Tuesday, August 25, 2009

“Assault Weapons” Excite The Media Once Again

While the national media may delight in highlighting such incidents, including mis-labeling semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 as “assault weapons,” there in fact is nothing illegal about a person openly carrying a firearm at many such public events in many states, including Arizona and Georgia. If the firearms were fully automatic (as “assault rifles” by definition are), or were being carried by a person already “disabled” under federal law from possessing a firearm, or if there were local or state laws prohibiting such action, then it might warrant a passing reference in the news. But simply carrying a firearm lawfully under federal and state law, should not be newsworthy...I’m not sure I understand why a person would openly tote a rifle or sidearm at a political rally of any sort, including one at which a president is speaking; other than to just make a point of some sort. But if the media would simply let it be, and especially if they would stop labelling firearms that are not “assault weapons” as “assault weapons” simply to inflame viewers, we’d all be better off. But somehow I doubt that will happen...
Full story/blog @:http://blogs.ajc.com/bob-barr-blog/2009/08/21/assault-weapons-excite-the-media-once-again/
Not only that, but some reports cropped the visual of the man with the semi-auto and spliced the footage to conceal that he was Black, (and therefore did not fit the predjucicial stereotype of gun-owners as racist "Yahoos" so fond with the leftist oriented media elitists). Yes, it was a pre-planned "publicity stunt", with some of the more interesting responses never being used on the airwaves due to the alleged "anomaly" of a Black Conservo-Libertarian gun owner verbally outwitting antigun drones who complained about him carrying the AR (One woman told him she was "offended" with him being armed around her children, to which he retorted that it was not so long ago that his negritude would have been more than enough for her to be "offended around her kids". This truism shut her down in short order). Author Barr feigns ignorance on the issue, and knows full well what "point" the pranksters were making, but appears to want to stay in the middle of the road in this case, which is his prerogative (He may want to run for office again, after all). It was somewhat amusing to see the anti-gun media running-dogs frothing and bumbling attempting to spin this stunt as negatively as possible (to again demonize gun-owners and semi-automatics), exposing them, once more, as the biased fools they are...S-9

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