Monday, September 15, 2014


We Gunnies have know this stuff for years, but were always shouted down by the liberty haters with their obfuscations and outright lies. States like California ran with the ball and enacted draconian gun bans that have innocent people being thrown in prison and people having their firearms confiscated based on these bogus B.S. infringements masquerading as unlawful "laws". It took all these years for one of the major perpetrators of such propaganda, the N.Y. Times, to admit the truth when it no longer is relevant...Or is it?....(S9) ----
(On) The 20th anniversary of the signing of the federal assault weapons ban, The New York Times ran a column explaining that the very term "assault weapon" is one the "Democrats created" in the 1990s in order to ban "a politically defined category of guns." Moreover, the Times points out that the threat posed by the private ownership of "assault weapons" is mythological in comparison to FBI stats on the actual use of such guns in crime....assault weapons" are not the gun of choice for criminals anyway--and never have been... The New York Times did report one clear outcome of the "assault weapons" ban in 1994--Democrats got creamed at the polls in November...
Report is HERE 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Video: AR-15 N.Y.Raid -"'Assault Weapon' Is A Made-Up Term" - Tucker Carlson

Partial video regarding raid on gun shop for AR-15 California style "bullet button" gun records. Carlson clarifies a seldom heard truth about the "assault weapons" LIE, but this is from an anti-gun website, expect media bias, and insulting intolerant remarks...(S9)

Reinventing the Wheel:Retirement looming for vintage Lee-Enfield rifles used by Canadian Rangers

*Canadian Rangers firing their .303's*
This Canadian entry, as with the previous one,shows the anti-gun idiocy prevalent there. They do not even trust their own armed forces with proper weapons(!). Why design a new rifle from the ground up, when a version of the FAL or AR-10 (or even M-14) will get the job done in such a cold climate?. They could really save money if Obama/Hildebeast Clinton would release the Korean War M-1 rifles for re-importation they have stubbornly, stupidly and illegitimately blocked. These could be passed on to the Canadian Rangers. The M-1 fought in the freezing climes of Europe and Korea,and are proven to work,are big bore .30 Caliber like the Lee-Enfield, plus have the advantage of being semi-auto!. Prejudice and stupidity of the highest degree reign in the great white north!...(S9)
Colt Canada of Kitchener, Ont., has been picked to design modern rifles to replace the vintage firearms used by the Canadian Rangers...Finding spare parts for the Lee-Enfields is a challenge because there are so few manufacturers left who make spare parts for the rifles, first introduced to the British Army in 1895.The current crop of rifles, which were purchased in 1947, come in their original boxes — but supplies are dwindling..."It is important to note that despite the date of manufacture, rifle technology has not changed significantly over the past 60 years and the replacement rifle will likely be very similar to the Lee-Enfield."
The bolt-action rifles are standard-issue weapons for the roughly 5,000 reservists scattered across 200 communities who comprise the Rangers. The weapons work well in the North because they don't tend to freeze up or jam...
What a load of pig-headed ignorant B.S. that is!. Metal is metal. Just because you work a bolt by hand does NOT inherently make the action more reliable, it just makes gun-phobic politicians more comfortable!...One more thing. The India Police still use the Lee-Enfields in numbers, much to their shame when they had to run like chickens when terrorists armed with less powerful, but higher firepower AK-47's, took over Bombay (Mumbai), murdering hundreds of unarmed civilians. India is also extremely anti-gun, as are all the former British colonies, except of course, the USA, although we have to fight daily against the gun-grabbing tyrants, descendants of the British tyrants, that still exist in our midst's...(S9)
Full B.S. article can be found HERE

Media Bias: "Obama ban on Russian Kalashnikov rifles spurs AK-47 buying frenzy in the U.S."

This Canadian entry is rife with weasel words to paint gun-aficionados to look like fools, so don't fall for the mind-control... (S9)
U.S. President Barack Obama’s ban on the import of Russian Kalashnikov rifles — intended as a punishment for Moscow’s incursion into Ukraine — has had an unintended consequence: an AK-47 buying frenzy in U.S. gun stores.
Firearms dealers reported a surge in demand as buyers rushed out to get the weapon. “They pretty much cleaned us out,” said Brian Bunting, the president of Atlantic Firearms...He estimated that the White House announcement...led to a tripling of demand for Kalashnikovs, with prices for a mid-range rifle rising from US$850 to US$1050...Some gun supporters see a hidden motive, arguing that Mr Obama is using the crisis in Ukraine as a way to sneak in the gun control agenda...
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