Saturday, August 31, 2013

AR-15 Rifles for NASA: Is the Martian Invasion imminent?. Is this why Governments are forcibly disarming us?...(*nudge-nudge-wink-wink*)

Mars Attacks - Painting by Dusko-2013
Seems the National Aeronautics and Space Administration want what the current regime (and California) do not want American citizens to own: AR-15 pattern rifles!. All kidding aside, I am sure these are for their security people, but it is significant, in light of all the anti-gun dictates coming out of Washington this week  that this procurement is being initiated. (simultaneous with pro-marijuana dictates being approved by DOJ), Are Earthlings to be doped-up unarmed weaklings, fattened for the slaughter?. Are the Martians going to attack?...LOL...(S9)
Clearly, the question regarding aliens is merely a tongue-in-cheek reference to science fiction, but the cold hard fact is that NASA made the the atmosphere of gun control hype - facts are frequently ignored by the media...even rocket scientists know a good firearm when they see it. Too bad...politicians don't want you to have them. Plus why do they need a 30 round clip. According to our lawmakers, 10 rounds should be more than enough...
Original report is HERE, the NASA order is HERE
Clearly, the question regarding aliens is merely a tongue-in-cheek reference to science fiction, but the cold, hard fact is that NASA made the request on the Federal Business Online website for five AR-15 rifles. - See more at:
Clearly, the question regarding aliens is merely a tongue-in-cheek reference to science fiction, but the cold, hard fact is that NASA made the request on the Federal Business Online website for five AR-15 rifles. The AR stands for Armalite Rifles, not assault rifles, but in the atmosphere of gun control hype – facts are frequently ignored by the media. - See more at:
Clearly, the question regarding aliens is merely a tongue-in-cheek reference to science fiction, but the cold, hard fact is that NASA made the request on the Federal Business Online website for five AR-15 rifles. The AR stands for Armalite Rifles, not assault rifles, but in the atmosphere of gun control hype – facts are frequently ignored by the media. - See more at:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More "Fast & Furious" guns recovered at crime scenes in Mexico

The current administrations attempt to justify firearms bans/confiscation by creating an intentional crisis in Mexico continues to kill people, while they continue to lie about firearms and demand confiscation, using back-alley tactics and big money to brainwash the gullible. The outrageous blood-soaked scandal continues to be minimized and obfuscated by the administration and the corrupt politicians south of the border, whose bread and butter is blaming the USA to divert attention from their incompetence in uplifting the Mexican people. Both have gallons of innocent blood on their hands and are just as evil as the murderous drug cartels who shoot, behead, lynch and blow apart people with explosives. This is so horrible, the general public shy away from the facts, the "mainstream" media happily do their best not to report the facts, and meantime all these criminals smile, knowing they are literally getting away with murder...(S9)
Three more weapons used in Operation Fast and Furious have been recovered at crime scenes in Mexico...According to Justice Department documents, all three are described as WASR-10 .762-caliber Romanian rifles...An ATF official, in response to the reports... "we acknowledge that, regrettably, firearms related to the Fast and Furious investigation will likely continue to be recovered at future crime scenes." The Justice Department has acknowledged encouraging gun stores in the U.S. to sell weapons to purchasers who trafficked them to Mexican drug cartels... The Justice Department has refused to provide a full account of the weapons involved in Fast and Furious to Congress. Refusal to turn over certain documents related to Fast and Furious led to a bipartisan vote in June 2012 to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. The House Oversight Committee is suing for release of the material...

Full report by one of the few outlets pursuing the story instead of covering it up for the administration and their allies is HERE

(Video): Semi-Autos on Display at Open Carry Demonstration

Neighborhood Gun-Rights Activists in Texas take the fight public with an open carry demonstration. Please note that when similar peaceful demonstrations took place in California, Democrat Tyrants swiftly rammed through a ban on open carry, even though open carry of firearms had been lawful in California since it became a State(!). Think about the significance of these facts. Tip of the hat to the brave members of the local "Come and Take It" in Humble for having the guts to stand up for liberty - (S9)

HUMBLE, Texas -- Gun rights activists staged a march in an effort to make it legal to carry any firearm in plain view...Demonstrators said the idea is to help people get over the shock of seeing a weapon in public...
See full report at local TV station KHOU of Houston Texas

Friday, August 16, 2013

(Video) California Tyranny - Commentary: Colion Noir

Juris Doctor Noir tells it like it is about California Tyranny with his usual hard-edged intellectualism. Although I'd personally like him to go for the throat with a bit more brutality, I know it is not his style. All too often we are "too nice", while our opponents are degenerate backbiters. I think Doctor Noir is walking a razors edge, yet his effectiveness cannot be denied, even to his legion of enemies and befuddled viewers who are confused by his messages...(S9)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

AR-15 lower parts kits, barrels and receivers targeted for Federal ban by grandstanding career Politician exporting California Tyranny

Waxman wants to be first out of the chute in the latest ploy to ban AR-15 pattern rifles (again) through the very qualities that make them popular and desirable which is modularity and customization. (Waxman, who was exposed as a buffoonish political opportunistic hack in the film "Bigger, Stronger, Faster") is at it again, going after law abiding firearms owners with reckless disregard for all things decent, much less the 2nd Amendment RKBA. An embarrassing disgrace, an oath-breaker, fumbling tyrant and poster-boy for "enemies domestic". God save us please from the likes of these hordes of  gun and freedom hating power-mad politicians and their brainwashed Marxist minions!...(S9)
There is a new proposed federal gun bill in the House.
H.R 2910 says that it seeks to ban the sale and possession of 80% lower receivers for semi-auto rifles. An 80% receiver is not considered a firearm and still requires some basic machine work before it is ready to be used in the build of a gun...It’s not surprising that such a process would become the target of anti-gun legislation. What is surprising is the scope of the bill that has been proposed...virtually any rifle part that would be used to assemble a rifle would become illegal. The bill essentially bans assembly of firearms outside of gun manufacturers, even if you’re using a completely legal lower receiver instead of an 80% lower, it doesn’t matter.
Right now this bill is sitting in committee and only has 6 Democratic sponsors. However, misguided bills such as this one will likely be creeping up more and more, especially if Democrats can gain control of Congress in 2014.
The bill was written by Rep. Henry Waxman, a Democrat (surprise) from California (double surprise).

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

California Tyranny: "News" Blatantly Lies Supporting Gun Ban Attack

We all know the media do it, but this example is particularly egregious since it uses fabricated "talking points" from the authors of a bogus bill based on unmitigated lies, misrepresented to fool a gullible public. I have reported previous attempts to force through the banning of a device invented to comply with the bizarre California gun laws, specifically here the so-called "bullet button", now re-branded as a "loophole" in the law, and combined with scare tactics, today being rammed through to become yet another misbegotten anti-gun law oppression. It speaks volumes about the lack of scruples the politicians and their media running dogs, that they have to resort to lies in order to get their way on this abuse of gun-owner's legitimate rights (with no effect whatsoever on criminal misuse of firearms). These malicious liars all stink to the high heavens(!)...(S9)
A bill that would close a loophole allowing gun owners to convert a rifle into an assault weapon has advanced in the State Assembly.
Assault weapons are banned in the state, but gun manufacturers can use a bullet button allowing the gun owner to quickly detach and replace the weapon's ammunition magazine...rifles would only be allowed to have 10-round magazines that could not be changed without dissembling the weapon...
 Full propaganda from ABC News, KGO-TV San Francisco is HERE

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

British Royal Marines call for better rifles

There have been nothing but complaints abut this bullpup rifle since it's introduction, apparently the last attempt to upgrade these was done by Germans, not in the UK (which is saying something). For comparison, notice all UK (armed) Police lean towards German firearms. (I personally think the last all English made badass weapon was the Sterling 9mm sub-machinegun, which is rarely seen anymore with British forces, and is an overlooked gem that could still serve IMHO). The Royal Marine Commandos appear to want it both ways (at least the way this article is written) a CQB shorty, (and there is nothing wrong with the .556/223 for that work, depending upon the type of ammunition being used), and a long range Tali-whacker. In the US military, "Squad Designated Marksmen" carrying modified M-14's firing heavier 7.62 NATO rounds, get the long range work done in the Afgan. US Specops already use a small variety of non-M4 firearms (including some chambered with the larger 6.8 caliber for specific missions), but the short AR-15 pattern M-4 remains the workhorse.  Apparently the Brits are not doing this for whatever reasons, at least the Sea Soldiers are not...(S9)
Royal Marines operating in Afghanistan have complained about the performance of standard SA80 assault rifles identifying several areas for improvement...Despite evolving greatly since its first introduction to British Armed Forces, the SA80 has been described as not particularly well suited to the needs of specialised forces likely to engage at close quarters...Some of the insiders have pointed to the rifle's 5.56 mm calibre ammunition as being too small to effectively defeat a target with a single round and occasionally leading to the soldier ending up exposed to the attack from wounded insurgents.
Apart from that, the riffle’s "rattle" has been said to make covert operations virtually impossible and its predisposition to get clogged with dust frequently requires the gun to be wrapped by duct tape. ..The news portal claims a source explained that today's commandos would probably prefer a 7.62 mm rifle familiar to Special Forces...
 Full Report Here:

Assault Rifles Removed From Promotional Still (Photo)

More Hollywood hipocracy when it comes to firearms (AR-15's in this case), and the only reason for this post is to show that Hollywood double-standard, (certainly not to promote this exploitation film). The print comics are by default, superior, since at least they are honest about their stylized violence. One more thing: F**k Jim Carrey! - (S9)
A promotional still for the comic book adaptation has been altered to remove two guns from the photo (see above, with the original on the left)...Universal Pictures did not immediately respond to THR’s request for comment about the change...The scrubbed image comes as a debate over assault weapons continues take place around the country... The film, from director Jeff Wadlow, is slated for an Aug. 16 release...
Full Report is here:

AR-15's Added by Arizona Sheriff After Uniformed Officer's Cold-Blooded Murder

Fanatic Anti-Gun Nuts want to disarm the Police as well as the Citizenry...Leaving only the criminals, out there murdering citizens and police from ambush. At least at the OK Corral they shot it out face to face like men, not like from the cowardly criminal culture spawned in Prisons and certain foreign countries (Yeah I said it, even if I mitigated it). I think these anti-gun fools will meet their last moments at the hands of illegally armed criminal(s), and it will be their final "Oh S*it" moment when they uselessly realize all that Utopian anti-gun BS facilitated the rape of their wife, children, dogs, cats, and the last thing they see and hear before the criminal finishes them are the screams of those they could not protect and the laughter of the rat-like enemy enjoying their terror... (S9)

"We live in a violent society, even here in Maricopa County, and across our nation, and the least we can do is to arm our deputies"  the 81-year-old lawman said "My deputies will carry guns 24 hours a day, even off duty. If they see any incident occurring, they will take action...
The money used to purchase the 400 AR-15 style Smith & Wesson rifles was seized by authorities during arrests...Similar rifles are often carried by SWAT and canine unit officers in police department across the United States...Vargas was in uniform when he was shot in his (Home) driveway..."Watch out," he added. "We're ready for battle and we're going to take whatever action we need."...Arpaio added that Vargas' work often included intelligence gathering and assisting Phoenix police with investigations...

Full story here: