Friday, June 5, 2009

Texas Tower Truths

I recently saw a segment about the Texas Tower murders, where a clip is shown with puffs of smoke emanating from the building, implying these were outgoing rounds fired by the psycho-killer. What these were, in fact, are impacts from ingoing rounds fired by armed citizens attempting to stop the killer. The armed citizens were not shown or mentioned in this "documentary". In the TV movie of the event,(starring Kurt Russell & Ned Beatty) the armed citizens are portrayed as wild out of control "Yahoo's". This is pure slander against the gunowners who spontaneously formed a Militia (as per 2nd Amendment guarantees) to protect public safety during this crime emergency. Please note these incisive comments on the situation by author Michael Gaddy: "It was reported that President Lyndon Johnson was moved by the University shooting to move for stronger gun control; the facts of the case supported just the opposite. After Whitman killed his mother and wife by stabbing them to death, he went to the University Tower where his next victim, Edna Townsley, a receptionist, was butt-stroked with a rifle, which led to her death. Whitman had in essence killed three people before he pulled the trigger the first time.
When victims began to fall from shots fired by Whitman from the University Tower, several civilians secured weapons from their cars and began to return fire at Whitman along with police on the scene. The combined efforts of these civilians and the police forced Whitman to shoot from waterspouts, greatly limiting his ability to acquire additional targets. Had it not been for the deployment of private arms by civilians, the toll of lives lost and those wounded would have been much larger. Yet, the state used this tragedy to move for more draconian firearms possession limitations on private citizens"...Well, now you know the real reason why these television depictions, or lack thereof, were presented in such a manner. Finally, it should be noted that the group of armed men that stopped the killer included an armed citizen (reportedly carrying a semi-automatic) assisting the Police...
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