Thursday, March 27, 2014

AR-15: Confirmed - Philippine Troops getting new M4 rifles made by Remington USA

*Philippine Troops in action*

Philippine Military is getting a rifle upgrade with the M4 platform, as done by Remington rather than Colt, which is probably a good thing because their M-16's are getting a bit long in the tooth these days. Hopefully Remington will provide armorer services to keep these new weapons up to speed, and they will need it, since the P.A. is in continual combat against terrorist insurgent forces daily. Hope all goes well with the brave fighters of the P.A. and their new weapons!. Death to Terrorists! - (S9)
*Remington version of the Colt M-4"

The Philippine Army (PA) has confirmed the acquisition of 63,000 Remington Defense R4 5.56 mm carbines in a deal worth PHP2.4 billion (USD53 million).
PA spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Noel Detoyato announced...that the R4 carbines - which were procured to replace the army's ageing M16A1 assault rifles - will be delivered and assigned to its the end of the year.
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Monday, March 10, 2014

AR-15 vs Tyranny: "ATF raids '80% complete receiver' manufacturer, looking for 'illegal guns'"

ATF (BATFE) elements are at it again, stomping on citizens with jacked booted raids (Are they playing a one-upmanship "Who can screw the citizens most" game with California DOJ's blacksuited gun confiscation raiders?)...(S9) 
BATFE arrested no one, and in fact eventually permitted EP Armory to re-open later Friday, although they confiscated Cook's files, laptop, cell phone and iPad. While at this point it is impossible to know what gave them the idea that they might find "illegal guns," one can speculate. Could it be that, by virtue of the ease (and lack of required tooling) of completing the lower receiver, the BATFE has determined that the incomplete lower receivers are more than 80% complete, and are thus to be treated by the law as functional firearms (and thus "illegal" firearms, because the company was not going through the legal hoops required for complete receivers)? Quantifying just what percentage of machining remains to be done, after all, is rather subjective, which gives the agency quite a lot of wiggle room to arbitrarily harass whomever they want. And it's not as if the BATFE does not have a history of doing just that with makers of 80% complete receivers. In 2006, the BATFE raided KT Ordnance in Montana, eventually charged the owner, and bizarrely charged one of the inert hunks of metal produced at KT Ordnance, before finally dropping the case...
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AR-15:"Service, Trust and the Black Rifle" (A Vet's Rant)

*Yard w/CAR-15*

A great rant, could not have said it better myself...(S9)

"If you haven’t had a rifle in your hands since you left the service, it's like embracing an old girlfriend that’s still hot. You remember her familiar curves, all the things you learned about her. All the things you liked and hated about her.  More importantly, you missed her. But this gun isn’t your old worn out Filipino street-hooker of a issued gun. No, it’s a brand new super model in your hands. Your dream girl. That first night that you bring her home, you resist the urge to sleep with her. The memories flood back. And suddenly that piece of you, a little sliver you knew has been missing since the uniform came off - it's back.  If I had my way, every E-3 would be required by the UCMJ to buy his own rifle"...
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AR-15: Gilboa Double Barrel Factory custom

Well, someone HAD to do it!...(S9)
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

AR-15: Utah School district issues AR-15's to School Officers

Utah issues AR pattern semi-autos to school Police. If they are deploying them as indicated in this photo, I have a HUGE problem with it. With no active threat, why are you slinging a long gun around?. Wouldn't do that with a shotgun, so why with an AR?. I ain't down with that...(S9)
police chief Randy Johnson said the guns would help officers with "rapid response" to emergency situations. He said time is of the essence when an attack on a school is underway: "If we don't get in and stop the shooter, more people are going to die."...
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Chi-Com: Scores slaughtered in mass Blade attacks before armed Police arrive; 4 attackers shot; 29 victims killed, over 100 wounded by edged weapons

*Kunming: Cop with unidentified firearm, not AK pattern*
It is sad when I read a story and feel relieved that no guns were used by criminals in a bloody massacre, since we are so used to the anti-gun nuts exploiting such massacres to their twisted, perverted, tyrannical and unconstitutional cause. Note that all Chi-Com territory are DeFacto "Gun-Free Zones", and we see again what that enables. It is also curious to note that massacres using firearms with such a death toll as this edged weapon incident are extremely rare (The Virginia Tech massacre, where 2 pistols and a backpack full of loaded magazines, and chained fire doors to contain victims from escaping; was one of the worst of it's type in the USA, yet managed to have nearly the same total amount of dead victims(!?). Who says edged weapons are not deadly, as they always have been in history. ("When seconds count, Police are minutes away"). Despite what the anti-gun nuts claim, there is no glory in being killed defenseless, cowering and unarmed, by a blade wielding freak instead of a similar freak with a gun. Dead is dead. This is what the socialist proto-communist tyrant politicians are working for here in the USA, and in your face with it at that! (Connecticut, New York, Colorado, New Jersey, Maryland, and of course California: Wake up!!!).  If you let them succeed, YOU will be just like these hapless victims. Dying dumb, unresisting and unarmed is the real crime here!! - (S9)
 China's president, Xi Jinping, has called for "all-out efforts" to bring to justice the black-clad assailants who killed 29 people with knives and machetes in a bloody terrorist attack in the south-western city of Kunming...Witnesses described fleeing in fear as the assailants hacked at people apparently at random. Graphic photographs of the aftermath showed bodies lying in pools of blood... "I was terrified … they attacked us like crazy swordsmen, and mostly they went for the head and the shoulders, those parts of the body to kill," 20-year-old student Wu Yuheng told Reuters...the attackers appeared to be well trained because many of the cuts directly targeted internal organs...Armed police patrolled the tense city on Sunday night as officers continued their hunt for five of the 10 assailants. They shot four attackers dead at the scene, three men and one woman, and captured a female suspect, Xinhua reported..."The default position of the government has always been to blame foreigners and never admit that ethnic relations in China might have serious problems."...
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