Wednesday, May 8, 2013

20,000 A.K./Kalashnikov's, hundreds of thousand more munitions, an issue in Kurd vs.Turk negotiations

*A pile O' AK's*
Twenty thousand AK variant rifles, Ten thousand Mauser and German Assault rifles just to start, yet the Kurds are choosing to go the negotiations route to some version of "peace" (such as it is in that part of the world) with the traditional enemy, the Turks. Meanwhile, Law-abiding armed Americans face their own overreaching government, whose political demagogues do not trust them any longer and refuse to negotiate peacefully with them, in fact it is the opposite, the politicians and their media running dogs appear to be pushing for a confrontation, using underhanded tactics that are blatantly illegal yet still stand as "law" (such as in New York, California, Maryland, New Jersey, Mass, Maryland, Colorado, Connecticut). America, once the only true light of Liberty worldwide, are going backward into the darkness of tyranny while the Kurds, more heavily armed (with explosives and destructive devices, stuff not generally legal for common use in the USA, not to mention all those machine-guns) are going forward into the glimmerings of peaceful compromise. What is wrong with this picture?.... (S9)

The terrorist group also has about 20,000 Russian-made Kalashnikov rifles. About 75 percent of the rifles are purchased from Russia, while the rest are mostly from Romania and Bulgaria.
The organization also has about 10,000 Mauser rifles and G1 automatic assault rifles. Additionally, the PKK has more than 4,000 guns, which are used mostly by senior leaders and are made in Spain, Italy and Czechoslovakia...the arms the terrorist organization currently holds have became an issue of hot debate. According to state records, the PKK spends millions of dollars for munitions each year. The munitions, most of which are from Russia, Germany, Italy, China and the US, are gathered at the PKK's headquarters in the Kandil Mountains in northern Iraq and distributed from there...
Full report is HERE

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