Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Video: Semi-Automatic Emergency Technique (2015)

A useful technique to know in an emergency situation with a semi-auto firearm (which is anything other than a bolt action, single action, or dedicated shotgun, etc; but you should already know what I mean or you probably would not be on my page). In short: Knowledge is power...(S9)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Video: Firing the Hungarian AMD-65; 7.62x39mm AK-47 Variant (and looks cooler than any other AK ever produced)... ;-)

Some action for you AK-Freakz'. Note this is appears/seems like full but is merely semi-auto/self-loading. The gun-handler has a gifted finger, much like Jerry Miculek (Find them at " ") and makes it appear that is is full- auto when it is not...Enjoy, my semiautofans...It's good too NOT be ignorant... :-D

War without end in California: "ALERT: Anti-Gun California Senate Bill 347 Heading to a Floor Vote"

Whoa!. I got in, better post something fast before something goes wrong again!!!...
" War without end in Commiefornia. This is the new Bloomberg attack, waging a proxy war for King "O". Use his big $$$, pay off State politicians to push legislation written up by his lawyers, notice the same verbiage used in each state. Sacramento Demonrat lickspittles are getting fat as rats in a cheese factory off their dirty money, used to criminalize as many people as possible to lose their gun-rights is the objective!. First the veterans, now this ploy...Fight back!!...
Anti-gun California Senate Bill 347 is heading towards a Senate floor vote; if the bill is not passed by the full Senate this week, it will die on rules...SB 347 would extend a decade-long prohibition on the possession/acquisition of firearms and ammunition to those convicted of (or who plea to) non-violent misdemeanor violations of law, including accidentally having a single ammunition cartridge in your car or purse while on school grounds and forgetting to close a firearm container’s lock on the way home from the shooting range....
See full report at: