members of the Pietermaritzburg POP, K9 Unit and the Hilton Flying Squad recovered 11 firearms and a large number of live rounds of ammunition...
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It is almost humorous, but for the tyranny, the meager amounts of weapons and ammo "recovered" in these raids. There is an irony here, in that under Apartheid rule, with more liberal gun laws and a low crime rate, that the advent of (Marxist) Black rule has seen gun bans and an out of control crime rate, one of the worst in Africa, as many of these weapons were held by "former revolutionaries" that have turned to violent crime/easy money, plus crime groups from all over Africa setting up shop in S.A., bringing their weapons with them, to rape, pillage, and murder, because that is where the money is. Liberal British & American ideas and anti-gun attitudes have made this bloodbath a reality, and Utopian leftist ideology is again proved to be dysfunctional & the most feeble method of government ever imposed on the people. "Legally disarmed" citizens of all hues are prevented from fighting back, being made victims by their own paranoid government. Sound familiar?..(S9)

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