Thursday, August 15, 2013

AR-15 lower parts kits, barrels and receivers targeted for Federal ban by grandstanding career Politician exporting California Tyranny

Waxman wants to be first out of the chute in the latest ploy to ban AR-15 pattern rifles (again) through the very qualities that make them popular and desirable which is modularity and customization. (Waxman, who was exposed as a buffoonish political opportunistic hack in the film "Bigger, Stronger, Faster") is at it again, going after law abiding firearms owners with reckless disregard for all things decent, much less the 2nd Amendment RKBA. An embarrassing disgrace, an oath-breaker, fumbling tyrant and poster-boy for "enemies domestic". God save us please from the likes of these hordes of  gun and freedom hating power-mad politicians and their brainwashed Marxist minions!...(S9)
There is a new proposed federal gun bill in the House.
H.R 2910 says that it seeks to ban the sale and possession of 80% lower receivers for semi-auto rifles. An 80% receiver is not considered a firearm and still requires some basic machine work before it is ready to be used in the build of a gun...It’s not surprising that such a process would become the target of anti-gun legislation. What is surprising is the scope of the bill that has been proposed...virtually any rifle part that would be used to assemble a rifle would become illegal. The bill essentially bans assembly of firearms outside of gun manufacturers, even if you’re using a completely legal lower receiver instead of an 80% lower, it doesn’t matter.
Right now this bill is sitting in committee and only has 6 Democratic sponsors. However, misguided bills such as this one will likely be creeping up more and more, especially if Democrats can gain control of Congress in 2014.
The bill was written by Rep. Henry Waxman, a Democrat (surprise) from California (double surprise).

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