Monday, March 10, 2014

AR-15:"Service, Trust and the Black Rifle" (A Vet's Rant)

*Yard w/CAR-15*

A great rant, could not have said it better myself...(S9)

"If you haven’t had a rifle in your hands since you left the service, it's like embracing an old girlfriend that’s still hot. You remember her familiar curves, all the things you learned about her. All the things you liked and hated about her.  More importantly, you missed her. But this gun isn’t your old worn out Filipino street-hooker of a issued gun. No, it’s a brand new super model in your hands. Your dream girl. That first night that you bring her home, you resist the urge to sleep with her. The memories flood back. And suddenly that piece of you, a little sliver you knew has been missing since the uniform came off - it's back.  If I had my way, every E-3 would be required by the UCMJ to buy his own rifle"...
See full rant HERE

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