Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cache of German assault rifles found in Libya

HK G36KV Mod w/SpecOps
 large number of German assault rifles were discovered in the Tripoli residence of fugitive Libyan leader Moamer Gaddafi when rebels stormed it last week although the German government had given no approval for such weapons to be sold to his regime, media reports said Wednesday.
The rifles were G36s, the standard weapons for German troops, the Stuttgarter Nachrichten newspaper and ARD television network reported. They were G36 KV models, made with a shortened barrel for special forces, the reports said.
The exact number of the weapons found, how, when and from whom they were delivered remained unclear, but the reports said they were produced by Germany's small-arms maker Heckler & Koch GmbH.
'We deny that these weapons were supplied to Libya from Heckler & Koch,' the company told Stuttgarter Nachrichten...
Full report at Europe News HERE
This report merely proves again that despite all the do-gooder or malicious propaganda about banning firearms, that those with the gold will always be able to obtain weapons, in this case, some of the best firearms available. Meanwhile, here in the USA, politicians initiate a web of lies and spin to convince the gullible that surrendering their liberty by banning firearms will make it heaven on earth. I think not...(S9)

AK-47's Issued to Railroad Police (Kanpur)

US Army cop w/captured AK in Vietnam
The cops of Railway Protection Force have been equipped with AK 47 rifles. A dozen rifles have been given to the RPF personnel. The cops equipped with the sophisticated rifles are manning the railway station. RPF inspector BP Singh said 12 armed men are guarding the railway station in shifts. "The station has to be guarded round-the-clock. Therefore, they are deployed in a shift of eight hours. We are making the men ready to meet any eventuality," Singh said...
Full report at Times of India
Although rugged, reliable, and virtually "Soldier-Proof", a Kalashnikov Model 1947 can hardly be described as "sophisticated" in terms of modern firearms technology. At least the RPF Officers will be better able to fend off a Bombay style terrorist attack, that is if the operators have the brains, training, guts and discipline to prevail over such murderous trash...(S9)

ATF Boss Ousted as 'Fast and Furious' Scandal Heats Up

The acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is leaving his post after months of controversy over “Operation Fast and Furious’’ gunrunning debacle that put assault rifles in the hands of Mexican drug dealers.  The apparent shake-up has been simmering for months, amid Republican allegations that higher-ups in the Department of Justice should be held accountable for the scandal, in which the weapons ended up at crime scenes, including murders... Under the programs designed to track illegal gun purchases, about 1,400 weapons were sold to straw buyers and funneled to drug cartels. However, ATF lost track of many of the weapons, which have been used in at least 12 crimes in the United States and dozens more in Mexico. Two weapons found in Arizona at the scene of the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry were part of Project Gunrunner. U.S. Immigration officer Jaime Zapata was killed in Mexico with guns bought under the scheme...Republicans in both the House and the Senate have been keen to get to the bottom of Fast and Furious, with Rep. Darrrell Issa of California and Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa leading the investigation. They are probing not only the program but also how informed higher-ups were about it, including Attorney General Eric Holder...
Full report on Newsmax.com: ATF Boss Ousted as 'Fast and Furious' Scandal Heats Up
I had wondered who would be the first to fall on their sword to protect the higher up's that have been publicly lying about so called "assault" (semi-auto) firearms and the "90% Lie" that has been used to force a renewed and worse gun ban in the USA. This is eyewash to keep the blame, (which has costs lives, lives that mean nothing to the perpetrators of the anti-gun agenda), from falling where it belongs, and that blame literally goes all the way to the top. Anyone with half a brain knows which ruthless politicians seek domination through banning firearms, they make no bones about their fear & hatred of law-abiding gun owners. A cover-up pure and simple, that banks on keeping citizens ignorant and underfoot with such mind-control propaganda. We shall see what the next move will be...(S9)