Sunday, June 28, 2009

Many other threats outweigh Firearms(Commentary)

Many other threats outweigh firearms
The assault on firearms by the Violence Policy Center as a public health crisis is again the use of statistics to scare people into believing that stronger gun laws prevent gun deaths.

Education of those who handle guns will do more than additional or stronger gun laws. You cannot legislate against stupidity.

The high number of suicides by gun would in all likelihood have been carried out by another means if a gun wasn't available. Firearms actually rank eighth in causes of accidental death with motor vehicles (44.3 percent), falls (17.8 percent), poison (13 percent), drowning (3.9 percent), fire (3.4 percent), medical-surgery (3.1 percent) and other transportation (1.5 percent) far ahead of firearms (0.8 percent).

Since, as the old saying goes, there are only two inevitable in life, death and taxes, let's look at death statistics. You are more likely to die from heart disease (45 percent), cancer (40 percent) or stroke (10 percent) than unintentional injuries (5 percent). So the real effect of stronger gun laws removing guns from law-abiding citizens is to ensure the crime rate goes up accordingly, which is conspicuously absent from the Violence Policy Center equation.

None of the gun control groups wants to acknowledge that truth
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lousisiana Semi-Auto Ban Fails

BATON ROUGE-Legislation urging the New Orleans City Council to enact a citywide ban on assault weapons was shot down by a Senate committee Tuesday. The Judiciary B Committee failed to muster a single vote for House Concurrent Resolution 150 by Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-New Orleans, killing it unanimously. The nonbinding measure is(was)an expression of the feelings of the Legislature on an issue and would have called on council members, but not required them, to act. The council can enact a ban on the assault weapons on its own. A week earlier a House committee killed a Richmond bill that would have placed a statewide ban on assault weapons or required a police background check for ownership...Christopher Rager, a lobbyist for the National Rifle Association, a guns-rights lobby group, said any ban adopted by the city, based on the resolution, could be unconstitutional...
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Semi-Auto Sales Surge in Texas

"sales of semiautomatic weapons increased immediately after the Obama administration disclosed it was considering reinstituting a ban on such weapons...'Things were hot there for a couple months,' said Jason Leochner of Amarillo Pawn & Gun. "When you attempt to take guns away from people ... they're not going to let you. No one's just going to sit there and let you take away their constitutional freedom"...
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

MBTA officers won't be armed with rifles

BOSTON-MBTA officials have dropped a plan to arm transit officers with semi-automatic rifles. The "T" made the decision after an outcry from community leaders. The original plan proposed a training program so that train officers could use the weapons in extreme emergency situations such as a terrorist attack or a shooting rampage. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino rejected a Boston Police proposal to arm patrol officers with M16 rifles last week.
"Those semi-automatic guns would be more appropriate in the hands of officers in specialized units,"
said Menino.
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These are mere semi-auto conversions of M-16's, not the real machinegun version, yet look at the bedwetting going on here. This is the triumph of brainwashing mind-control when it comes to semi's. They don't even trust their own Cops with em',much less you...Public safety takes a hit, based on lies and stupidity...S9

Friday, June 12, 2009


LITTLE ROCK- Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, along with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and 21 other State Attorneys General, sent a letter to United States Attorney General Eric Holder expressing their opposition to the reinstatement of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994's semi-automatic firearms prohibition, which is commonly referred to as the "Assault Weapons Ban."

In the letter, Generals Abbott and McDaniel note President Obama's appreciation for the great conservation legacy of America's hunters. They go on to say, "We share that appreciation for hunters and are committed to defending our Second Amendment rights--which is why we believe that additional gun control laws are unnecessary. Instead, authorities need to enforce laws that are already in place.

"I certainly share the President's desire to reduce violent crime in our country, and across our borders," McDaniel said. "However, based on the facts available, there is no reason to believe this law will result in any meaningful reduction in such crime and, therefore, does not justify further infringement on Americans' Second Amendment rights."

Dear Attorney General Holder:
We the undersigned Attorneys General respectfully write to express our opposition to the reinstatement of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994's semiautomatic firearms prohibition, which is commonly referred to as the assault weapons ban...As Attorneys General, we are committed to defending our constituents' constitutional rights - including their constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms...
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Texas Tower Truths

I recently saw a segment about the Texas Tower murders, where a clip is shown with puffs of smoke emanating from the building, implying these were outgoing rounds fired by the psycho-killer. What these were, in fact, are impacts from ingoing rounds fired by armed citizens attempting to stop the killer. The armed citizens were not shown or mentioned in this "documentary". In the TV movie of the event,(starring Kurt Russell & Ned Beatty) the armed citizens are portrayed as wild out of control "Yahoo's". This is pure slander against the gunowners who spontaneously formed a Militia (as per 2nd Amendment guarantees) to protect public safety during this crime emergency. Please note these incisive comments on the situation by author Michael Gaddy: "It was reported that President Lyndon Johnson was moved by the University shooting to move for stronger gun control; the facts of the case supported just the opposite. After Whitman killed his mother and wife by stabbing them to death, he went to the University Tower where his next victim, Edna Townsley, a receptionist, was butt-stroked with a rifle, which led to her death. Whitman had in essence killed three people before he pulled the trigger the first time.
When victims began to fall from shots fired by Whitman from the University Tower, several civilians secured weapons from their cars and began to return fire at Whitman along with police on the scene. The combined efforts of these civilians and the police forced Whitman to shoot from waterspouts, greatly limiting his ability to acquire additional targets. Had it not been for the deployment of private arms by civilians, the toll of lives lost and those wounded would have been much larger. Yet, the state used this tragedy to move for more draconian firearms possession limitations on private citizens"...Well, now you know the real reason why these television depictions, or lack thereof, were presented in such a manner. Finally, it should be noted that the group of armed men that stopped the killer included an armed citizen (reportedly carrying a semi-automatic) assisting the Police...
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Federal court says self-defense ban by states is Constitutional(!?)

Dave probes this issue, important to all gunowners...(Copy/paste link into your browser)
and while you are at it, don't miss this one either...

Lest We forget: Turncoat 1989 (Video proof)

President Bush (1) reacts against an anti-gun nut inspired "dance in the blood of the dead to push a Semi-Auto ban" murder rampage by a cowardly psycho-killer in 1989...Bush rejects a ban, proved here by a video clip from my personal archives. Pretty words, but no testicular fortitude behind them!. He later spinelessly caved in to the forces of evil and permitted certain semi-autos to be banned, a precursor to the bans by Clinton, California, etc...Yes, Bush was instrumental in degrading the 2nd Amendment, turning coat and stabbing law-abiding gun-owners in the back...He is no hero on gun rights and should rightfully be remembered as a weak-kneed pantywaist on the issue, and here is the video evidence to prove it!...(These days, tellingly, hugging up to, of all people, Bill "Ban Em'" Clinton!)...Significant, considering the current individual in the White House spent big $ during his campaign also claiming he "supports the 2nd Amendment", yet wants to bring back an even worse version of the Clinton semi-auto ban, a position similar to this Bush flip-flopping precedent. History repeats?)...These are things we should never forget!...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Muskets & Bolt-Actions to be replaced by Autoloaders...

While American anti-gun nuts seek to limit or ban semi-auto firearms, other countries are eager to upgrade from ancient muskets (!?) & pre-WW2 era bolt-action rifles to modern magazine fed self-loading rifles...
INSAS rifles to replace muskets, 303s in Tihar
NEW DELHI: The guards at high-security Tihar Jail were so far making do with outdated rifles procured by the prison in the 1980s. Shockingly, a recent check of the weapons revealed that a majority were not even in working condition. The prison administration has now ordered for modern INSAS rifles as a replacement for the older 303 ones being used by the guards. "The musket and 303 rifles being used in the prison are being replaced. In the first phase, we are procuring 100 INSAS rifles to replace the 303s"...

Where Criminals get Guns (Hint:No waiting periods or backround checks)...

Assault rifle stolen from Fox Valley Metro Police squad car
Officials seek info in Grand Chute vehicle break-ins

GRAND CHUTE — Two police departments are seeking leads after a semi-automatic rifle and ammunition were stolen from an off-duty police officer's unmarked squad car. Lt. Jerome Martin of the Grand Chute Police Department said the police-issue .223-caliber Heckler & Koch G36K was taken from the car, which was parked in the driveway of a Fox Valley Metro Police Department officer who lives in the town. The weapon and ammunition were taken during break-ins of at least nine vehicles...The police weapon was in an unmarked black nylon case, Martin said. Two 30-round magazines also were taken from the squad car's trunk...The German-made G36K is a shortened version of an assault rifle. It is lightweight, with most parts made of reinforced polymer...
Rifles, Pistols Stolen From Gun Shop
WOODBINE, Md. -- Maryland State Police said more than a dozen rifles and pistols were stolen during a burglary at a Woodbine gun shop.
Troopers said the burglary happened late Tuesday or early Wednesday at JC Arms in the 7700 block of Woodbine Road. At least eight AR-15 rifles, two submachine guns and three .22 caliber semiautomatic pistols were stolen, as well as dozens of boxes of ammunition, plus scores and other firearms accessories...