Thursday, May 23, 2013

Author:"Efforts to Ban the AR-15 are Hopeless"

Author Baum is more a compromiser, rather than an outright Quisling. Although I can not agree with all his points, he does make a few reasonable arguments. The problem is those fanatical gun-paranoids who seek to use state power to crush law-abiding gun-owners (rather than violent criminals who misuse guns) that need to hear his message but are deaf to it, while the "Gunnies", being logical to begin with, can see where he is attempting to go, but have no confidence their sworn enemies will ever be reasonable enough to deal with: and for good reason (See what is happening in California, Illinois, New York, Connecticut, and Colorado, for example. Only a fool or evil charlatan can claim that there is no movement to confiscate and ban guns, much less criminalize their innocent law-abiding owners!)... (S9)
the movement to vilify and ban the AR-15 demonstrates outdated thinking about gun violence. “When it comes to crime, the AR-15’s significance is mainly symbolic.” (The AR-15 accounts for fewer than 3 percent of all murders, while the figure for handguns is 50 percent, he reports.) “The smart question is not ‘How we can ban more guns?’ ” ... “but ‘How can we live more safely among the millions of guns already floating around?’ ” One way to do this, he suggests, is for gun control-advocates to begin treating gun owners as allies, since gun owners have the power to keep weapons from getting into the wrong hands...“To be a gun owner in a democracy is a sacred trust,” he writes. “We who choose to own firearms have a responsibility to our fellow citizens to be better custodians of our guns — and better guardians of public safety.”...
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California Tyranny: Senate Votes to Exempt Itself from Gun Laws it imposes on it's populace

*The California "Bears" an AR-15*
The Fat-Cat Politicians who tax, harass and jail law-abiding gun owners, while afraid to confront violent armed criminals rampaging the streets, show their true colors. Elitists, living like royalty while s***ing on the tax-paying peasants. They have the nerve to claim their schemes should be emulated by the rest of the nation?. A State gun-owner registry, Bans on commonly owned firearms, Normal capacity magazine restrictions, taxes on ammunition sales, and much much more, all with the threat of prison or literally death if not complied with (?!). Many other states are getting rid of such tyrannical unconstitutional "laws", and the states that are imposing these types of "laws" are getting massive pushback. This is as it should be when confronting tyranny!. California only gets away with this due to corruption and a communistic "one-party rule" that is rotting the state from within, making it the butt of ridicule and jokes worldwide. The once Golden state is at best "Fool's Gold" (Iron Pyrite) these days, yet the brave besieged gun-owners there fight on against incredible odds. California gun owners are today's true heroes of the 2nd Amendment, and will one day be recognized as such by Patriots who become evolved enough to see the truth... (S9)

The California State Senate voted exempt itself from the pointless gun-control laws that apply to the rest of the populace. Legislators apparently think they alone are worthy to pack heat on the streets for personal protection, and the masses ought to wait until the police arrive.
This is just one of many bills Golden State politicians used this legislative session to set themselves apart from the little people, the ones who pay their inflated salaries...
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

20,000 A.K./Kalashnikov's, hundreds of thousand more munitions, an issue in Kurd vs.Turk negotiations

*A pile O' AK's*
Twenty thousand AK variant rifles, Ten thousand Mauser and German Assault rifles just to start, yet the Kurds are choosing to go the negotiations route to some version of "peace" (such as it is in that part of the world) with the traditional enemy, the Turks. Meanwhile, Law-abiding armed Americans face their own overreaching government, whose political demagogues do not trust them any longer and refuse to negotiate peacefully with them, in fact it is the opposite, the politicians and their media running dogs appear to be pushing for a confrontation, using underhanded tactics that are blatantly illegal yet still stand as "law" (such as in New York, California, Maryland, New Jersey, Mass, Maryland, Colorado, Connecticut). America, once the only true light of Liberty worldwide, are going backward into the darkness of tyranny while the Kurds, more heavily armed (with explosives and destructive devices, stuff not generally legal for common use in the USA, not to mention all those machine-guns) are going forward into the glimmerings of peaceful compromise. What is wrong with this picture?.... (S9)

The terrorist group also has about 20,000 Russian-made Kalashnikov rifles. About 75 percent of the rifles are purchased from Russia, while the rest are mostly from Romania and Bulgaria.
The organization also has about 10,000 Mauser rifles and G1 automatic assault rifles. Additionally, the PKK has more than 4,000 guns, which are used mostly by senior leaders and are made in Spain, Italy and Czechoslovakia...the arms the terrorist organization currently holds have became an issue of hot debate. According to state records, the PKK spends millions of dollars for munitions each year. The munitions, most of which are from Russia, Germany, Italy, China and the US, are gathered at the PKK's headquarters in the Kandil Mountains in northern Iraq and distributed from there...
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Monday, May 6, 2013

AK-47 Training for Schoolboys by "Education Ministry" Mind-Benders

*Adorable child with AK-47, not innocent for long*
For the record, these are "real" AK-47's, full automatic capable machine-guns, NOT the semi-automatic lookalikes that lying, grandstanding politicians are so fanatic about banning in the USA. The mindless generational Islamic murder/suicide death cult continues, with bomb making and gun handling at the top of the brainwashing menu... (S9)
Palestinian schoolboys are learning how to fire Kalashnikovs, throw grenades and plant improvised explosive devices as part of a program run by Hamas’s education ministry...Hamas authorities introduced the “Futuwwa,” or youth program, into the state curriculum last September for 37,000 boys aged between 15 and 17, conceiving it as a scheme intended to initiate a new generation of Palestinian men in the struggle against Israel...the weekly school classes, which cover first aid, basic fire-fighting and how to fire a Kalashnikov rifle. At the two-week camp, the boys dressed in a military-style uniform of black T-shirts and black jeans, and were trained by officers from the Hamas National Guard and militants with Hamas’s armed wing, the al-Qassam Brigades...
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Sunday, May 5, 2013

California Tyranny: Gun confiscation bill signed, Registry of owners used for "Knock and Take" raids, Lawful gunowners Taxed to pay for more gun confiscation Police

The framework is set and in motion. Ask yourself how long will it be until the definition of "prohibited persons" is expanded to fit YOU, Victim!?...History shows that "Registration" is for taxing, taking, jailing or killing the people on that list (note that the Canadians fought hard and finally got rid of their hated registry, while in California, they are again misusing it, and encouraging similar Federal programs. The first attempt was just recently fought off with the deceptive "Universal background check" Senate bill , a Trojan Horse for a Federal registry!).  Gun owners were already being taxed to pay for this program, but the politicians raided those funds for other use, which is a scandal in it's own right(!). Now that it has become fashionable to attack gun-owners and get face-time with the biased Media to boost political careers, that fact is downplayed while this  "new" approach is ballyhooed as a "solution", which means smoke and mirrors for a gullible public. Meanwhile, hapless, abused  California gun owners take it in the shorts again; at the hands of the malicious, spineless, tyrannical dolts whose backsides befoul the seats of California government.  It is only a matter of time before the sinister Democratic "super majority" get what they really want, their "Reichstag fire", when some of these raids go wrong, LEO's get killed, and over their bloodied cadavers the carefully orchestrated "new outcry" will inevitably be total confiscation for all legal gun-owners in California (and of course, they will claim to be "Leading the way for the rest of the nation"), so I remind you again: They already have a list. As the song goes; "What you gonna' do when they come for you(rs)"?... (S9)
California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed legislation Wednesday that will increase funding for a state program that confiscates firearms from people prohibited from owning them because they have violent criminal pasts or mental illnesses...California is the only state with an APPS (Armed & Prohibited Persons System - A DeFacto registry of gun-owners, which is why it is the only state that has it - (S9) program, which cross-references five databases to identify people who have legally purchased guns since 1996 but are now prohibited from owning or possessing firearms. The legislation will allow the state attorney general to hire 36 agents and support staff for APPS...Rep. Mike Thompson (D) of California...would create the federal Armed Prohibited Persons Act of 2013 – a competitive grant program for states to develop their own APPS programs...The $24 million will come from extra fees that will be added to gun purchases. "Going after criminals is a good thing, but the way they are paying for it is grossly unfair," Sam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California..."They are putting the entire burden on the back of law-abiding gun purchasers." Mr. Paredes said the state should instead create an education campaign to inform citizens who may not know they are disqualified from owning a firearm. It would be cheaper than doubling the number of agents in the APPS program, he said...
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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Video: AR-15 Intro at NRA Convention with Governor Perry

The Gov makes music with his AR-15 Semi-automatic variant by knocking down steel targets one after the other, in this action-hero style intro to his speech at the NRA convention. Music is "Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent - (S9)

It was brought to my attention that the sound was missing on the original post, so I did my own version with sound. Note: The reason the rifle is kicking so hard is that it is chambered in 7.62 NATO, not 5.56mm - (S9)