Thursday, August 20, 2009

Daley asks why citizens need "assault weapons"(More Myths, Lies, & Evil Propaganda)

CBS2 Chicago ran a video of the Mayor's question with a piece by Political Editor Mike Flannery:
"Now think of that. Here's the mayor of the city of Chicago asking people to turn in assault weapons," Mayor Daley said. "We're not in Iraq. We're not in Afghanistan. We're in America. We're asking 'em to turn in assault weapons. What do we need an assault weapon in America for?"
The trouble with rhetorical questions is that people often answer them. For instance, someone could point out that Americans have a legally-protected right to keep and bear arms, and it's not up to the Mayor to decide which ones. Others might point out that the weapons the Mayor calls "assault weapons" actually aren't any such things. They were labeled as "assault weapons" under Chicago's Municipal Code years ago in order to excuse the city's decision to ban them...The weapons Mayor Daley was talking about are semi-automatic weapons that look like fully-automatic assault rifles . . . but they aren't the same...
Full story by Gun Rights Examiner(Chicago)Don Gwinn @:

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