Monday, August 31, 2009

Florida Pol wants new Semi-Auto Ban (More myths, lies & evil propaganda)

The longtime NRA lobbyist in Tallahassee, Marion Hammer, has registered objections to Shaw with the governor and his staff.
"We're adamantly opposed to Clay Shaw," she said.

Shaw, who served in the U.S. House from 1981 to 2007, said he was baffled by the NRA's outspoken opposition to him and called the assault weapons ban "a separate thing from gun control."
"I represented Dade County at the time and the assault weapon was the weapon of choice if you were robbing someone," he said. "I don't back away from that vote at all. But I don't think that has anything to do with sportsmen or hunting or owning a gun. Assault weapons are designed to kill people, it's as simple as that."
Hammer doesn't buy that explanation. "A gun is a gun is a gun," she said. "And if you'll vote to ban one, you'll vote to ban another."

The assault weapons ban outlawed 19 types of weapons, such as military-style AK-47s and Uzis. The 1994 ban, signed by President Clinton, expired after 10 years and hasn't been reauthorized.
The issue isn't moot. President Obama wants to reinstate the ban, although it's lower on his to-do list than bigger items like health care reform.
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Another grandstanding so-called "politician" willing to blatantly lie about semi-autos in order to further a corrupt career has the nerve to play "victim" of the NRA after lying and misrepresenting firearms?. Give me a break!...S9

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

“Assault Weapons” Excite The Media Once Again

While the national media may delight in highlighting such incidents, including mis-labeling semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 as “assault weapons,” there in fact is nothing illegal about a person openly carrying a firearm at many such public events in many states, including Arizona and Georgia. If the firearms were fully automatic (as “assault rifles” by definition are), or were being carried by a person already “disabled” under federal law from possessing a firearm, or if there were local or state laws prohibiting such action, then it might warrant a passing reference in the news. But simply carrying a firearm lawfully under federal and state law, should not be newsworthy...I’m not sure I understand why a person would openly tote a rifle or sidearm at a political rally of any sort, including one at which a president is speaking; other than to just make a point of some sort. But if the media would simply let it be, and especially if they would stop labelling firearms that are not “assault weapons” as “assault weapons” simply to inflame viewers, we’d all be better off. But somehow I doubt that will happen...
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Not only that, but some reports cropped the visual of the man with the semi-auto and spliced the footage to conceal that he was Black, (and therefore did not fit the predjucicial stereotype of gun-owners as racist "Yahoos" so fond with the leftist oriented media elitists). Yes, it was a pre-planned "publicity stunt", with some of the more interesting responses never being used on the airwaves due to the alleged "anomaly" of a Black Conservo-Libertarian gun owner verbally outwitting antigun drones who complained about him carrying the AR (One woman told him she was "offended" with him being armed around her children, to which he retorted that it was not so long ago that his negritude would have been more than enough for her to be "offended around her kids". This truism shut her down in short order). Author Barr feigns ignorance on the issue, and knows full well what "point" the pranksters were making, but appears to want to stay in the middle of the road in this case, which is his prerogative (He may want to run for office again, after all). It was somewhat amusing to see the anti-gun media running-dogs frothing and bumbling attempting to spin this stunt as negatively as possible (to again demonize gun-owners and semi-automatics), exposing them, once more, as the biased fools they are...S-9

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Daley asks why citizens need "assault weapons"(More Myths, Lies, & Evil Propaganda)

CBS2 Chicago ran a video of the Mayor's question with a piece by Political Editor Mike Flannery:
"Now think of that. Here's the mayor of the city of Chicago asking people to turn in assault weapons," Mayor Daley said. "We're not in Iraq. We're not in Afghanistan. We're in America. We're asking 'em to turn in assault weapons. What do we need an assault weapon in America for?"
The trouble with rhetorical questions is that people often answer them. For instance, someone could point out that Americans have a legally-protected right to keep and bear arms, and it's not up to the Mayor to decide which ones. Others might point out that the weapons the Mayor calls "assault weapons" actually aren't any such things. They were labeled as "assault weapons" under Chicago's Municipal Code years ago in order to excuse the city's decision to ban them...The weapons Mayor Daley was talking about are semi-automatic weapons that look like fully-automatic assault rifles . . . but they aren't the same...
Full story by Gun Rights Examiner(Chicago)Don Gwinn @:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gun owners angry after siege sparks new rules: Clampdown on Semi-Autos

Last week police began an advertising campaign...outlining what defined an ``MSSA'' (military style semi-automatic) and how owners of such weapons had to change their licensing or hand them in. Internet gun auction site GunStuff owner Mark Fogarin said the reclassification was "causing much confusion and frustration throughout New Zealand's firearms community"...Many gun owners are angry at the changes, with some taking official steps to try to stop them. One has applied for a judicial review of the police decision, while a group has complained to the Independent Police Conduct Authority...Gun owners have been told that if they own a semi-automatic firearm with a ``military pattern, free-standing pistol grip'', it is now considered a military-style semi-automatic firearm. Owners must undergo more stringent vetting than for standard A-class endorsed licences and are required to have a more secure safe for weapons, costing upwards of $1000.
The newly formed National Shooters Association, which says it has about 60 members, has complained to the Independent Police Conduct Authority. Association president Richard Lincoln said police were spending $60,000 advertising a policy decision that was being challenged in the High Court. He had applied for a judicial review of the change in police interpretation of the weapons.
Firearm law consultant David Wood said the police move was a "pointless bureaucratic knee-jerk reaction to blame the good guys"...
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Kiwi gun owners let the forces of evil browbeat them into a gun ban and are now finally realizing that nothing will ever be enough to satisfy them. Just like in the UK, once the guns are useless for self-defense, "suddenly" there is a "new" crime "problem" with so called "knife crime" (like no one was getting cut before the ban? Bollocks!). Again we see the usual cynical tactics of blaming the law-abiding for the criminal acts of a deranged narcissistic killer who cared only about himself, unjustifiably tarring the responsible with the same brush. We also see again the demonizing of the normal semi-automatic as somehow magically morphing overnight into something "more dangerous" and "evil", blatant propaganda mind-control lies!. It's good to see the gunowners finally trying to get their gonads back and rebelling against this arbitrary action by an arrogant and tyrannical out of control Police agency, however, it may be too little to late. Here's hoping and praying they will prevail against the injustices and injuries being forced upon them! Fight the good fight, Kiwis!!! - S9

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Prospects dim for Mexican firearms treaty

President Obama's call for the Senate to ratify a hemispheric small-firearms treaty dominated his last visit to Mexico, but in the four months since, both the treaty pledge and the drug violence that prompted it have dropped off the radar - a victim of Congress' full schedule and gun politics...Mexico, which blames the U.S. for many of the weapons used by drug cartels that have violently thwarted a crackdown by Mexican authorities. And even though Mr. Obama and his administration have accepted that blame, prospects are dim for passage of the treaty, which calls on countries to license gun manufacturers and try to control illicit trafficking in firearms, ammunition and explosives...But the National Rifle Association now claims CIFTA could hurt hunters and says U.S. Second Amendment interests should not be controlled by an international treaty. Key senators such as Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat whose gun-rights credentials may be crucial to his winning re-election next year, was cool to Mr. Obama's call for ratification in April, and a spokesman said nothing has changed since. "We must work with Mexico to curtail the violence and drug trafficking on America's southern border, and must protect Americans' Second Amendment rights," Mr. Reid said in April. "I look forward to working with the president to ensure we do both in a responsible way."
Treaties require a two-thirds vote by the Senate to be ratified - probably an impossible goal, given opposition from both sides of the aisle.
Chris W. Cox, the National Rifle Association's chief lobbyist, would not give a tally, but said that "there are a number of both Republicans and Democrats who share our concerns about the potential for abuse should this treaty be ratified."...Obama vowed in April to push the long-languishing CIFTA and shoulder some responsibility, calling small-arms trafficking "a source of so many of the weapons used in this drug war."...NRA says firearms manufactured in the U.S. are already heavily regulated, and said the treaty could have "serious impacts on recreation and hunting activities" and could affect those who hand-load ammunition at home.
"The United States is already doing our part, and we shouldn't have our freedoms dumbed down to [the level of] other countries that haven't done theirs,
" Mr. Cox said...Among the 33 signatories, all but four - Canada, Jamaica and the Caribbean island nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as well as the U.S. - have ratified it.
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Obama again buys into American-hating stab-in-the-back "allies" politically expedient views, bending knee and bowing head to foreigners, apologizing for the USA "daring" to have freedoms the accusers cannot comprehend & jealously hate. Notice that this "report" does not use the usual loaded words like "assault weapons" & manages to tell the story with minimum biased hyperbole, a rare occurrence indeed...S9

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sestak calls for new ban on "assault weapons"

Two days after announcing his candidacy for the U.S. Senate, U.S. Rep. Joseph Sestak, D-7, of Edgmont, urged his colleagues in the Legislature to reinstate an assault weapons ban that expired in 2004...Typically, gun control is seen as a radioactive issue during statewide elections in Pennsylvania, which has a large contingent of hunters and gun owners on both sides of the aisle...Sestak is therefore reviving a bill that died in committee last session, which he and 67 other House Democrats had co-sponsored...That bill would revise the definition of a “semi-automatic assault weapon” to include any semiautomatic rifle or pistol that has specific characteristics, such as a telescoping stock, and can accept a detachable magazine...The bill also would prohibit the importation of any such weapon; “conversion kits” to turn weapons into semi-automatics; and the transfer of any assault weapon with a large-capacity ammunition-feeding device.
Semi-automatic shotguns, pistols and rifles like the AK-47, the SKS, the UZI and the Bushmaster XM15 would fall under the ban
, according to the release.
Incumbent U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, D-Pa., Sestak’s opponent in the 2010 Senatorial primary election, said a hearing on the merits of such legislation should be held prior to any legislative action.
Specter pointed to studies performed by the Department of Justice and the Centers for Disease Control, which have brought into question the effectiveness of banning assault weapons, and said in his experience as the former District Attorney of Philadelphia that long jail terms were traditionally the best way to deal with gun violence.
“The study commissioned by DOJ found that although there was a decline in gun crimes involving assault weapons during the ban, a renewal of the ban would have a small effect on gun violence, perhaps too small for reliable measurement since assault weapons are rarely used in gun crimes,” said Specter.
Former U.S. Rep. Pat Toomey, a Republican Senatorial candidate, also weighed in on Sestak’s call to reinstate the ban.
Whenever there’s an outrageous criminal use of guns, liberals like Joe Sestak always try to penalize law-abiding gun-owners rather than holding the criminals responsible,” said Toomey in a statement. “Sestak is wrong. We should punish criminals and protect gun ownership rights.”....
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Sestak is the worst kind of all: an intentional knowing liar grandstanding on the mythical "assault weapon", (actually semi-automatic firearms), non-issue to propel himself into the spotlight to enhance his political career. Pure scum. It is ironic that another of his ilk, Arlen Specter, of all people, is now weaseling and pointing out the true facts against his political foe Sestak's phony anti-gun position. They are apallingly ignorant about firearms: again we see them (intentionally?) confusing semi-autos with machine-guns!. Did you catch it?:"“conversion kits” to turn weapons into semi-automatics"? Say What? This is a technology that not only does not exist, it would make no sense for it to exist in the first place! These are the people we are to let make decisions about our firearms? I do not flippin' think so, and am far from the only one!. "Notice that Sestak is employing the strategy of claiming to "support gun rights" while making a blatant attempt at a gun-ban, assuming gun owners are too stupid to see through such propaganda. Gun owners are constantly being told that they are "paranoid", that "no one wants to take your guns", etc; yet here we have another outright call to ban a massive amount of commonly used firearms(?!!?)...Paranoid my hindquarters! Sestak may be a clown, but he is a malicious, malignant, dangerous clown, protected by an anti-gun running dog media that will never connect his antics to the cost in innocent lives...S9

Media Injects Bias into Mexican 'Crime Gun' Debate (Codrea)

"And notice the way he goes from one class of firearm on the ban agenda to another without missing a beat? And how, when all is said and done, Grillo's piece is not about "keep[ing] guns in El Norte," but out of the hands of We the People?"...Codrea reports on the continued propaganda war against semi-automatics, including the lies about the .50 BMG...Full story @:

Friday, August 7, 2009

Aussies Admit their Gun Ban a Failure(but don't realize it)

"Law enforcement agencies involved in this week's counter-terrorism raids have claimed semi-automatic and automatic weapons, rather than explosives, were to be used in the alleged plot to attack the Holsworthy army barracks in Sydney. Long-barrelled semi-automatic guns were outlawed by former prime minister John Howard after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996. And there was a crackdown on semi-automatic hand guns after the Monash University shooting seven years ago. But according to a criminologist at Bond University, Professor Paul Wilson, there are still many semi-automatic and automatic guns around"..."Some have been stolen and of course we know that a few years ago rocket launchers were stolen from army bases."..."Mr Wilson says automatic and semi-automatic weapons can be accessed through crime gangs. 'I think the evidence from investigative reporters and from criminals themselves, and of course informally from the police, is that it is possible to get semi-automatic weapons, indeed weapons of all sorts, right across Australia,' he said"...
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Moronic mind-control propaganda designed for the unquestioning gullible masses that don't realize this only proves the fact that banning the firearms of law-abiding citizens is an abject failure, since they are now left-handedly admitting the obvious fact that criminals can and as always obtain "hot" guns on the black market.(The facts of history supports the reality that there will always be a few misfits willing to break laws and murder their unarmed victim fellowmen, which is why good people need to be armed for self & societal defense). The law-abiding gun owners let themselves be demonized for the criminal depredations of a few isolated madmen, cravenly giving up their means to self-defense without any significant resistance. This so-called "article" is merely a sugar coated vehicle to placate them to the fact that they have been played for FOOLS by their government, who cannot protect them, could care less about their safety, and prefer to see them as "honorable" dead unresisting victims to both crime predators and government power enforcement agencies. There is a name for that, victim: Slaves... S9

Never ending torrent of lies fuel gun control

"If you don't have the truth on your side, just make things up as you go. That seems to be the motto of the gun control movement. Misleading facts, skewed statistics, and outright lies are the meat and potatoes of their efforts to nudge public opinion in their favor. Take, for example, the issue of controlling the flow of illegal guns into Mexico, a lie that has been exposed in this column, as well as by several other Gun Rights Examiners. It is simply not true that 90% of the guns used by the Mexican drug cartels come from the United States, but saying so makes it easier to follow up with applying international pressure to reinstate the failed "assault weapons ban." Now, they're trying the same lie to get pressure from Canada as well"...
Full Story by Dan White@:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mexican official:Summit focus:Banning U.S. Semi-Auto Firearms

Mexico also wants more gun control in the U.S., particularly when it comes to assault weapons.

I would like to see the assault weapons ban reinstated it’s not philosophical, it’s because of what we have seen on the groundThere is a direct correlation between the assault ban and expiring in 2004 and the numbers – simply the sheer numbers – of assault weapons that we seize in MexicoWe are both cognizant of what can and cannot be done right now – we will softly, diplomatically…continue to say that this is an important issue for us but I think the real perspectives of this moving on Capitol Hill these days are slim to say the least,” the official said.

““The Mexican government is not about challenging the Second Amendment. That’s a sovereign decision of the United States. It’s a sovereign decision of the U.S. Congress. That’s up to you guys. But the Second Amendment wasn’t adopted by the Founding Fathers to allow transnational organized crime to illicitly buy weapons in the Unites States and be illicitly cross them over international borders into countries where those calibers and types of weapons are prohibited,” the official said.
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The fork-tongued Mexi-Fascist tyrants are at it again with the blatant outright lies about U.S, firearms being brought south across our border to arm the cartels. They know it's a big lie, yet see a chance to get it done under the Obanmustist administration, despite the phony pious oh-so-politically correct pronouncements seen above. These bumbling fools, with extreme draconian gun control for their law-abiding citizens are, like their pal Obama, elitists who do not trust their own people to be armed for self-defense (the last time, there was a bloody revolution and they do not want that happening again! Mexico has continually had a Bandit problem since the 1800's, with plenty of unarmed prey. The cartels are merely the latest manifestation of what their anti-gun laws have produced) and by extension, insists that the US Government adopt the same mendacious stance(?). A country like that has no flippin' business telling the USA what to do when it comes to firearms!. Mexico has a monopoly on armed force, yet look at their crime emergency, with the cartels shooting it out in the streets even after they have sent in their heaviest armed forces: The Army & National Police(!) and guess what: They are having their butts handed to them!. The unarmed civilians are still not safe; shot, tortured and beheaded cadavers litter the country like grisly Dia Los Muertes decorations, yet these malicious politicians continually whine & lie about US guns?. These are tactics to divert attention from their incompetence and failures by blaming an external entity, and hating the "gringos" has always been an easy sell stock in trade for Mexican fat-cat politicians(!). An American city directly across their blood soaked border has a minuscule crime rate in comparison and no armed troops on the street, but plenty of armed citizens and regular Police taking care of business when the crooks act up. No, it's not the US Constitution that is the problem, and dammed sure not mere semi-automatics, when these cartel hitmen are armed with actual full-automatic machine-guns, and explosives (grenades, anti-tank missiles, etc) that are not coming from the US!. These political poltroons are the worst kind of lying, dissembling, totalitarian oligarchs that care only about themselves and any opposition to them, not their citizens (or in Mexico's case, "subjects"...peasants!) just like their opposite numbers here in the USA, with the same anti-gun/self-defense agenda...They need to back off and abandon their Nazified ideas, because Nuremberg has not been that long ago...S9
(Note: See stories posted here in april & may for facts on the mexican situation)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Reminder:"The Plan" vs. Semi-Autos (4/27')

Daniel Lays out "The Plan" against Semi-Autos in this essay, so don't forget he told you so! Be ready for the fight! "Semper Paratus"!:(S9):
Biding their time on gun control
By Daniel White
When President Obama was running for office, he consistently paid lip service to the second amendment while making comments about certain firearms that belong "on a battlefield, not on the streets of Chicago" and that "our playgrounds have become battlegrounds." He has consistently stated his support for certain types of gun control, even on the White House website.

Yet, gun control supporters have been frustrated thus far by the lack of a push for the kinds of legislation they want (repealing the Tiahrt Amendment, reinstating the "Assault Weapons" ban, closing the mythical "gun show loophole," etc.

Several top ranking members of his administration, including Attorney General Eric Holder, have made statements supporting new gun control measures, only to back off on them after the fact. So far, only what looks to be trial runs have been made, testing for weaknesses in the gun rights movement's armor.

Anti-gun Senator Dianne Feinstein(D-Calif.), recently leaked their plans on CBS program "60 Minutes" when she stated, "I'll pick the time and place. No question about it."

So, what are they all waiting for? 2010.

The last time the Democrats had full control over the United States legislature, they pushed stringent gun control measures through, all of them gleefully signed by then President Bill Clinton. The straw that broke the camel's back was the flawed and failed federal "Assault Weapons" ban, a do-nothing feel-good piece of legislation that banned certain rifles for nothing more than what they looked like. The American public had enough, and the legislature was handed to the Republican party in the next election. Bill Clinton directly blamed the loss on the AWB.

Now, having learned from their mistakes, the Democrats that are back in power are planning carefully. On November 2, 2010, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives are up for grabs. The Democrats will not allow their opposition to the will of the People to again cost them control, so will lay low until after that election. Once their power is assured, they will be free to strike at gun rights and have the next two years to run damage control and try to minimize the issue before the 2012 presidential race.

Avoiding consequences for taking the People's rights isn't easy, but they have a plan.