Sunday, June 28, 2009

Many other threats outweigh Firearms(Commentary)

Many other threats outweigh firearms
The assault on firearms by the Violence Policy Center as a public health crisis is again the use of statistics to scare people into believing that stronger gun laws prevent gun deaths.

Education of those who handle guns will do more than additional or stronger gun laws. You cannot legislate against stupidity.

The high number of suicides by gun would in all likelihood have been carried out by another means if a gun wasn't available. Firearms actually rank eighth in causes of accidental death with motor vehicles (44.3 percent), falls (17.8 percent), poison (13 percent), drowning (3.9 percent), fire (3.4 percent), medical-surgery (3.1 percent) and other transportation (1.5 percent) far ahead of firearms (0.8 percent).

Since, as the old saying goes, there are only two inevitable in life, death and taxes, let's look at death statistics. You are more likely to die from heart disease (45 percent), cancer (40 percent) or stroke (10 percent) than unintentional injuries (5 percent). So the real effect of stronger gun laws removing guns from law-abiding citizens is to ensure the crime rate goes up accordingly, which is conspicuously absent from the Violence Policy Center equation.

None of the gun control groups wants to acknowledge that truth
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