Sunday, February 9, 2014

NY Tyranny: AR-15 California style "Quasimodo" Rifles begin to appear

*New York compliant Version of California "Quasimodo" style A.R.*
New Yorkers are now learning what Californians have been up against for years: Ugly, misshapen, "Quasimodo Guns"!.  Once sleek and shapely, now tortured and mutilated to comply with illogical, ignorant, hateful and downright stupid  (unconstitutional) "laws" (Intolerable acts). New York has looked west and rather than re-inventing the wheel, have been inspired to adapt and overcome with less than ideal solutions, but those that gets the job done at least for now, because there is no idea how long this war will be waged. Be glad, Yorkies' , that you still at least retain the normal magazine release mechanisms, unlike in California where it must be manually "locked and unlocked": slow, cumbersome and potentially fatal in an actual self-defense situation (which is what the Tyrants want, the peaceable citizens to be killed off by the law-ignoring degenerate criminals, people they have a lot in common with). So...We still have it much worse than you lot, but you feel us a little more now, don't you?. We tried to warn you... (S9)
*P.S.*: More images of California "Quasimodo" guns after the article info below, so stay tuned and check them out so you get an idea of where this leads...
It might be the most divisive element of Gov.Andrew Cuomo‘s NY SAFE Act: an expanded ban on what the administration terms “assault-style” weapons...Gun dealers, with the help of machine shops and gunsmiths, are on the cusp of offering what they call NY SAFE-compliant AR-15s and other military-style rifles... AR-15-style guns should be legal as long as they lack the characteristics prohibited by the law. “It’s basically an AR-15 without the features,” said James Tresmond, a western New York lawyer...He aims to offer an AR-15-style rifle with the pistol grip permanently removed, and without banned accessories such as a folding stock, a flash suppressor or a bayonet lug. Thanks to modifications by a Texas-based machine shop, the stripped-down rifle has an adapter that connects the spot where the grip would go to the stock, or portion of the rifle that the shooter braces against her shoulder...“It looks like a paintball gun,” Reickart joked...
Full Story, Bias and all is here:
A gallery of a few more "Quasimodo/Featureless" Guns for the education of those in states with more liberty than California:

Neutered Magazines
Just remember, these compliance alterations mean nothing to the Enemy, because every year what is vetoed is reintroduced. This is war without end on their part, they don't care about anything except taking ALL guns, period. As the Forces of Liberty: are you Free, Slave, or somewhere in between?...

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