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Apologia Bar Sinister...

Don't let her good looks fool you: She is a Bytch in real life!!!
Please, I feel that sometimes I am lucky just to get back into this blog to post(!!!). Ever since "Google" has decided that there should be one universal login to get to, for example, Blogger, it has been nothing but a nightmare for those that have started out with non-Google email address anchors, such as myself. All was good before, not so much now. Had I known this in the beginning, I would have chosen a different platform (Take that Marky Z!!), but I'm locked in now and trying to make the best of it. Let's hope we all survive these cyber tyranny moves, not very much unlike the anti-liberty moves by famed Tech Moguls to fund those seeking to crush the 2nd Amendment liberty resisters. I often think some anonymous hacker/cracker is smiling and leaving me a backdoor to let me log on and post, but not without hours of frustrating work to do so (such as similar evidence from one of my posted links here, "the gunwire", who also seems to not be posting new info as of late). Let us "prey" that the enemies do not find a gambit to silence myself and my brethren, because if that day comes, the ballot box becomes obsolete and only that other 2nd Amendment  box will be the only alternative left (cartridge), and that is NOT a desired outcome, except for the enemies of liberty who seek unhindered tyranny...(S9)

Monday, September 15, 2014


We Gunnies have know this stuff for years, but were always shouted down by the liberty haters with their obfuscations and outright lies. States like California ran with the ball and enacted draconian gun bans that have innocent people being thrown in prison and people having their firearms confiscated based on these bogus B.S. infringements masquerading as unlawful "laws". It took all these years for one of the major perpetrators of such propaganda, the N.Y. Times, to admit the truth when it no longer is relevant...Or is it?....(S9) ----
(On) The 20th anniversary of the signing of the federal assault weapons ban, The New York Times ran a column explaining that the very term "assault weapon" is one the "Democrats created" in the 1990s in order to ban "a politically defined category of guns." Moreover, the Times points out that the threat posed by the private ownership of "assault weapons" is mythological in comparison to FBI stats on the actual use of such guns in crime....assault weapons" are not the gun of choice for criminals anyway--and never have been... The New York Times did report one clear outcome of the "assault weapons" ban in 1994--Democrats got creamed at the polls in November...
Report is HERE 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Video: AR-15 N.Y.Raid -"'Assault Weapon' Is A Made-Up Term" - Tucker Carlson

Partial video regarding raid on gun shop for AR-15 California style "bullet button" gun records. Carlson clarifies a seldom heard truth about the "assault weapons" LIE, but this is from an anti-gun website, expect media bias, and insulting intolerant remarks...(S9)

Reinventing the Wheel:Retirement looming for vintage Lee-Enfield rifles used by Canadian Rangers

*Canadian Rangers firing their .303's*
This Canadian entry, as with the previous one,shows the anti-gun idiocy prevalent there. They do not even trust their own armed forces with proper weapons(!). Why design a new rifle from the ground up, when a version of the FAL or AR-10 (or even M-14) will get the job done in such a cold climate?. They could really save money if Obama/Hildebeast Clinton would release the Korean War M-1 rifles for re-importation they have stubbornly, stupidly and illegitimately blocked. These could be passed on to the Canadian Rangers. The M-1 fought in the freezing climes of Europe and Korea,and are proven to work,are big bore .30 Caliber like the Lee-Enfield, plus have the advantage of being semi-auto!. Prejudice and stupidity of the highest degree reign in the great white north!...(S9)
Colt Canada of Kitchener, Ont., has been picked to design modern rifles to replace the vintage firearms used by the Canadian Rangers...Finding spare parts for the Lee-Enfields is a challenge because there are so few manufacturers left who make spare parts for the rifles, first introduced to the British Army in 1895.The current crop of rifles, which were purchased in 1947, come in their original boxes — but supplies are dwindling..."It is important to note that despite the date of manufacture, rifle technology has not changed significantly over the past 60 years and the replacement rifle will likely be very similar to the Lee-Enfield."
The bolt-action rifles are standard-issue weapons for the roughly 5,000 reservists scattered across 200 communities who comprise the Rangers. The weapons work well in the North because they don't tend to freeze up or jam...
What a load of pig-headed ignorant B.S. that is!. Metal is metal. Just because you work a bolt by hand does NOT inherently make the action more reliable, it just makes gun-phobic politicians more comfortable!...One more thing. The India Police still use the Lee-Enfields in numbers, much to their shame when they had to run like chickens when terrorists armed with less powerful, but higher firepower AK-47's, took over Bombay (Mumbai), murdering hundreds of unarmed civilians. India is also extremely anti-gun, as are all the former British colonies, except of course, the USA, although we have to fight daily against the gun-grabbing tyrants, descendants of the British tyrants, that still exist in our midst's...(S9)
Full B.S. article can be found HERE

Media Bias: "Obama ban on Russian Kalashnikov rifles spurs AK-47 buying frenzy in the U.S."

This Canadian entry is rife with weasel words to paint gun-aficionados to look like fools, so don't fall for the mind-control... (S9)
U.S. President Barack Obama’s ban on the import of Russian Kalashnikov rifles — intended as a punishment for Moscow’s incursion into Ukraine — has had an unintended consequence: an AK-47 buying frenzy in U.S. gun stores.
Firearms dealers reported a surge in demand as buyers rushed out to get the weapon. “They pretty much cleaned us out,” said Brian Bunting, the president of Atlantic Firearms...He estimated that the White House announcement...led to a tripling of demand for Kalashnikovs, with prices for a mid-range rifle rising from US$850 to US$1050...Some gun supporters see a hidden motive, arguing that Mr Obama is using the crisis in Ukraine as a way to sneak in the gun control agenda...
See full media biased yellow journalistic article here:

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Louisiana: East Baton Rouge Parish received 558 assault rifles from federal defense program

Making mountains out of molehills, this is the breakdown for "Red Stick" and other areas. Note that the graphic used is from someone woefully firearms ignorant, showing a California DOJ photo of a California "crippled" AR-15 with a "bullet button" in place, which slows reloading, yet incarcerated criminal politician arrested by the FBI  Leland Yee and AG Kamala "Cop Killer" Harris sought to ban, despite the fact the device was created to comply with the law, they willfully lied about it as a criminal device. Since Louisiana is a state where you can own machine-guns, you would think such a gaffe impossible, however it just goes to show you firearms ignorance is everywhere, I'm sure the photo was chosen because it looked dramatic, California is the only state that uses such a device, sickening...(S9)

The data show East Baton Rouge Parish has received 558 assault rifles, 21 pistols, eight shotguns and two mine-resistant vehicles. It's unclear if equipment received by Louisiana State Police would be included in the East Baton Rouge Parish data.

The parish with the second most assault rifles was Caddo Parish, which received 229 assault rifles. Meanwhile Orleans Parish received comparatively low 23 assault rifles.

Livingston Parish received just four assault rifles but has surprisingly been the recipient of three helicopters. The parish also received 13 pistols from the program.

Ascension Parish received 12 assault rifles and one mine-resistant vehicle.

Orleans Parish received 286 night vision pieces, in addition to the 23 assault rifles.

Jefferson Parish received nine assault rifles, one helicopter, one mine-resistant vehicle and one other armored vehicle.
Full article HERE
This image is the original California DOJ "Bullet Button" one they used in the story, a device not required in Louisiana (only in gun-hating California), but obviously someone on the paper thought it was dramatic and chose to use it anyway. Firearms ignorance at its worst...(S9)

AR-15: School Police will be "authorized" AR-15's; Democrats resist (CA)

*Campus PD with an AR-15* 
Typical Los Angeles B.S., where the Criminals are better armed than the Police, and the Politicians pefer it that way... (S9)
Beginning this school year, campus police in the Compton neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles will be "authorized" to buy and use AR-15s, the guns often misconstrued as "assault rifles" by gun control advocates...The policy was supported by Compton Unified Police Chief William Wu, who said the "objective" in acquiring the rifles is to "save lives." He said the rifles will leave police better prepared to respond to a "terrorist attack or mass shooting."
Wu added: "With handguns you'd be lucky to hit accurately at 25 yards. With a rifle in the hands of a trained person, you can go 50, 100 yards accurately."
Compton Democratic Club founder Francisco Orozco disagreed with the move..."The school police has not even earned the right to carry handguns."...
Full is HERE

Thursday, July 24, 2014

AR-180: Armalite's Other Black Rifle

*AR-18 stock folded*
A pal owned one of these, back when you could buy these types of firearms in California before the faked hysteria that later resulted in the semi-auto ban(s). I always enjoyed shooting it and regret not getting one when I could, but I was a broke-assed freshly de-mobbed G.I. at the time - (S9)
Production was started in 1967 on the rifle based on some limited orders at the Howa factory in Japan (ArmaLite at the time was more of a design and prototype company, not a manufacturing facility), and even this was problematic. The Japanese government forbade the shipment of weapons to nations actively involved in the war in Southeast Asia. As a result, production was moved to Costa Mesa, Calif.
The AR-18 had a civilian counterpart called the AR-180. This was designed to be a sporting rifle or a police long arm, and was semi-automatic only. It sold marginally well. It seemed that the only enthusiastic users of the AR-18 were those in the Irish Republican Army, which used illegally purchased and stolen ArmaLite rifles in Northern Ireland against the British, and even nicknamed the rifle “The Widowmaker.”  (Note: The rifle was equally popular with the Police, the RUC, Royal Ulster Constabulary, working one of the most dangerous beats on earth at that time - S9)... In 1980, after roughly 16 years of production in Japan, the U.S. and, later, in Dagenham, England, production ceased....
Fictional: Arnold with AR-18/180 in "Terminator"

Real: IRA "Black Widow" with AR-18/180

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

AR-15: (USA-Video) Albuquerque Police to be issued 300+ AR-15 Rifles

*Cops:Biscotti-Espresso-AR15's: The New Normal?*
The usual hysterics ensue due to local  police choosing to issue rifles rather than let officers carry personally owned patrol rifles, a simple accounting measure is now a sinister "plot" as seen by the left biased media propaganda machine. Get your barf bags ready at this blatant mind-control piece...(S9)
"The rifles were ordered as replacements for officers' authorized personally-owned rifles.  They are being issued only to officers who are qualified to carry rifles and do not represent an increase in the number of rifles carried by APD officers... officers who are authorized to use certain equipment are using the standardized equipment issued by the Department.   The replacement rifles are the standard type of rifle used commonly by police departments throughout the United States and may be purchased by any person at a commercial retailer...Note: A previous version of this story identified an AR-15 as a military-grade weapon when in fact it is not. The AR-15 is the civilian version of the military-grade M16"...
Full blatantly anti- Police/Firearm "report" is HERE

Monday, June 16, 2014

Semi-Auto Long guns seized in crime "Negligible", despite U.S. contrary propaganda & Hollywood; handguns predominate

*Say Hello to my totally illegal black market Grenade Launcher/M16 Machine-gun that you can not buy over the counter, but the lying gun confiscators hope you are stupid enough to think anyone in the USA can* 
When it comes to Semi-Auto rifles (One shot per trigger pull, just like old west revolvers), we all know the constant lies the gun confiscation movement serves the gullible. Here is yet again a factual refutation of their propaganda, which of course they will ignore, attack and/or downplay, in their fanatical lust for socialist domination of the USA with, as the individual in the White House desires, British/Australian confiscation(!). Funny how he hates everything British (as his father did) except their draconian anti-gun/gun-owner laws!...(Don't forget that infamous bit of sending back the bust of Winston Churchill that was in the White House to England. He probably did not even know that Winnie was half-American!) -  (S9)
Most of the guns seized from gang members, felons and drug traffickers in eight U.S. cities over a decade were handguns, not the "automatic assault rifles" often depicted in Hollywood crime stories...In the sample of 10,435 weapons seized by police in cities that included Los Angeles and Washington, 77 percent were handguns, and seven out of 10 of those were semi-automatic, according to the Geneva-based research project Small Arms Survey...Less than 12 percent of the confiscated weapons were rifles, and the number of machine guns, submachine guns and machine pistols recovered by police were negligible..."While the public continues to associate drug dealing with fully automatic weapons, this is not what police are seizing from criminals in the U.S. municipalities...Rifle use in the United States contrasted starkly with that in Mexico, where 72 percent of firearms seized from criminals were long guns and 90,000 people have been killed in drug related-killings since 2006...
Full Report can be read at Reuters HERE

Kiwi's to get new rifles to replace Steyr's, other weapons

Kiwi forces are ditching worn out Steyrs for new rifles, and other firearms. Word on the jungle telegraph is that the Snuffies were not all that happy with them to begin with, although they remain superior to the SA-80 Bullpups the Brits have suffered with for years. Someone is going to get a big contract, it will be interesting to see what they eventually choose - (S9)
The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) will have a replacement for the Steyr rifle in their sights after 20 years of service. The Government has given approval for the NZDF to look for another weapon, which is expected to be introduced into service by 2016/17. Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman says the Steyr has seen "considerable operational use" and is near the end of its lifespan...
Replacing the Steyr is part of a larger programme of replacing weapons, including new light machine guns, combat guns and designated marksman rifles as well as possibly sniper rifles and grenade launchers. A tender process will be opened to buy an off-the-shelf rifle to replace the Steyr, with up to 8800 rifles and associated accessories...


Chi-Com UN Troops conduct live-fire drill in Africa

Chi-Com "Peacekeepers" bring their big-bore magazine fed blasters with them to Mali. These look suspiciously similar to Barrett .50 BMG rifles and mount huge optics (probably reverse engineered, like the M-4 Carbine knockoffs they quietly manufacture. Sue em' Ronnie!). I assume they intend to take out any vehicle borne hostiles approaching at a distance. If we will will hear of any action they may participate in remains to be seen...(S9)
The Chinese peacekeeping force to Mali conducted a two-day live-ammunition tactical drill for the first time at a Mali government's light-weapon shooting range located in the hinterland of dessert 30 kilometers away from Gao, a city in the northeast of Mali...five types of weapons including infantry combat vehicle-borne antiaircraft machine gun, heavy machine gun and sniper rifle were used, and eight types of ammunitions such as armor piercing bullet, light tracer and normal bullet were shooted...
Full story is HERE

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ban Semi-Automatic, Automatic firearms: Obama

How much more do you need to "prove" when he blatantly says it?. Ban and confiscate on the Australian model, 2nd Amendment be dammed, the fact that these are rarely used in crime, and the fact that the majority of Americans do NOT want this also be dammed. He lies without remorse, for example, as if there are no background checks to buy firearms, and that he "respects the 2nd Amendment" yet seeks to destroy it. As the Indians (Native Americans) say: "He speaks with forked tongue"...(S9)
“Australia had a mass shooting...similar to Columbine and Newtown, and just said, ‘That’s it, we’re not seeing that again,’ and basically imposed very severe tough gun laws and they haven’t had a mass shooting since,” Obama said, after he was asked for his reaction to recent shooting episodes in California and Oregon. Those laws included the confiscation of nearly all handguns and rifles...Obama did refer to the Second Amendment, but didn’t describe the limits that it imposes on government...
Full article is here:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

AK47: 45 AK-47 rifles recovered from NPA Communist Guerrillas (Phillipines)

*NPA with Nam era M-16 and Type56 Chi-Com AK folder*
Philippine Forces bravely continue the fight against archaic retro communist insurgents. Even the former Viet-Cong regret what they got after Communists took control, NPA epitomize the concept of "senseless killing"... (S9)
The Armed Forces' Eastern Mindanao Command (Eastmincom) has recovered a total of 45 AK-47 rifles from the New People’s Army (NPA) since last year.
Of the rifles, 14 were surrendered by NPA fighters who have availed themselves of the military’s Gun for Peace program, while the rest were recovered in clashes with the insurgents in Cotabato, Bukidnon, and the Caraga and Davao regions.
Earlier, the Philippine National Police (PNP) said over 1,000 AK-47 and M-16 rifles have ended up in the hands of NPA guerrillas in Mindanao...Capt. Alberto Caber, Eastmincom spokesman, said though most of the rifles seized in the Caraga and Davao regions have tampered serial numbers...Meanwhile, elements of the Army’s 30th Infantry Battalion recovered four AK-47 rifles from members of an NPA extortion unit after a 20-minute firefight in Bacuag, Surigao del Norte...
Full report is HERE:

AR-15: AZ Police to get new AR pattern Rifles

Using proceeds from seizures of criminal assets, the San Luis Police Department is buying 30 military-style assault rifles for its officers. The city council recently approved the purchase of the AR-15-style rifles from Tucson-based Sionics Weapons Systems at a cost of $28,181.67.

The acquisition allows each officer in the department to carry the .223-caliber while on patrol or on duty...The acquisition will indirectly benefit the police department's special weapons and tactics team, Figueroa added, since some of the patrol officers serve in a dual role as members of the SWAT team....
Full article is HERE:

Monday, June 9, 2014

Czech CZ 805 BREN assault rifles wanted by Slovak Army

*CZ805 Rifles in action*
The Slovak Ministry of Defence (MoD) has indicated it would like to procure new assault rifles, submachine guns, and semi-automatic pistols from Czech small arms maker Ceska Zbrojovka Uhersky Brod to equip front-line units of the Slovak army...The Slovak MoD is seeking to replace the standard issue 1960s-era vz.58 assault rifle chambered in 7.62x39 mm with the new CZ 805 BREN chambered in 5.56x45 mm, recently adopted by the Army of the Czech Republic (ACR)....Slovakia has also expressed interest in procuring new Skorpion EVO submachine guns and CZ 75 semi-automatic pistols, both of which are chambered in 9x19 mm...
See full report at Jane's

Saturday, June 7, 2014

"The Forgotten Guns of D-Day" (Article)

*German FG-42 in 7.92x57mm*
In honor of this years D-Day ceremonies, ignore the occupant of the White House's dishonest blather and read this great article about real heroes, villain's, and some of the more obscure firearms they used in battle. Then break out the DVD or go to YouTube and watch the film "The Longest Day". Then I will forgive you of your semi-automatic sins..../;-)  (S9)
at first the prisoners were taken to the battleship U.S.S. Texas (BB-35). With prisoners coming aboard, the ship’s Marine Detachment was called on to draw arms and serve as guards. While the Marine NCOs carried M1911A1 pistols, the guards themselves were armed with one of the unlikeliest guns of D-Day: the Model 50 Reising submachine gun made by Harrington & Richardson. It may not be well known, but U.S. Marines participated in the D-Day invasion and many of them did so with their Reisings. ...
Read full article HERE:
The forgotten guns of D-Day
Note: The photo used in the heading of this article is one I have posted to the photo pages of this blog earlier (Don't forget to give it a look). It shows US Black American troops hunting Nazi snipers in France. If you did not know they were Black, you might think it was just an effect of the black and white film used in the photo, so now you know the rest of the story. They used this photo because it shows them with Springfield bolt action rifles (and other weapons). Segregated Black units were issued second line weapons in large numbers, such as the Springfield, over the newer M-1 Garand's, so it is easier to find photos of them with these WW1 era rifles. One can only speculate how many of these troops were killed due to lack of the M-1's legendary firepower. There is an obscure seldom seen photo of General Patton (with his famed Ivory handled Colt Single Action Army revolver on his general officer's belt and buckle) decorating a Black trooper, who is carrying a slung Springfield....(S9)

M-1 Rifle: 41 Workers lose jobs due to Obama executive action on guns

*Paratroopers fire on Nazi SS with their M-1's in WW2*
Century International Arms had a $30 million contract in place to import World War II era M1 Garand Rifles from the South Korean government. The U.S. State Department had given preliminary approval to the deal, and the State, Justice and Defense departments had cleared the transaction.
But an executive action announced last year by President Obama ultimately blocked the plan, according to the gun seller, despite pleas from Sen. Patrick Leahy and Gov. Peter Shumlin, both Democrats...But the deal was nixed, the company said, because “the White House intervened at the last minute and blocked this importation.”
The administration’s rationale was what it called “two common-sense executive actions” announced last year which were designed “to keep the most dangerous firearms out of the wrong hands.”
One of the actions put a ban on private entities re-importing military surplus firearms...They noted that the M1 Garand Rifle is used in the government-chartered Civilian Marksmanship Program. It was also given exemption in California U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 bill...“As a consequence of this denial, there has been a reduction in work and Century has had to make the difficult decision to layoff 41 Vermont employees,” the company wrote.
“I think the Obama administration made a bad bad mistake,” said Leahy... “I’m a gun owner and these are not the things someone is going to use to hold up a bank, or shoot people, they are legitimate collector items.”...
The insane degenerate hatred this administration has against firearms (and their owners), plus the willingness to wield fascistic dictatorial power without caring about the consequences is evident in this discriminatory move against a perfectly legal transaction; not to mention the cruel attacks against factory workers and participants of a government sponsored entity, the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Selfish, arrogant and shameful behavior by the administration is on full display here. Disgusting...(S9)

Saturday, May 31, 2014

AR-15: Kileen TX PD want to issue AR Pattern semi-autos to Patrol Division

Video with this story
Want to use seizure money to purchase FN-15's. Although I personally do not support seizure programs (I say they invite abuse), I understand the desire to upgrade to patrol rifles. Unfortunately, Open Carry of long guns and pistols continue to be an issue in Texas, that needs to be cleared up,  (between law-ignorant heavy-handed police Vs. over-zealous gun rights demonstrators), before someone get killed and the media exploits it to further the gun-confiscation agenda....(S9)
Killeen police officials want to arm every officer in the city with military-style semi-automatic rifles. The request to purchase 231 FNH FN-15 carbines was presented to the City Council by Killeen Police Chief Dennis Baldwin...Police Academy Program Coordinator Patrick Boone said the move to put firearms like these in the hands of police officers...after a deadly shootout between bank robbers and LAPD officers in 1997 in North Hollywood where officers were outgunned and later turned to a nearby gun store for more high-powered weapons...Eleven police officers and seven civilians were injured in the shootout that eventually left the two robbers dead.
Currently in Killeen the members of the SWAT team are the only officers who carry similar weapons.
Read full report and video here:

Held hostage by Google

I have been unable to update for a month because Blogger/Google would not let me in with my normal password since they have initiated this "one password for all accounts" program. I finally got in tonight. Hopefully I will be able to continue to get in and not be blocked again in future for updates!. Fingers crossed!!....
Vive mes amis!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

AR-15 (Video) - Armed Mexican Army incursions into the USA...

*Mex G.I. with German G-3; 7.62NATO*

Soldiers from this lonely outpost of the Mexican Army drew their guns on U.S. Border Patrol agents just 50 yards into the United States. Then in March, they opened fire on Javier Jose Rodriguez, a young Tucson man visiting family in Sásabe when he was driving around the town early on a Saturday morning after drinking beers with friends. Rodriguez was shot in the arm and in the side, he spent three weeks at University of Arizona Medical Center.
The United States' reaction has been tepid, angering people who live and patrol along the Arizona border..."I mean, it's very nerve-wracking," said Art del Cueto, President of the Border Patrol's union in the Tucson Sector, Local 2544. "A lot of these encounters happen in the middle of the night where, you know, the lighting is low and you don't know who you're encountering. You're sitting there and seeing a group of guys coming up to you and they're all carrying long-arms, you don't know what you're encountering."...
Video and Link is HERE

Thursday, March 27, 2014

AR-15: Confirmed - Philippine Troops getting new M4 rifles made by Remington USA

*Philippine Troops in action*

Philippine Military is getting a rifle upgrade with the M4 platform, as done by Remington rather than Colt, which is probably a good thing because their M-16's are getting a bit long in the tooth these days. Hopefully Remington will provide armorer services to keep these new weapons up to speed, and they will need it, since the P.A. is in continual combat against terrorist insurgent forces daily. Hope all goes well with the brave fighters of the P.A. and their new weapons!. Death to Terrorists! - (S9)
*Remington version of the Colt M-4"

The Philippine Army (PA) has confirmed the acquisition of 63,000 Remington Defense R4 5.56 mm carbines in a deal worth PHP2.4 billion (USD53 million).
PA spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Noel Detoyato announced...that the R4 carbines - which were procured to replace the army's ageing M16A1 assault rifles - will be delivered and assigned to its the end of the year.
See full report at Jane's HERE

Monday, March 10, 2014

AR-15 vs Tyranny: "ATF raids '80% complete receiver' manufacturer, looking for 'illegal guns'"

ATF (BATFE) elements are at it again, stomping on citizens with jacked booted raids (Are they playing a one-upmanship "Who can screw the citizens most" game with California DOJ's blacksuited gun confiscation raiders?)...(S9) 
BATFE arrested no one, and in fact eventually permitted EP Armory to re-open later Friday, although they confiscated Cook's files, laptop, cell phone and iPad. While at this point it is impossible to know what gave them the idea that they might find "illegal guns," one can speculate. Could it be that, by virtue of the ease (and lack of required tooling) of completing the lower receiver, the BATFE has determined that the incomplete lower receivers are more than 80% complete, and are thus to be treated by the law as functional firearms (and thus "illegal" firearms, because the company was not going through the legal hoops required for complete receivers)? Quantifying just what percentage of machining remains to be done, after all, is rather subjective, which gives the agency quite a lot of wiggle room to arbitrarily harass whomever they want. And it's not as if the BATFE does not have a history of doing just that with makers of 80% complete receivers. In 2006, the BATFE raided KT Ordnance in Montana, eventually charged the owner, and bizarrely charged one of the inert hunks of metal produced at KT Ordnance, before finally dropping the case...
 See full report HERE

AR-15:"Service, Trust and the Black Rifle" (A Vet's Rant)

*Yard w/CAR-15*

A great rant, could not have said it better myself...(S9)

"If you haven’t had a rifle in your hands since you left the service, it's like embracing an old girlfriend that’s still hot. You remember her familiar curves, all the things you learned about her. All the things you liked and hated about her.  More importantly, you missed her. But this gun isn’t your old worn out Filipino street-hooker of a issued gun. No, it’s a brand new super model in your hands. Your dream girl. That first night that you bring her home, you resist the urge to sleep with her. The memories flood back. And suddenly that piece of you, a little sliver you knew has been missing since the uniform came off - it's back.  If I had my way, every E-3 would be required by the UCMJ to buy his own rifle"...
See full rant HERE

AR-15: Gilboa Double Barrel Factory custom

Well, someone HAD to do it!...(S9)
Full story HERE

Sunday, March 2, 2014

AR-15: Utah School district issues AR-15's to School Officers

Utah issues AR pattern semi-autos to school Police. If they are deploying them as indicated in this photo, I have a HUGE problem with it. With no active threat, why are you slinging a long gun around?. Wouldn't do that with a shotgun, so why with an AR?. I ain't down with that...(S9)
police chief Randy Johnson said the guns would help officers with "rapid response" to emergency situations. He said time is of the essence when an attack on a school is underway: "If we don't get in and stop the shooter, more people are going to die."...
Full report is here:

Chi-Com: Scores slaughtered in mass Blade attacks before armed Police arrive; 4 attackers shot; 29 victims killed, over 100 wounded by edged weapons

*Kunming: Cop with unidentified firearm, not AK pattern*
It is sad when I read a story and feel relieved that no guns were used by criminals in a bloody massacre, since we are so used to the anti-gun nuts exploiting such massacres to their twisted, perverted, tyrannical and unconstitutional cause. Note that all Chi-Com territory are DeFacto "Gun-Free Zones", and we see again what that enables. It is also curious to note that massacres using firearms with such a death toll as this edged weapon incident are extremely rare (The Virginia Tech massacre, where 2 pistols and a backpack full of loaded magazines, and chained fire doors to contain victims from escaping; was one of the worst of it's type in the USA, yet managed to have nearly the same total amount of dead victims(!?). Who says edged weapons are not deadly, as they always have been in history. ("When seconds count, Police are minutes away"). Despite what the anti-gun nuts claim, there is no glory in being killed defenseless, cowering and unarmed, by a blade wielding freak instead of a similar freak with a gun. Dead is dead. This is what the socialist proto-communist tyrant politicians are working for here in the USA, and in your face with it at that! (Connecticut, New York, Colorado, New Jersey, Maryland, and of course California: Wake up!!!).  If you let them succeed, YOU will be just like these hapless victims. Dying dumb, unresisting and unarmed is the real crime here!! - (S9)
 China's president, Xi Jinping, has called for "all-out efforts" to bring to justice the black-clad assailants who killed 29 people with knives and machetes in a bloody terrorist attack in the south-western city of Kunming...Witnesses described fleeing in fear as the assailants hacked at people apparently at random. Graphic photographs of the aftermath showed bodies lying in pools of blood... "I was terrified … they attacked us like crazy swordsmen, and mostly they went for the head and the shoulders, those parts of the body to kill," 20-year-old student Wu Yuheng told Reuters...the attackers appeared to be well trained because many of the cuts directly targeted internal organs...Armed police patrolled the tense city on Sunday night as officers continued their hunt for five of the 10 assailants. They shot four attackers dead at the scene, three men and one woman, and captured a female suspect, Xinhua reported..."The default position of the government has always been to blame foreigners and never admit that ethnic relations in China might have serious problems."...
Full report here:

Saturday, February 22, 2014

AR-15: Custom Rifle has big price tag of over $3K

*Sandman Nomad custom AR-15*

I suppose it was inevitable that someone like this known for customizing motorcycles and cars would try his hand at a firearm like the AR-15. Ignoring his personal life disasters, the bottom line is how AR-15 aficionados react to his take on a design. I have an opinion, but will not voice it here...(S9)
Custom bike and reality celebrity of West Coast Chopper fame, Jesse James, is marking his entrance in the firearms industry with the same bombastic attitude towards customization that made his motorcycles famous. The Sandman Nomad, the newest rifle from Jesse’s Austin-based Jesse James Firearms Unlimited (JJFU), is as unique as the man himself...Prospective buyers will have to visit Jesse’s website and fork over $3,949 to add one to their collection...
Full article is to be found HERE

Sunday, February 9, 2014

NY Tyranny: AR-15 California style "Quasimodo" Rifles begin to appear

*New York compliant Version of California "Quasimodo" style A.R.*
New Yorkers are now learning what Californians have been up against for years: Ugly, misshapen, "Quasimodo Guns"!.  Once sleek and shapely, now tortured and mutilated to comply with illogical, ignorant, hateful and downright stupid  (unconstitutional) "laws" (Intolerable acts). New York has looked west and rather than re-inventing the wheel, have been inspired to adapt and overcome with less than ideal solutions, but those that gets the job done at least for now, because there is no idea how long this war will be waged. Be glad, Yorkies' , that you still at least retain the normal magazine release mechanisms, unlike in California where it must be manually "locked and unlocked": slow, cumbersome and potentially fatal in an actual self-defense situation (which is what the Tyrants want, the peaceable citizens to be killed off by the law-ignoring degenerate criminals, people they have a lot in common with). So...We still have it much worse than you lot, but you feel us a little more now, don't you?. We tried to warn you... (S9)
*P.S.*: More images of California "Quasimodo" guns after the article info below, so stay tuned and check them out so you get an idea of where this leads...
It might be the most divisive element of Gov.Andrew Cuomo‘s NY SAFE Act: an expanded ban on what the administration terms “assault-style” weapons...Gun dealers, with the help of machine shops and gunsmiths, are on the cusp of offering what they call NY SAFE-compliant AR-15s and other military-style rifles... AR-15-style guns should be legal as long as they lack the characteristics prohibited by the law. “It’s basically an AR-15 without the features,” said James Tresmond, a western New York lawyer...He aims to offer an AR-15-style rifle with the pistol grip permanently removed, and without banned accessories such as a folding stock, a flash suppressor or a bayonet lug. Thanks to modifications by a Texas-based machine shop, the stripped-down rifle has an adapter that connects the spot where the grip would go to the stock, or portion of the rifle that the shooter braces against her shoulder...“It looks like a paintball gun,” Reickart joked...
Full Story, Bias and all is here:
A gallery of a few more "Quasimodo/Featureless" Guns for the education of those in states with more liberty than California:

Neutered Magazines
Just remember, these compliance alterations mean nothing to the Enemy, because every year what is vetoed is reintroduced. This is war without end on their part, they don't care about anything except taking ALL guns, period. As the Forces of Liberty: are you Free, Slave, or somewhere in between?...

Idiot of the Year: $30,000 "Assault rifle" exchanged for $200 gift card in LAPD "Compensated Confiscation"("Gun-buyback")-(StG-44)

In the WW2 Era, it was common for returning G.I.'s to bring "War Trophy" loot back, including firearms. Keeping the public ignorant and fearful of firearms by the anti-gun forces of evil produced this incredible result. A German WW2 era Stg44 aka "Sturmgewehr 44", a museum piece with a potential worth of up to and over $30K USD, turns up at an LAPD "compensated confiscation" event aka "gun buyback". The "chief" (No real Cop, just a politician in uniform who bows to his masters anti-gun hate agenda) and his political toadies of course exploit this find in a video/photo Op, ballyhooing it to scare the gullible public as the "grandaddy of all assault weapons" (First, "assault weapon" is a political term, second, that is a lie. For example, the Russian Tokarev action preceded it), never mentioning the extreme rarity of available and functional ammunition (obsolete cartridge - 7.92x33K),  and it's large size, making the gun virtually useless in crime, and of course is so ignorant he has no idea how valuable this pristine firearm he is using as a cheap political stunt, is in reality(!!!).  - (S9)
If I’m in possession of an antique, I’m going to do a little research before I give it away for next to nothing. Someone in Los Angeles wasn’t that smart...Yes, that appears to be an authentic, World War II-era Sturmgewehr 44, the first-generation assault rifle. It’s worth perhaps $30,000 according to an estimate of the worth of another StG44 collected in a similar buy-back in Connecticut last year, but the LAPD doesn’t appear to have the class the Hartford PD did...unless it is separated for special treatment, this historical artifact will likely be melted down into re-bar...
Full story is at :
and HERE

Monday, January 13, 2014

AR-15: The right weapon at the right time (Accuracy is Important)

These "factoid's" will be suppressed. These are true "common sense", not the Nazified infringements the haters unconstitutionally and tyrannically force upon the backs of peaceable citizens...(S9):
*Awww-Heartwarming :-)*
The recoil of the AR-15 weapon when fired, is very light, and easier for those who are disabled or of small stature to use. Moreover, the AR-15 is ideal for many women instead of heeding Vice President Joe Biden’s advice... Earlier this year, in an area where I lived, home invasions were dramatically increasing since the last recession began. The perpetrators worked in groups. I can’t remember the last time a home invasion in that area involved less than 3 attackers, which is why the AR-15 with a 30 round detachable magazine is a great defensive tool. The AR-15 allows those who would otherwise be victims to hold off, run off, or defeat a group of hostile people in their residence until police arrive"...
Full report is HERE

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

AR-15: Boston Police/Mayor clash over Patrol Rifles for Cops

First post of new year shows ignorance and anti-gun paranoia by the haters is alive and well, unfortunately. This story is an example that I assure you will get a few moans and face-palms over, it is packed solid with stupidity, bias and outright lies on the subject, such as "AR-15 Machine-guns", something that does not exist!. Does anyne remember when NYC Mayor opposed Police going from revolvers to semi-auto pistols for the exact same arguments as "Thomas Nolan" is espousing regarding the AR-15's?(This fool is teaching at a university? OMG!). It never happened. Anyway,  Get your barf-bag ready...(S9)
Mayor-elect Martin J. Walsh is shooting down the plan to arm some Boston patrol officers with military-style rifles...
“Mayor-elect Walsh is opposed to the AR-15 rifles,” his spokeswoman Kathryn Norton said in a short statement yesterday. “Unless otherwise convinced by the Boston Police Department, he does not think they are necessary.”
Walsh would have to approve a budget for 33
 AR-15 rifles...Thomas Nolan, a former BPD lieutenant and now a criminal justice professor at the State University of New York, said...“If the cops have these machine guns, they’re going to use them,” Nolan said. “Someone is going to get hurt, someone is going to get killed, an innocent bystander is going to get caught in the crossfire and there is going to be a tragic result” .... Boston police spokesman Sgt. Mike McCarthy had said...would be strictly regulated and would not be used during routine patrol. Use of the weapons could include an active-shooter incident, firing on a suspect from a distance and confronting a suspect wearing body armor....
Full story is HERE