Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gun owners angry after siege sparks new rules: Clampdown on Semi-Autos

Last week police began an advertising campaign...outlining what defined an ``MSSA'' (military style semi-automatic) and how owners of such weapons had to change their licensing or hand them in. Internet gun auction site GunStuff owner Mark Fogarin said the reclassification was "causing much confusion and frustration throughout New Zealand's firearms community"...Many gun owners are angry at the changes, with some taking official steps to try to stop them. One has applied for a judicial review of the police decision, while a group has complained to the Independent Police Conduct Authority...Gun owners have been told that if they own a semi-automatic firearm with a ``military pattern, free-standing pistol grip'', it is now considered a military-style semi-automatic firearm. Owners must undergo more stringent vetting than for standard A-class endorsed licences and are required to have a more secure safe for weapons, costing upwards of $1000.
The newly formed National Shooters Association, which says it has about 60 members, has complained to the Independent Police Conduct Authority. Association president Richard Lincoln said police were spending $60,000 advertising a policy decision that was being challenged in the High Court. He had applied for a judicial review of the change in police interpretation of the weapons.
Firearm law consultant David Wood said the police move was a "pointless bureaucratic knee-jerk reaction to blame the good guys"...
Full Story @: http://www.hawkesbaytoday.co.nz/local/news/gun-owners-angry-after-siege-sparks-new-rules/3902985/
Kiwi gun owners let the forces of evil browbeat them into a gun ban and are now finally realizing that nothing will ever be enough to satisfy them. Just like in the UK, once the guns are useless for self-defense, "suddenly" there is a "new" crime "problem" with so called "knife crime" (like no one was getting cut before the ban? Bollocks!). Again we see the usual cynical tactics of blaming the law-abiding for the criminal acts of a deranged narcissistic killer who cared only about himself, unjustifiably tarring the responsible with the same brush. We also see again the demonizing of the normal semi-automatic as somehow magically morphing overnight into something "more dangerous" and "evil", blatant propaganda mind-control lies!. It's good to see the gunowners finally trying to get their gonads back and rebelling against this arbitrary action by an arrogant and tyrannical out of control Police agency, however, it may be too little to late. Here's hoping and praying they will prevail against the injustices and injuries being forced upon them! Fight the good fight, Kiwis!!! - S9

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