Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bill would help combat veterans to register trophy firearms

Army Combat Cop inspects AK captured from dead Viet-Cong
American veterans who acquired certain types of weapons during combat under rules of military conflict—guns known as “trophy” firearms—are typically unable to legally register the weapons. Tester’s bipartisan measure would open a 90-day period for veterans and their families to register firearms for legal ownership.  The bill would apply specifically to machineguns and other automatic firearms, and would not impact more common trophy weapons like bolt-action rifles or semi-automatic pistols, which do not need to be registered. The measure applies to any American veteran stationed outside the continental United States and who acquired a firearm in combat between June 26, 1934 and October 31, 1968.  Congress granted a similar open-registration period in 1968—however, the relatively short 30-day period meant many veterans were unable to meet the deadline.  
---Full press release HERE, Copy of the "Veterans heritage firearms Act of 2011" Bill HERE----
I remember the Vietnam era exemption, soldiers were told that SKS semi-autos could be brought back but AK-47's, the real selective fire machine-gun capable AK's (mostly Chinese Type-56 models) were prohibited, therefore, Tester's bill is actually much better for Vet's living in "full-auto" states who now can bring in captured machineguns. This in light of the many G.I.'s who were (unjustly) jailed in the wake of operations since Panama/Grenada up through Iraq for attempting to bring back captured enemy hardware. Until Vietnam, (and part of the same the same stinking 1968 anti-gun federal law that ATF is resurrecting to take away shotguns today!) vets brought back all kinds of cool firearms, even anti-tank rifles(!).  This covers from WW2 to present day and will be a boon for historical preservation. Recently a Nazi bomber was discovered intact off the English coast and a project is underway to rescue this plane. Notably, there were no existing examples of this plane: Until now. This legal avenue is a long overdue honor for our hard-fighting "Combat-happy Joes" (Sorry, I couldn't resist/;-) returning home with trophies won the hard way!... (S9)

ATF to Ban Tactical Shotguns, Nazi "Sporting Purposes" test resurrected

A report just released by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), “Study on the Importability of Certain Shotguns,” has proposed that, “military shotguns, or shotguns with common military features that are unsuitable for traditional shotgun sports” be prohibited from importation.This ban would apply to all shotguns—not just semi-automatics.

You can download and read the 34-page ATF Shotgun Ban Proposal HERE 
“This ‘sporting purposes’ test was imposed by the Gun Control Act in 1968...NRA members and other concerned gun owners can submit comments on the study until May 1, 2011.  Comments may be submitted by e-mail to or by fax to (202)648-9601. Faxed comments may not exceed five pages. All comments must include name and mailing address.”
---Full story and links HERE----
This is nothing but another so-called "assault weapons ban" in drag!: the same lies about the firearms capabilities, same phony scare tactics using alleged "military style" as a buzzword, the same use of the "sporting use" clause, a feature lifted from the gun laws enacted by Nazi Germany, and just as odious today, particularly in the USA. Lies and  dammed Liars all over again. We all knew it was coming due to the maliciously anti-gun White House administration now in power. All those rose-colored-glasses wearing gun owners that "knew" they would "never" go after shotguns are having a reality check now! Notice ATF are using their usual patented "Bully-Boy" tactics of demanding free citizens give up their names and addresses. Way to intimidate the public, ATF!. The supporters of this blatantly Nazified gun-grab must be resisted and stopped! (S9)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

RCMP looking to replace shotguns with rifles

Acknowledging that a "gap exists" within its arsenal, the RCMP said Wednesday that it is looking to replace the majority of its shotguns with carbines — lightweight rifles with short barrels.
The need to equip patrol officers with carbines was identified as a "high priority" in a report released this week into the deaths of four Mounties in Alberta in 2005. Some members within the force have been calling for the switch for years. "We identified this as an issue in 2008," said Staff Sgt. Scott Warren, chair of the RCMP's officer safety committee. "Yesterday is when this gun needed to be on the street." The patrol rifles have an advantage over other long guns and pistols by offering greater accuracy, higher magazine capacity and reduced risk of collateral damage, advocates say...Currently, carbines are only available to members of the force's emergency response teams...Three years ago, the Ontario Provincial Police equipped its officers with Colt C8 carbines and before that they had access to .223-calibre Mini Ruger rifles, said OPP spokesman Const. Peter Leon.
----full report at Vancouver Sun----
In Canada, what is apparently not good for the citizens is good for the Mounties/Police. There has been bitter political warfare for years, including outright civil disobedience, to politicians attacks on firearms ownership, particularly the battles over the "Long Gun Registry". More HERE...(S9)

US Army inks $66m deal for "Judge Dredd/Punisher" smart-rifles

G.I. prepares to "Punish" the enemy
The US Army's futuristic Judge Dredd style computer smart-rifle project, the XM-25, is moving ahead. Developer ATK, which has so far made just five prototype weapons, inked a $65.8m deal this week to move the weapon into manufacturing.The XM-25 works much as a normal rifle does, but instead of firing ordinary bullets it shoots 25mm exploding fragmentation mini-shells which are fitted with a very precise time fuse set at the moment of firing by the gun's electronics.The weapon also boasts a very sophisticated thermal-imager sighting system equipped with a laser rangefinder/pointer, temperature and pressure sensors, and a ballistic computer...
US troops in Afghanistan, who are trying out the initial five prototype weapons, apparently don't favour Judge Dredd references. They have reportedly chosen to dub the new smartgun "the Punisher" instead.
Feedback from these users has apparently been positive, with the AM-25's ability to strike out accurately and speedily at Taliban snipers or machine-gun teams lurking in cover at long range highly prized...
----Full report at The Register (UK)----
Semi-automatic technology moves forward inspired by Sci-Fi concepts. The "Punisher" is indeed bad medicine, well deserved, for kill-crazy terrorist fanatics...(S9)

Dominica bans sale of imitation firearms

1964 Mattell "Agent Zero" toy capgun
Dominica has banned toy guns under new legislation that National Security Minister Charles Savarin said had become a matter of grave concern due to their 'realistic' appearance...his government is issuing a warning that those found guilty under the new act will face the full force of the law. The new legislation also provides for stiffer penalties for firearm related offenses including illegal possession and importation of firearms. Persons convicted under the Act, could face up to 20 years in jail and fines as high as EC$15,000 (US $5,555). It also provides for a maximum of 15 years for using a firearm to threaten or assault public officers in the execution of their duties.
The legislation also prohibits the discharge of firearm within 50 yards of any road and less than 50 yards from any house...
----Full report at Jamaica Observer-----
Where real firearms are banned from the people, fake firearms are likely to be banned also. Jailing someone for simple possession of said object is totally asinine. The irrational fear of inanimate objects, rather than the evil that some people do, persists among agenda driven, malicious fools ...(S9)