Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bumbling Boston Bigwigs Botch Police "Assault Rifle" Issue, Media Inflames Debate...

Notice the hyperbolic tone used to describe these firearms, and the faux attempt equating them with true assault rifles (aka: machineguns, here incorrectly described to "spray" bullets around), as if semi-auto clones do not already exist. Additionally, explain to me the idiocy of retrofitting machineguns into semi-automatics? Both local "officials" and Police Bigwigs are outright ignorant regarding firearms, yet are making decisions about how they are to be used, a microcosm of the larger problem from the White House on down to the individual American gun-owner. Yes, if the anti-gun nuts don't trust the Cops with so called "military style" semi-autos (i.e. normal semi-auto that outwardly resembles a machinegun), how are they going to feel about law-abiding citizens owning them?. This is the twisted message hidden between the lines in this scare-tactic laden excremental piece of yellow journalism...The lies within other lies seasoned with a small measure of truth continue to be the standard mind-control message when it comes to semi-auto firearms:
Police getting more firepower
200 to be armed with assault rifles

"The Boston Police Department is preparing a plan to arm as many as 200 patrol officers with semiautomatic assault rifles, a significant boost in firepower that department leaders believe is necessary to counter terrorist threats, according to law enforcement officials briefed on the plan...The M16 rifle is a standard, military-issue weapon distributed to US armed forces. It can be used in the field by soldiers with a fully automatic function, operating as a machine-gun, but the Boston proposal is to arm them the weapons for semiautomatic operation. The law enforcement officials who discussed the proposal said department leaders have described the need for more potent weaponry to confront terrorists like the ones who attacked hotels and other sites in Mumbai, India, last November, killing 166 people and wounding 234 others. But the plan has sparked a debate within the Police Department about the safety of routinely deploying military-grade weapons...Some police union officials, who are scheduled to discuss the firepower upgrade with department management today, are concerned that the weapons are too powerful for city streets and that they could fall into the wrong hands and be used against police officers and citizens...the department already has received 200 fully automatic rifles from the federal government and plans to modify them to perform like semiautomatic weapons, shooting only one bullet at a time instead of rapidly spraying bullets at targets, the law enforcement officials said"....
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Existing laws"

I cannot be the only one who has noticed this phrase "enforce existing laws" popping up as a near mantra while taking in clips from the NRA convention. Frankly, this irritates me to no end. When hearing this, my natural instinct screams "Hell, no! repeal existing laws!". Any and all unjust oppressive laws repugnant to the B.O.R., specifically (in the context of what this site is all about) Semi-auto Bans!. Next time you hear that phrase and don't correct the one who said it, you are not doing your duty, Bro' & Bro'ettes!...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cops find assault rifle: in man's trousers(?)...

Gun-hating politicians and their media running-dogs constantly push the talking point lie of semi-auto long guns being the "weapon of choice" for criminals. Well, this story is a real world example exposing the fallacy of that execrable lie in burlesque fashion...
South Bend police find assault rifle in man’s pants
A 19-year-old man limping his way through the 3300 block of Western Avenue wound up in jail after police discovered an assault rifle in his pants.

A police officer saw the man walking across Harrison Primary Center’s property about 2 a.m. Wednesday, South Bend police Sgt. Sam Diggins said.

No one was supposed to be on school property, so the officer turned on his car’s overhead lights and approached the man, who had his head down and his hands out of view.

When the officer searched the man, he discovered an SKS assault rifle with a 10-inch bayonet in the man’s pants. One round was in the chamber and 10 rounds were in the magazine.

The man told police he was returning the rifle to his cousin’s house.
Although the report got the firearms details correct, notice that the description was still hyperbolic in tone (They could have simply said he had "a fully loaded rifle concealed on his person" for example). Yes, the firearms haters do not understand the word "concealability", only "ban guns" instead of "ban violent criminals". As for the suspect? As Bugs would say: "What a Maroon"...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rifle parts & Ammo dumped, Media & BATFE make mountain out of molehill...

"Assorted parts from assault rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition Tuesday were found stashed in a North Austin dumpster...police officers and agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms pulled the upper receivers of eight assault rifles and box after box of ammunition. It took several hours to collect and inspect(?)...Detectives don't know who hid the weapons in the dumpster or why(?). Agents with the ATF say the upper receivers do not have serial numbers which makes them difficult to track...neighbors suspect they were disposed of very recently. They say the dumpster is usually emptied early Tuesday mornings"...
By Jessica Vess
Full report & Video @
*Yawn*...With Ammo & Uppers premium ca$h items these days, tossing said into a dumpster to obviously get rid of them would be a mystery if it were not for the ton of paperwork and nitpicking "violations" that could put one in jail with these unconstitutional " boot-on-the-neck" antigun laws & Obamusist threats ballyhooed in the biased media. I reckon either the stuff was hot (stolen) or the owner(s) just did not want to deal with the hassle. BATFE grandstands as usual. Damn waste, Like stray animals, I could have gladly taken in these "orphans" and give em' a nice home where they would have been cared for properly../;-D

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lest We Forget: Memorial Day...

They used firearms to protect your rights to possess civilian semi-automatic versions of the same they used to protect freedom!. The British have forgotten this sacrifice, as have many of the remaining bits of the "Empire" (Canada, Australia, South Africa, etc). The USA will not go down the same road gently, and will likely stand out as the last example of freedom-lovers with the balls to prove it on the planet! Ban violent criminals (& Tyrants), not Firearms, you fools, before you have to be schooled the hard way!!!)...
P.S.:The Memorial Day concert in D.C. was useless except for the musical "Service medley", the last sector left that is Patriotic IMVVHO)...More power to the Active Duty Snuffies and the old grumpy Veterans that have "Seen the Elephant" (& Terrorist scum, hopefully in their gunsights!)...S9

Friday, May 22, 2009

From the Blog of Wayne LaPierre...

"We need every one of these new gun owners to not only exercise their Right to Keep and Bear Arms, but to fight for that right. We know that, despite what the media tells us, there are plenty of gun-control advocates pushing extreme and draconian restrictions on your constitutional rights, and we know darn well that those gun-banners will try to force their agenda through Congress at the first available opportunity.
Every day there are editorials calling for more gun control, calling politicians weak and powerless for failing to stand up to you, the American gun owner.I think of it another way. You, the American gun owner, are bravely standing up in defense of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms"...
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

City Arms Officers With Assault Rifles, Lame excuses given...

City Arms Officers With "Assault Rifles"
Sweetwater Mayor Says Guns Will Help Protect People
SWEETWATER, Fla. -- The city of Sweetwater is fighting back against heavily armed criminals.
All officers in the Sweetwater Police Department are being issued assault rifles. The guns were bought using money confiscated in drug busts and from the sale of extra equipment.
Sweetwater Mayor Manuel Marono said the guns are necessary because of the recent rise in criminals' use of assault weapons. (Really?...So where are your FACTS to back up this claim?. There are none offered because there are none to begin with!. "Moron-O" is obviously wanting to look like he is "doing something" about the rampant street crime in his jurisdiction, how much of it is actually linked to a "rise in criminals use of {so-called misnamed} assault weapons" is debatable at best, but no one will dare challenge him because facts are irrelevant to the anti-gun media running dogs. God help the officer that actually shoots someone with his new AR, because I assure you they will be "thrown under the bus" for it!-S9)...
"I want to send a clear message that Sweetwater (officers) will defend themselves, that our residents have nothing to worry about. Our police officers are armed to protect them and protect themselves, and the criminals should go somewhere else," Marono said. "They need to stop committing crimes, but they need to go somewhere else and not to come here to the city."...
Full article @:
Note that they do not say if the rifles are capable of full-automatic machine gun fire, or if they are simply semi-auto lookalike clones, this is likely intentional, considering the lies and hype against semi-autos in civilian use. Good for the Goose but not for us Ganders(?)...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Heroic Louisiana Pols Vote 10 to 2 against Semi-Auto Ban despite propaganda lies & liars!

House panel kills bill to ban semi-automatic weapons
BATON ROUGE -- Legislation designed to impose a statewide ban on semi-automatic weapons was killed 10-2 by the House Committee on the Administration of Criminal Justice today.
House Bill 387 by Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-New Orleans, is dead for the session unless he can amend it on to another bill or get the full House to order the panel send it the bill. (i.e.:By dirty tricks in other words-S9)
Richmond said his fallback position will be to ask the New Orleans City Council to adopt a local ban on automatic weapons.(Bait & switch inaccuracy again: These are semi-auto, NOT full automatic machineguns!...and these fools wonder why gunowners don't trust them, they never get their facts straight when scare tactics will do! - S9)...
Richmond said under recent court rulings, cities can enact their own ban on the automatic weapons (again!-S9) that he called "tools of mayhem.''(More scare tactics, antigun talking points! - S9!)
The bill originally sought to ban all automatic weapons(again!-S9) as of Jan. 1 or require those who have them to register with the state (Aha!-S9). Before it was killed, Richmond tried to salvage it by amending the measure to make it applicable just to AK-47s, which he said give the New Orleans Police Department and the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office problems. (Oh, these guns just float around the city in thin air, without any human agency, "causing problems", eh?...First off these are not even mil-spec "AK"s, since they are not machineguns! They are merely look-alike clones that have self-loading actions, just like any common shotgun or pistol, they are NOT military "automatic weapons"!!!...Lies, scare tactics, bait & switch, political diversionary bull$h*t is what this is, plain & simple! - S9)
"I am going after one gun", (to start with! - S9) he said. "I don't want to infringe on the Second Amendment" right to bear arms, he said. (As if!?...You, Sir, are a dammed liar, you know it, and are counting on the gullibility of the general public to further your cowardly agenda!. This is a clear example why no one with a brain respects politicians out of New Orleans! - S9).
NOPD Deputy Superintendent Bruce Adams testified that the guns Richmond wants to ban are "killing machines designed for killing human beings," not for sport use. (You are a sorry excuse not fit to call yourself a Cop, are intentionally lying about these firearms, and using totally illegitimate criteria such as "sporting use", a "test" favored in Nazi anti-gun laws, BTW!. So-called "sporting use" has nothing to do with the issue, except in the fogged minds of do-gooding fools, malicious gun-hating totalitarian agenda driven liars, and their media running-dog yellow journalist pals that perpetrate such incompetent "reporting" as this! - S9)...
Lobbyists for the guns-rights organization, the National Rifle Association, testified that if the bill passes, the state will be embarking on "a slippery slope'' of which weapons people can own and which ones are banned.(I'm certain they said a lot more than this! - S9)
Ed Anderson can be reached at or 225.342.5810.
Edward R. Murrow must be doing at least 1000 RPM in his grave...Salute the common-sense Politicos who had the guts to do the right thing and smash this anti-self defense gun grab into the dirt where it rightfully belongs. With crime rampant in New Orleans & a weak-kneed District Attorneys office that refuses to slap armed violent criminal predators into jail where they belong, blaming a firearm for the problem is a deception designed to distract the public from their incompetence . Ban violent criminals, not guns!!! - (S9)...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

BATFE Raid Gun Store:Harassment Likely...

Feds Raid High Desert Gun Store
(Victorville, CA) -- Federal agents raided a gun store in Victorville Friday, confiscating about 200 firearms, ammunition and business records. The "Victor Valley Daily Press" reports agents from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were inside the Lock, Stock and Barrel store for about two hours. They also searched the Apple Valley home of store owner Steve Mitchell and seized another dozen weapons. ATF spokesman Michael Hoffman would not say why the store was raided and all the guns taken. He did say that Mitchell's federal firearms license has not been revoked.
What did I just say on May 13th?:"."Another unsubstantiated libel against law-abiding gunowners, who are in their view all stupid & untrustworthy dolts that leave guns lying around for hoodlums to steal, and a slap against legitimate gun sellers who are now tarred with the brush of being greedy tricksters with hooded eyes, looking for any chance to sell guns to the criminal underworld. Yes, this is what they think of you, and is the image they want to sell to the uninformed masses. It's bad enough they want to make you a criminal by the stroke of an unconstitutional pen for the metal and plastic you have in your gunsafe, but these days they say YOU are the problem and are responsible for supplying guns to criminals as both unwitting dupe or sininster criminal toady!"...Given BATFE's past record, I'm giving the store owner the benefit of the doubt...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Democrats want to take away gun rights"(RNC Boss)

RNC boss: Democrats want to take away gun rights
Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele says Democrats in Washington want to take away the rights of law-abiding Americans to buy and own guns.
Steele told thousands of people Friday at the National Rifle Association's convention in Phoenix that the Obama administration has a theory that drug crime in Mexico could be prevented by banning guns in the United States.
Sen. John McCain told the crowd that the U.S. needs to do more to crack down on gun smuggling into Mexico but added that that doesn't require restricting the gun rights of law-abiding Americans. The former GOP presidential candidate says the administration has overstated the prevalence of guns being smuggled from the United States into Mexico for use by drug cartels.---
Pretty words, but where will these two stand when the balloon goes up?. McCain is a notorious "flip-flopper" on firearms, Steele is an unknown quantity...

Gallup Poll:"United States Going Away From Gun Control"

United States Going Away From Gun Control
By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers
"Maybe it's the 9/11 hangover or those anti-Obama bumper stickers sold at gun shops, but the country is edging away from gun control. "Attitudes toward gun control have become more conservative, people not wanting gun control," says Frank Newport, editor-in-chief of the Gallup Poll. The number of people who say they want "more strict" gun control measures is dropping, he says. "So the NRA actually is in a pretty good position now, public-opinion-wise"...

Nugent: NRA Pow-wow

Annual NRA Pow-Wow
by Ted Nugent
"The masses must never be controlled for the sake of the lunatic fringe. Remember “Don’t Tread on Me”? Just don’t"...The National Rifle Association was formed 138 years ago. This ultimate "we the people" grassroots family organization dedicated to the self evident truths of self defense will gather together in Phoenix Arizona today through May 18th for our annual meetings to celebrate good over evil. It is a beautiful thing. I will be there.

With increased NRA memberships, guns and ammo sales and concealed weapons permits surging at unprecedented rates, never in the history of mankind have more people possessed more firepower and most significantly, carried more concealed weapons on their persons than today across America.

And as FBI crime reports, numerous law enforcement and academic studies conclude, the inescapable truth is that more guns clearly equals less crime. Where there are more guns per capita, violent crime goes down, particularly crimes of assault, rape, burglary and robbery. This is good. This is what the NRA stands for. Anti-gunners, not so much.

It is indeed Ted Kennedy’s gun ban dream of “gunfreezones” that have proven to be the guaranteed slaughter zones where the most innocent lives are lost every time. Think Columbine, Virginia Tech, Lane Bryant, Northwest Illinois University, New Jersey, Salt Lake City and Omaha Malls, Luby’s Cafeteria, Calgary University, Toronto, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Flight 93, the mayor's office in San Francisco, ad nauseum.

Peace and love will get you killed, and unarmed helplessness is a welcome mat for evil. Common sense, that is, unless of course your anthem goes baaa….. baaa…… baaa.

So why in God’s good name would any human being wish to force unarmed helplessness on another? That level of cruel indecency and forced victimization is incomprehensible to me and about 100,000,000 Americans who own guns and believe in self defense. The lunatic fringe left won't dare touch the issue of gun control. Self defense is the most powerful, driving instinct in good people everywhere. To deny this, is evil personified.

Write this down: Gun Free Zones are a felon’s playgrounds. Ban Gun Free Zones now. Join the NRA.

Good people don’t want the rapist to succeed. We want him dead. We don’t want our homes invaded. We want the invaders dead. We don’t like carjackers. We like them dead. We don’t like armed robbers. We like them dead.

We have examined all the evidence we could possibly need to know that calling 911 is a joke, unless of course they bring a dustpan and a mop to clean up the dead monster we just shot while protecting our family.

The choice is clear: gun control as the Chuck Schumers of the world try to force on us is complicit in every violent crime committed. Conversely, gun control a la Ted Nugent is putting the second shot through the same hole as the first shot, where innocent lives are saved and recidivistic maggots come to a screeching halt, felled by the lovely ballet of good over evil we call the Double Tap Center Mass Boogie. Learn it, know it, love it, shoot it. Good guys should live, bad guys not so much.

It is reassuring and ultimately convenient, that fresh from escaping the scourge of tyranny and slavery of kings and emperors, our brilliant, sensible Founding Fathers knew it was important to write down the self evident truth that the right to self defense is surely a God given individual right to keep and bear arms.

And write this down too -- "keep" means it is mine, you can’t have it. "Bear" means I’ve got them right here on me. “Shall not be infringed” echoes that beautiful “Don’t Tread on Me” chorus. Sing it.

I like the US Constitution and our sacred Bill of Rights, but quite frankly, I don’t really need them in order to know in my heart and soul the list of self evident truths therein. Those came from thinking, common sense men who refused to be helpless, dependent slaves to anyone or anything. These truths are all burned forever on my soul. I live them, no matter what"...
Full article @ -
There was this comment posted: "Dear Mr. Nugent, Its either you are willfully ignorant or a pathetic lier. Obama has never said he will ban guns. What we need is gun control, so that the underaged, mentally unballenced, lunatics/insane, people like cheney who cant shoot straight will not have access or easy access to guns. I will feel safer from a gun attack in Japan than here in in USA, do you now why????-Thomas Moses, Ohio
To which I respond: "No, Mr. Moses, YOU are the ignorant one...Fact: Obama has publicly stated, and had posted on his website, that he wants to reinstate a BAN on modern rifles, intentionally misnamed by anti-gun nuts as so called "assault weapons". Now what part of the word BAN do you not understand?...
Fact: There are guns and shootings in Japan, however only the Police & Yakuza gangsters are armed (the gangsters illegally, of course). You will not see Japanese Cops going on gun-confiscation raids, they are afraid of the gangsters firepower and have cut backroom deals with them, something you are not going to hear about in the media, but is true nonetheless. Japan is a blade culture, and their rate of knifings is apalling. If you think Japan is "safe", you are a bigger fool than you have already established with your pantywaist rhetoric...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mythbusted!:"Mexico data overstate weapons traced to U.S."

Mexico data overstate weapons traced to U.S.
EL PASO -- More than 90 percent of about 11,000 guns tied to violence in Mexico's drug wars came from the United States, but those weapons were handpicked for tracing by Mexican authorities.

The Mexican federal attorney general's staff recently acknowledged that Mexican authorities had seized 35,943 arms, including 2,800 grenades, since the crackdown against the drug cartels began in December 2006.

That means Mexico provided the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives with serial numbers for less than a third of the weapons that were seized.
The National Rifle Association and others contend that various U.S. and Mexican officials have exaggerated the number of U.S. weapons seized in Mexico to push for stricter gun controls in America.

Earlier this year, officials of the ATF stated publicly that 90 percent of the weapons recovered in Mexico in connection with drug violence were traced to the United States.

Relying on the ATF's 90 percent figure, President Barack Obama and Mexico's ambassador to the United States, Arturo Sarukhan, said U.S. guns were fueling drug violence in Mexico.
But the 90 percent figure was overblown because Mexico did not provide the ATF with serial numbers for all the weapons it seized, according to information obtained by the El Paso Times through the Freedom of Information Act..."The comandantes and policias in Mexico do not submit the serial numbers for high-value guns, such as your military-grade weapons, because they are keeping those for themselves," said El Pasoan Ramon Holguin, a military veteran and gun enthusiast.

"I know a lot of gun advocates, and not a single one of them would ever consider selling a gun to be smuggled into Mexico. We have several U.S. politicians who are using the issue to lobby for gun controls. It's part of a worldwide movement to curtail the sale of small arms."..."The 90 percent figure is being recklessly tossed around," said Andrew Arulanandam, spokesman for the NRA in Washington.

"It is a calculated attempt to pin the tragedy of the Mexican drug wars on the American people and the Second Amendment. The first step to fixing the problem is for Mexico to make sure the rampant corruption that exists in law enforcement, the military, judiciary and even among politicians, is eradicated."

NRA members and others suspicious of statistics about cartel weaponry said gun-control advocates have spun the numbers to advance their own interests.

Chris Cox, executive director for the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, testified on the issue in March before a U.S. House committee.

He said that activists "have used Mexico's crisis as a pretext for pushing gun show restrictions, bans on .50-caliber rifles, bans on common ammunition they portray as 'armor piercing' and more."

The United Nations and Amnesty International are among the organizations that lobby for global gun control. Harold Kohn, Obama's nominee for legal adviser to the State Department, is on record advocating global gun control...
Pete Jabber, owner of A Smokin Gun in the Upper Valley, said the nationwide demand for guns has depleted the stock in his store for several weapons.

He attributes the demand to fears that the Obama administration wants to impose new gun controls.

"I've been out of some gun stock and haven't been able to get anymore for more than a month," Jabber said. "People are afraid of impending legislation and Obama's voting record, which is anti-gun."....

Most of Jabber's customers are asking for small revolvers or small semi-automatic guns.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has reported a steady increase in concealed gun permits throughout the state...
full article is @

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Layered Lies:"Semiautomatic rifles a ‘hazard'; seizures are up"

This "report" is actually a "press release" for grandstanding local politicians, including the non-Cop "Police Chief". Defecating an updated version of the usual hyped-up blatant lies and half-truths about semi-auto firearms, this time claiming an exaggerated phony "crime emergency" that curiously only seems to be happening in their city area but not anywhere else, and is anything but(!). The layers of lies are heavy and thick, with P.T. Barnum-like hyperbole and scare tactics the order of the day, served up like the steaming pile it is for the gullible to ingest. The critical thinkers, however, will smell the fetid stink for what it is, and quickly at that. There are so many lies, it would take me pages to refute, but here are a few of the more egregious examples:
First, they make a blanket claim throughout, demonizing "semi-automatics". This permits them to throw any firearm in the mix that operates semi-auto (such as normal shotguns & pistols), while implying that the firearms are the "evil" mythical so-called "assault weapons", in short, playing the "bait & switch" game with the reader. This trick pony pops up in various ways, like this lie: "On March 21, Lovelle Mixon killed four Oakland police officers before being killed by police"...They do not tell you that baby rapist ex-con Mixon used an SKS (not, as reported and never refuted, an "AK-47") fatally against only 2 officers, while using a handgun against the other two: Bait & switch baloney!. Another:"“They fire so many rounds so quickly. You can get off close to 50 rounds in 30 seconds … Do we really want to make it easier and easier to kill people?”...Here we go again with the dust in the eyes tactic of making the semi-auto look like a full-auto machinegun to those who don't know any better and are easily fooled by such false claims (as usual, with no data to back up this exaggeration) plus tacking on a rhetorical "appeal to guilt" browbeat at the end. On the same note: "most crimes are committed with illegally obtained rifles"...Another claim without facts to back it up, but interesting, because it backhandedly admits that guns held by law-abiding citizens are not the "problem" since they state the guns are "illegally obtained". You cannot have it both ways, but they do it nonetheless in this foul piece of black propaganda!. Furthermore, they tag this one on: "a reinstitution has semiautomatic rifles flying off the shelves locally and nationally"..."more sales increase the chances of legally bought semiautomatic rifles being stolen by criminals or obtained in straw purchases or from unscrupulous gun dealers"......"increases the chances"? This "what might happen but cannot be quantified" statement is pure fictional speculation based on nothing to support it in the real world, mere Hollywood balderdash!. Another unsubstantiated libel against law-abiding gunowners, who are in their view all stupid & untrustworthy dolts that leave guns lying around for hoodlums to steal, and a slap against legitimate gun sellers who are now tarred with the brush of being greedy tricksters with hooded eyes, looking for any chance to sell guns to the criminal underworld. Yes, this is what they think of you, and is the image they want to sell to the uninformed masses. It's bad enough they want to make you a criminal by the stroke of an unconstitutional pen for the metal and plastic you have in your gunsafe, but these days they say YOU are the problem and are responsible for supplying guns to criminals as both unwitting dupe or sininster criminal toady!. Oh, and let's not forget that tried and true "appeal to victimhood": "it's not only a hazard to the public, but in particular to police officers,”...OK, like the Cops have never fought gunbattles against criminals in the past? In the 1920's many of the more notorious "Public Enemies" used actual full-automatic machineguns (the Cops used them too, by the way) and that was decades ago, so what has changed? Were bullets "less hazardous" back then?. No, this is the same old tired "Cops are victims" ploy, a red herring to throw the unwitting off the stinking scent of their real agendas: banning & confiscation of lawfully owned firearms, which won't have any impact on the criminals "illegally obtained" guns, no different than those equally "illegally obtained" narcotics that are also available on the black market and cannot be stopped. If you wish to read this disgusting exercise in Brady backed talking point media mind control, be my guest, but have some aspirin and a barf-bag nearby, you are gonna' need em'!
Go to:

Codrea:More on "The Mexican Dog & Pony Show"...

"A big game." One where the stakes could not be higher. And one where our opponents are professional hustlers. No wonder they want to cheat us out of our guns...
Tired of being conned? Angered by the outright fraud? Curious as to why the "mainstream media" is absolutely not going to tell you this?...

Codrea recaps and updates...Go to(Copy and paste in your browser):

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More MG's:"Man arrested with machine guns identified"

SAN DIEGO — A man who had four unregistered machine guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in his car when he was arrested in Pacific Beach was identified Monday as 36-year-old Jason Hilliard of Lake Elsinore, authorities said.

Officers were trying to pull Hilliard over Wednesday for driving erratically when he crashed into another vehicle
, said Special Agent Michael Hoffman of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Officers, who found the machine guns and ammunition among six firearms, also located a ski mask, duct tape and a large overcoat in the vehicle.(All 3 items are not a crime to possess - S9)

Agents determined four of the guns had been illegally converted from semi-automatic firearms into machine guns, Hoffman said.(an act already a crime, a federal felony in fact-S9)

A subsequent search of Hilliard's home turned up nine more guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition, a silencer and two pipe bombs, the special agent said.

The explosives, made from PVC pipes with caps at either end with screws inside, were disarmed by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department Bomb Squad.

"One can only imagine the death, destruction and mayhem that this one individual could have inflicted with those machine guns and pipe bombs," said John A. Torres, an ATF Special Agent in Charge from the Los Angeles office.(Oh Puh-leease', Spare me the melodrama, Dude - S9)...

Hilliard, who is being held without bail, appeared in San Diego federal court Friday on charges of possessing an unregistered machine gun. He has a detention hearing scheduled for Tuesday morning in which a judge will decide if he should be granted bail and possibly be released from the Metropolitan Correctional Facility downtown, Hoffman said.

The special agent said Hilliard has no known criminal record. Investigators are still trying to determine his motive for collecting the arsenal.
By: Debbi Baker: (619) 293-1710;
Did not take long after BATFE's switch to the administrations gun-ban line, for them to "suddenly" turn up a suspect recklessly drawing attention to themselves with incompetent driving who "just happened" to have criminally converted semi-automatics into machineguns in his vehicle (and more at his residence, along with destructive devices, i.e. pipe bombs, items that also fall under BATFE jurisdiction on the federal level). Speaking of that, notice that the suspect is facing no local charges, although he was stopped for violating local laws, but is immediately charged for the federal violation (unregistered MG). Yeppers', were I a cynical bastard, visions of conspiracy theories, mind control and "Manchurian Candidates" would be floating about my consciousness, but that's just silly speculation, right? Couldnt' possibly be true, right? All these things are just mere coincidence, right?... Right?...(Cue theme music from "The X-Files" & "Twilight Zone").../;-)

Codrea:"Was 'anti-aircraft' gun seized in Mexico a big hoax?"

..."the so-called 800 rpm “anti-aircraft gun” isn’t a machine gun at all, but rather a WWII-era semi-automatic replica of a Browning machine gun"...
So what’s going on here?
One former ATF agent, who also asked that his name not be used, suggests one possibility: “This is all a dog and pony show”...
Told you so....
Full Info @

Monday, May 11, 2009

Machineguns:"Mumbai attack weapons identified"

Mumbai attack weapons identified
MUMBAI: A police officer on Monday identified two AK-47 rifles, allegedly used by Mohammed Ajmal Amir ‘Kasab,’ to kill people in Mumbai on November 26 last.
It's unfortunate, but these things need to be said. The "AK-47 rifles" used by these cowardly terrorist scum were actual mil-spec selective fire Kalashnikovs capable of full-automatic ("machinegun") operation. These guns are NOT the same as semi-automatic civilian "clones", which are incapable of full-automatic fire i.e.: they are NOT "machineguns", despite the lies, obfuscations, and black propaganda the media & antigun nuts maliciously vomit onto the American public!...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Scare Tactics continue: "A Semiautomatic if you please"...

A semiautomatic, if you please, and pass the ammunition
The firearms industry appears to be riding out the recession in fine form, with sales across the country flourishing. And the enthusiasm for purchasing such weaponry has spread to communities south of Boston, according to area gun dealers.
Firearms of all types are in demand as well as the ammunition to feed them. Customers run the gamut from the seasoned hunter and skilled marksman to the novice. Training classes for new gun owners are not only full but booked months into the future...
Firearms dealers and other experts attribute the increase in gun sales to a couple of factors. The first is concern over the resurgence of the Democrats in Washington after years of Republican dominance. Some fear the change could result in the reinstatement of a past assault weapons ban put in place during the Clinton administration. That ban, which barred the sale of certain automatic weapons, expired in 2004 under President George W. Bush.(Again with the inaccuracies & uninformed sloppy reporting!, referring to semi-autos as machineguns i.e."automatic weapons"! And they wonder why gunowners distrust them? Like the politicians that seek to BAN the people's "liberty teeth", they are massively ignorant about the firearms they hate and fear! - S9)...
Also, the uncertainty that accompanies a slumping economy has historically triggered higher gun sales, according to the experts.(Just who are these unattributed "experts"? Worst kind of intellectual dishonesty here! - S9). People equate tough economic times with a rise in crime. They therefore feel a greater need to protect themselves and their possessions.(and again...S9)
Goldman said no one at his club has indicated a concern for safety as a reason to buy a firearm or to take a gun class. "But I think the general consensus is that the crime is there," he said. "They need to get weapons while they can."
Springfield gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson, a major supplier to law enforcement agencies and consumers, recently reported that its sale of firearms rose 27.5 percent in the quarter ending in January. And handgun sales jumped 45 percent in that time period. The company noted in its financial report that there is a "very strong demand for pistols, revolvers, and tactical rifles."
Georgia Critsley, general counsel for the Criminal History Systems Board, the agency that keeps statistics for the state's Firearms Research Bureau, said gun sales have jumped since last fall. According to her agency, 3,804 guns were reported sold in the state during October, before Barack Obama won the presidency. In March of this year, 5,281 were sold, compared with 3,260 in March 2008. The increase may be slightly skewed, Critsley said, because a small percentage of Massachusetts private firearms dealers are connecting to the electronic Massachusetts Instant Records Check System and being added month by month.
Captain Bruce McNamee, in charge of firearms licensing for the Plymouth Police Department, said he has seen an increase in requests for the so-called Class A License to Carry, which allows the bearer to carry a semiautomatic pistol with a larger capacity for rounds. (Now there is a stupid and noxious regulation, harassing those who prefer normal capacity magazines as somehow "more dangerous". Bulls**t!, but not a big surprise in such a gunowner-hostile state - S9) Requests for shotgun licenses and Class B licenses for weapons with more limited capacity have stayed about the same, he said, adding he did not have exact figures.
Jon Green, director of education and training for the Gun Owners Action League, a Massachusetts organization focused on preserving Second Amendment rights to own firearms, said all kinds of people are buying guns.
"People, quite frankly, are scared," Green said. "Those coming to our classes are nurses, attorneys, janitors, mothers, daughters, sons, and fathers. Our basic pistol classes are booked through August. That's never happened before."
Whatever the reason, sales are brisk, says Peter Tache, owner of M & M Plimoth Bay Outfitters, a popular gun shop in Plymouth.
"Basically, people have decided now is the time to get guns," Tache said. "They seem to be buying everything from revolvers and semiautomatic pistols to rifles. We have a lot of stock in the store, but we are also back-ordered on some things."
While he is selling more guns to return customers these days, he said he is also finding a great deal of interest among first-time owners.
Popular favorites include both revolvers, which rotate the cartridge as the gun is fired, and pistols, which store ammunition in magazines and may feature semiautomatic firing. The price range is similar for both: between $450 and $1,000, Tache said, which is pretty much the same as it has been in the past.
The price of ammunition, though, has jumped, said Douglas Cash, a member of the Plymouth Rod & Gun Club who stopped recently at Plimoth Bay Outfitters to pick up some. It's a matter of supply and demand, he said. "If you sell more guns, there's going to be a greater demand for ammunition."
Cash, who owns both semiautomatic rifles and pistols, said "a lot of people are afraid the assault rifle ban may come back," so they are buying the semiautomatic guns that could be restricted.
Tache, whose stock includes AR15 assault rifles, said that weapon is in big demand now, since it is one that would be affected by a ban.
John Yuskaitis, a lifelong marksman who came up from the Cape to Plimoth Bay Outfitters to buy ammunition for his 9mm guns on a recent Saturday, said Cape suppliers had pretty much exhausted their supply. "There's definitely an ammunition shortage," he said.
In Carver, Joe McCann, owner of the Archer Arms Co., said business is booming.
"I have new customers come in all the time," McCann said. "Our sales have become more brisk, and it's starting to be more difficult for us to even get guns."
Tache said his customers are offering the same reasons for buying guns as consumers nationally.
"Some people are concerned they won't be able to get the guns in the future, and some fear they need them to defend themselves," he said. "It's related to the economy. People feel threatened because they see news stories about home invasions and convenience store robberies." (Excuse me? Like this type of crime is something new? Do the names Jessie James & the Northfield Minnesota Raid, or Bonnie & Clyde ring a bell? - S9)
McCann agreed. "People are buying them for their own defense, not to go walking around like cowboys," he said. "They're afraid criminals have become more aggressive."
Jim Dooley, owner of the Middleboro Gun Shop, said his shop is busy. "The demand is so high, you can't keep up," he said. He said the guns that are the biggest sellers right now are those for which ammunition is readily available.
"There are a lot of retired folks who are concerned about someone kicking in their door, so they buy a revolver,"
Dooley said....
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Opinion:"They're after our guns!"

They're after our guns
Sen. Dianne Feinstein recently said that she will pick the time, she will pick the place and she will bring back the failed Clinton gun ban. And she said President Obama will sign it.

Most of the media has swept it under the rug, like always. But they can't deny it any longer and there's no doubt about it. They're coming after every law-abiding gun owner in America. They want your name and personal information in a federal database. That's right - national registration of all firearms.

The Speaker of the House - Nancy Pelosi - fully admitted her gun registration plan, in an admission wrapped around outright untruths about the Second Amendment and our freedom.

When pressed about her goals for gun legislation on ABC's "Good Morning America," Pelosi said: "... The Supreme Court has ruled in a direction that gives more opportunity for people to have guns, (not true) ... We never denied that right. (Really?) ... We don't want to take their guns away (sure, Nancy) ... We want them registered and we have to rid the debate of the misconceptions that people have about what gun safety means." (Actually, gun owners fully know gun safety a lot better than you do, gun owners want "crime control" but you refuse to oblige them, like always).

Pelosi's idea of "gun safety" is every gun ban, ammunition ban, and licensing scheme that has come across her desk. She's spent an entire congressional career voting to deny the rights of lawful gun owners.

Now, she's put out her congressional agenda - coming soon: "We want them registered."

They can't deny it. And they can't deny the determination and might of America's lawful gun owners, who don't want their names in some national government database, just waiting to be abused by Second Amendment-hating bureaucrats. We have known for years who our enemies are within our own government.

American gun owners fully understand what gun registration leads to. So, bring it on, Speaker Pelosi. We're ready, as the Supreme Court is with us, not you, and not Sen. Feinstein.

Bob Ireland
Vallejo, CA
Lest we forget, Bob's reference to the Clinton gun ban = the criminalization of Mil-clone Semi-automatic (aka;"self-loading") firearms, guns rarely used in crime (except on television and the movies)...

Fear of Obama policies, recession-driven crime fuels Grand Strand gun purchases

Gun sales are surging and ammunition is difficult to find across the Grand Strand, following a national trend that began in November when Barack Obama was elected president and was stoked by a fear that the recession will spur a rise in crime.
Sales at local gun shops have soared as much as 65 percent since the election. And since November, federal firearm background checks -- required to become a gun owner -- have outpaced previous years by 25 percent to 50 percent a month, FBI statistics show.

Many gun buyers are concerned that President Obama’s administration will attempt to push legislation that would make it more difficult to buy guns. (This is an established FACT!-S9)

And some people say they are stocking up on weapons and buying guns to protect themselves in the event of a home invasion.

“What are you going to do? Throw a pillow at them in your house ... at 3 in the morning ... with your wife and kids there?” asked Tony Maloney of Myrtle Beach. “This guy wants to ban guns? They’re destroying the honest citizen of their Second Amendment right (to bear arms) ... or at least trying to.” (This is an established FACT!-S9)

Doug Pennington, a spokesman for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, disagrees. “Barack Obama has said, ‘I’m not interested in taking your gun away if you’re not a felon,’” Pennington said. “‘If you have a gun and you’re not a dangerous person, I’m not concerned with you.’ He’s not interested in banning guns and taking them all the way. (This is an outright bald-faced LIE...Obama is on record saying he wants a Semi-Auto BAN!!!...S9) But he knows there’s a gun violence problem.” (Which has nothing to do with law-abiding semi-auto owners whatsoever!-S9)

Pennington said much of the panic that has led to the increase in gun sales has been caused by the National Rifle Association.

They’re really just trying to scare gun owners to death,” he said. (Only if you call telling the truth "scaring gun owners to death", they have more than good reason to be "scared", Dumbass!- S9)

Pennington said that as long as citizens go through the background check process “there’s much more reason to be at ease.”
(Of course there is, because then you will know who has them, who are to be declared "instant criminals" for mere possession, for when the time comes you desire so badly: confiscation!-S9)

While statistics for the number of people with a gun permit were not available, the number of Horry County residents with a concealed weapons permit rose to 4,622 by the end of 2008, up from 3,170 in 2007 and 1,793 in 2006...
(Cont'd at:

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Weapons found - Media Rejoices...

A few issues here: This maroon drew attention to himself by showing a bad temper, knowing full well he had all this stuff in his residence? Bad move, Bubba!. The photo used show, in my expert opinion, an inert non-functional US "LAAW" anti-tank launcher. I have personally used this weapon, so trust me on this one, kids. There are NO so-called "AK-47's" shown, and you would think they would put these on display since they are so demonized, so you have to ask yourself why this is. There is a partial view of an AR, but the flash hider looks suspect, my guess is that one is a .22 Rimfire version, and a partial view of an AR front sight, so that one is unconfirmed. There are 2 normal bolt action hunting rifles and one normal length shotgun shown, plus the barrel of a .22 rifle and what appears to be a 30 round AR magazine. They are pumping up this story by mentioning throwing stars, machetes, batons, etc = *yawn*. They are charging this guy with everything they can, as is to be expected in a gun-hostile country like British Canada. Though the knee jerk reaction is to say this guy blew it, I can't help but notice they mention a domestic violence incident, which indicates to me this guy could very well have been "set up" by people who wanted him out of the way. We probably will never really know. The bottom line here is that the media have another "scare story" to use against legitimate gun owners, and that is a bad thing all around...
Police discover weapons cache - including missile launcher - in NW Calgary
Calgary police allegedly found an arsenal of weaponry in a northwest Calgary home on Thursday and have laid 64 criminal code charges.

Police say they found everything from an anti-tank missile launcher and AK-47 assault rifles to two sawed-off shotguns, an AR-15 Colt assault rifle with scope and several homemade silencers.

On top of the guns, they found a throwing star, baton, machete, bayonet and ammunition.

Facing the numerous weapons charges is John Sattler, 46, of Calgary.

Police say they first became aware of the house after a report of a disturbance involving a firearm in the 5300-block of Brisebois Drive, NW. at 12:15 p.m. They arrested the man leaving through a back door and got a search warrant.

In all, they found 22 firearms in the house.

Sattler faces one count of uttering a threat, 19 counts of possession of a unlicensed weapon, 19 counts of possession of a weapon contrary to a prohibition order, six counts of possession of a restricted/prohibited weapon with ammunition, and 19 counts of unsafe storage of a firearm.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Overreach:Germany may Ban...Paintball(?)

From the country that set the bar for mind-control propaganda and heavy-handed extremist socialist totalitarianism, anti-liberty elements are ganging-up for another useless "feel-good" attack, this time beginning with a small but significant bite against paintballers. The usual methods are in play: pointing to misusers of firearms that have murdered disarmed people in soft target "gun-free zones" and "demonizing" the object (the paintball gun) and those who use them (The exact same execrable methods used in the US to ban mythical so-called "assault weapons"). Yes, my beloved Germans are again backsliding into the old ways of east German communism & mindless 3rd Reich zealotry...
Germany May Seek Ban on Paintball
In response to the Winnenden school shooting in March, the German government is moving ahead with a plan to ban paintball, which politicians describe as a game that glorifies murder and teaches people to like paint ball and laser tag are to be banned in Germany in the future, and people who violate the law could be fined up to €5,000...The German Paintball League claims about 1,000 people in the country are active in the sport and there are more than 200 facilities where it is played...The head of the league said he was surprised by the plan to ban what he called a "tactical team sport." But "during an election campaign," he said, "politicians are always looking for a fall guy."...paintball makes the headlines because it is played at events in Europe held by right-wing extremists or military freaks...the chairwoman of the Green Party, described the proposed tightening of weapons laws as a "courage-less concession to the gun lobby." Instead of banning large calibre guns in general, the coalition government has only managed to agree on a token ban on paintball." By doing so, she said, "the coalition is tightening weapons laws in areas that are the least painful to the gun lobby."....
See complete article @,1518,623518,00.html#ref=rss

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Latest myths & lies:"Mexico's weapons cache stymies tracing"

"rifles lie on 22 metal racks; the pistols hang from metal poles by their triggers"(?!!!)...These and more inaccuracies, buzzwords, scare tactics and lies taint this "report" on seized MexCartel guns. The hand of agenda driven agencies like BATFE is heavy, steering the copy toward blaming the US, continuing to promote the "90% myth (including the new strategy of blaming Mexican "mistakes" for not knowing most of these guns were from the USA, a cheap ploy to revise history to fit the current administrations push to ban guns based on Mexican crime). While actively minimizing weapons obtained from other sources ("It's less clear how cartels are getting military-grade weapons"), and even creating threats out of whole cloth, such as the so-called ".50 Caliber AR-15", which shoots "bullets" instead of fixed ammunition ("AR-15 assault rifles have been modified to take .50-caliber bullets, the kind of high-powered ammunition designed for sniper rifles"[Another lie: .50 was designed for land and aerial machineguns, the caliber that helped win WW2 in fact]). All in all, a disgusting display of more media bias, whose members willingly collaborate with anti-gun forces to bolster a gun grab in the USA (including the BATFE), showing the most vile and shameful lack of integrity that has become all too common these days on the subject. There are way too many lies, half-truths, & biased weasel-words packed in here to point out individually, so I highlighted some of the more egregious examples the knowledgeable will recognize, so...Get your barf bags ready...
Mexico's weapons cache stymies tracing
MEXICO CITY--Deep inside a heavily guarded military warehouse, the evidence of Mexico's war on drug cartels is stacked two stories high: tens of thousands of seized weapons, from handguns and rifles to AK-47s, some with gun sights carved into the shape of a rooster or a horse's head.

The vault nestled in a Mexican military base is the government's largest stash of weapons - some 88,537 of them - seized from brutal drug gangs. The Associated Press was recently given rare and exclusive access to the secure facility.

The sheer size of the cache attests to the seemingly hopeless task of ever sorting and tracing the guns, possibly to trafficking rings that deliver weapons to Mexico. And security designed to keep the guns from getting back on the streets is so tight that even investigators have trouble getting the access they need.

The warehouse - on a main drag in northeastern Mexico City near the horse racing track - is surrounded by five rings of security. There are two military guards at the door and five more are in the lobby. Inside, another 10 soldiers sort, clean and catalog weapons. Some are dismantled and destroyed, a few assigned to the Mexican military.

The guns are stacked to the two-story ceiling in a warehouse the size of a small Wal-Mart. The rifles lie on 22 metal racks; the pistols hang from metal poles by their triggers.

The cavernous warehouse is impeccably clean, the only smell coming from the coffee the soldiers prepared for their rare visitors. The clash of metal and sounds of the soldiers at work echo off the walls.

The security, bolstered by closed-circuit cameras and motion detectors, makes the warehouse practically impenetrable, said Gen. Antonio Erasto Monsivais, who oversees the armory.

In all, the military has 305,424 confiscated weapons locked in vaults, just a fraction of those used by criminals in Mexico, where an offensive by drug cartels against the military has killed more than 10,750 people since December 2006. But each weapon is a clue to how the cartels are getting arms, and possibly to the traffickers that brought them here.

The U.S. has acknowledged that many of the rifles, handguns and ammunition used by the cartels come from its side of the border. Mexican gun laws are strict, especially compared to those in most U.S. border states.

The Mexican government has handed over information to U.S. authorities to trace 12,073 weapons seized in 2008 crimes - particularly on guns from large seizures or notorious crimes.

But the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which handles the U.S. investigations, is at the mercy of local Mexican police for the amount and quality of the information.

"Many of these rural municipalities that may come into a gun seizure ... may not even know anything about tracing guns," ATF spokesman
Thomas Mangan said.

A police officer in Mexico submits a description, serial number and distinctive markings of the gun. The weapons are then turned over to the military for storage in one of a dozen armories such as the one in Mexico City.

When U.S. investigators need additional details, as they often do, the request goes back to the original police officer, who must retrieve the gun from a military vault - sometimes hundreds of miles away.
Mexican police must ask permission each time they need to look at a stored gun, Monsivais said. Even if that permission is granted, the investigator cannot go past the metal fencing separating a reception desk and the shelves holding the guns. A soldier has to bring out the requested weapons.

The security, language differences and bureaucracy add up to a painstaking process, said J. Dewey Webb, special agent in charge of the ATF's Houston Field Division.

"The military does a very good job when the weapons come into their custody of securing them," he told the AP. "Because of the systems in Mexico, it's very difficult for us to get in."

Webb said recent talks between the two countries were beginning to ease access, but also noted other problems.

Many mistakes are made because of difficulty translating technical terms about firearms, Webb said. A Spanish-language version of eTrace, the Web-based method of submitting tracing information, won't be available until next year.

About a third of the guns submitted for tracing in 2007 were sold by licensed U.S. dealers.

U.S. agents need the information to track the gun back to the manufacturer and determine when it was made and what wholesaler it was shipped to, ATF spokeswoman Franceska Perot said. Agents follow the gun to the local licensed dealer who sold it and determine the buyer.

ATF offices around the U.S. are swamped with tracing requests, trying to determine who actually bought the weapons and whether they were part of a firearms trafficking scheme. The ATF has sent an extra 100 agents to Houston to help unclog the 700-weapon backlog as part of its Project Gunrunner.

The seized weapons are kept in the vaults as long as they are needed as evidence, Monsivais said. Most have been there for years, an indication of how slow criminal investigations proceed and how few crimes are ever solved.

Indeed, the ATF gave the AP data showing the average "time to crime" - the time between when a gun was sold and when it was seized in a crime - is 14 years.

That's an average of four years longer than guns in American crimes, the ATF said. The older the street age, the harder it can be to track how the gun wound up at a crime scene.

When the criminal investigations are complete, most of the weapons are destroyed and melted down. Some of the more powerful arms, such as M16 machine guns and sniper rifles, are added to the military's own arsenal. Showpieces are destined for museums.
Most of the guns traced were originally sold by U.S. dealers in border states, with more than half purchased in Texas. Not only does Texas have the most gun dealers of any state, it makes up 1,200 miles of the 2,100-mile U.S.-Mexico border, with many of the established drug and trafficking routes.

Details on the 2008 tracing requests are not yet available.

It's less clear how cartels are getting military-grade weapons. Amid the shelves of pistols and rifles, there is a 9 mm grenade launcher and a portable shoulder-fired anti-tank rocket launcher.

Such military-grade weaponry represents a tiny fraction of the seized weapons. But Monsivais said he's most worried about the rising caliber of assault rifles and semi-automatic guns that have been found.

"There are weapons that have a lot of firepower and great penetration, like the .50-caliber Barrett ... which can penetrate armored vehicles, body armor, and that normally only militaries use," Monsivais said.

Thirty percent of AK-47 assault rifles seized have been modified to become fully automatic. He said about three of every 1,000 AR-15 assault rifles have been modified to take .50-caliber bullets, the kind of high-powered ammunition designed for sniper rifles.

"In my experience, I had never seen a modified AR-15 rifle," Monsivais said. "It's something new, and it is to a certain extent worrisome that they can have and use this type of weapon."

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Criminal allegedly fires "Large Assault Rifle" at Florida Cops, Media rejoices...

Report: Man fired assault rifle at deputies
A traffic stop in southwest Marion County turned violent Monday afternoon when the driver sped away, led sheriff's deputies on a chase and eventually fired a large assault rifle at them...
(Mod Snake9 Note: The video has a Deputy claiming the firearm, which is not shown, was an alleged "AK-47". Keep in mind that in the recent Oakland California officer involved shooting, the suspect was claimed in all media as using an "AK-47", yet later police reports prove the firearm was in fact a semi-sutomatic, CA-AWB fixed magazine 10 round limited, Chinese copy of the Simonov carbine, aka: "SKS" NOT the anti-gunners favorite whipping boy an "all-powerful supremely evil Godless satanic AK-47". This LIE has not been retracted by the media to this day, as usual, because these anti-gun media running dogs thrive off of exploiting every criminal incident available to further demonize and confuse in the public mind the semi-automatic firearm as a "machine-gun-evil-assault weapon" whenever they have the chance, particularly when the involved police agency is commanded by publicity seeking sycophants willing to cravenly grovel to "reporters", hoping for gullible "voter support" that they are "doing something" in the war on crime. In the current political climate, however, such tactics will no longer be as effective as in the past, since citizens are increasingly catching on to such con jobs and are refusing to be tarred with the same brush as violent criminal scum that misuse firearms. I have little doubt, without proof, that this so-called demonized "large assault rifle" may not be anything such)...Cont'd:
The deputies were not struck, but shattered glass from a patrol car injured one of them in the face, the Sheriff's Office reported.
Victor Walker, 22, was chased and taken into custody shortly after the shooting. He was later arrested and charged with two counts of attempted murder on a law enforcement officer...
Full "report" & video at:

Court rules simple possession "victimless crime"...

A Victimless Crime
"The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that illegal gun possession is a “passive and victimless crime’’ and those charged with having illicit firearms cannot be held without bail as dangers to society"...
Codrea Reports: Full Article @

Opinion:"Machine Guns Rarely Used For Crime"(Not demonized so-called "assault-weapons")

The death of 8-year-old Christopher Bizilj with a legally owned machine gun was a tragic accident, but also a very rare one [editorial, May 3, "Gun Law Not A Bold Step"]. Legally owned automatic firearms, machine guns, are rare, highly regulated and very expensive. Very few Americans own them, and use of them to commit crimes is practically nil.

Their safety record in legal civilian hands is far better than numerous other products and activities enjoyed by Americans, including swimming pools, soccer games and bicycles. I'm looking forward to a Courant editorial calling for their banishment.

Also, none of the mass killers mentioned in the editorial used a machine gun. Furthermore, one cannot "pack" a machine gun, as The Courant sarcastically says, implying you can walk around with one. Doing so would be a felony.

Connecticut has an assault weapons ban, and just like the expired federal ban, it has had no effect on gun crime.

As to why adults need them, I ask, who is to decide what we need, The Courant? I'd rather use the Bill of Rights.
Robert Simeone, Farmington,0,4618849.story
A nationally obscure case, from a state with an "assault weapons" ban nearly as oppressive as California's equally unconstitutional miscarriage of justice, the intentional confusion between full & semi technology, unquestioningly accepted by duped & intimidated adults, who should be able to reason logically yet apparently refuse to do so, again results in unquestionable injustice being meted out to a person on a technicality, rather than properly used against the scores of cases of obvious violent criminal intent crimes against persons...The letter of the law abused vs. the spirit of the law, this is an unpardonable sin...

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Specter:Gun-Hater comes out of the closet...

Now we know why he went to the gun-hating party: "GOA points to...recent events that spark gun owners' ire:
First, Arlen Specter, along with Orrin Hatch, provided the instrumental Republican support to get anti-gun Attorney General Eric Holder confirmed by the Senate.

"Every time Eric Holder opens his mouth and talks about banning so-called 'assault weapons,' gun owners know they have Specter and Hatch to blame," said Mr. Macy"...

Full text @

Opinion: Gun rights attack full of holes

Dishonesty is a common thread through the arguments for controlling crime by limiting the general public’s access to firearms. So it is not surprising that this administration is lying to us about the supposed link between gun sales here and American-manufactured machine guns in the hands of Mexican drug cartels. The theory is that people in this country buy guns that are legal here, ship them to Mexico and sell them to drug cartels, and have a major impact on Mexico’s crime rate. With the money those organizations have they could ship in whole car loads of AK 47s much more simply.

Apparently rifles and pistols made here do get into the hands of Mexican criminals. But they are not machine guns and they only amount to about 17 percent of the total guns seized. The higher percentage the administration is using refers only to the guns sent here from Mexico for identification. Mexican authorities do not send the much larger number of guns they seize that are obviously manufactured somewhere else.

Machine guns and explosive devices manufactured here do show up in Mexican police displays. But they don’t come from civilian sources here. No civilian-owned machine gun has ever been used in a crime in this country and I have never heard of one being picked up by police in Mexico.

It is far more likely that any American-manufactured machine guns in the hands of Mexican criminals came from military or police sources in Mexico itself or one of the Central American countries.

The dishonesty of the argument is not surprising. It joins a long list of similarly dishonest arguments from those who would take away the public’s right to be armed.

The most recent was the book “Arming America,” which argued that guns were uncommon in colonial America so the Second Amendment could not have been about an individual right to be armed. The book was so dishonest the author, a tenured professor, was fired and Columbia University, which had given him the prestigious Bancroft prize, asked for it back. Since the book was published, the Supreme Court has explicitly stated the Second Amendment protects an individual right to be armed.

Before that there was the doctor in Seattle who attracted a lot of attention by publishing an article claiming that if you had a gun in your home you were 47 times more likely to shoot a family member, or an acquaintance, than you were an intruder. When I debated the head of Washington Cease Fire on local radio, he left out the “or acquaintance” part. He had nothing more to say on the subject when I pointed out that when the good doctor finally identified the specific shootings on which he was basing his claim, they were almost all drug deals gone bad, pimps shooting reluctant hookers, abusive boy friends who had it coming and the like. They were people with long histories of criminal activity and or mental problems. The idea that ordinary people with guns were a danger to the community just didn’t wash.

The problem this administration is having with justifying its anti-gun agenda is that five years ago Great Britain enacted an outright prohibition of civilian ownership of firearms. It has had no effect on the homicide rate and gun crime, mostly stick ups, has increased dramatically. How can anyone now argue that a less drastic restriction will do any good?

This administration has joined those who have no respect for our rights or our intelligence. We need to view anything they propose with great skepticism.

By William G. Dennis

Gun-Ban drumbeat increases...

Do you hear the drumbeat? The growing clamor from those who hate the Second Amendment and think your rights are what's wrong?

It's unmistakable, undeniable, and growing louder as anti-gun politicians and media elites are chumming the waters to try and gain support for every gun-control scheme they can imagine.

Gun bans, national registration and licensing, ammunition bans and taxes. The list keeps growing....
Full report from the blog of Wayne LaPierre @:

Gun owner railroaded into prison...

Codrea reports...
(Copy/paste into your browser)

Opinion:"Failed President Supports Failed Gun Ban"

Failed President Supports Failed Gun Ban
In an opinion piece published in the New York Times on April 27, former president Jimmy Carter -- who did his darnedest to undermine the Second Amendment when he was in the White House -- asked, "What Happened to the Ban on Assault Weapons?"

The answer is, the same thing that happened to Jimmy Carter. After one of the most unsuccessful presidencies in U.S. history, Mr. Carter couldn't get enough votes to be reelected. Similarly, once Congress realized that gun control supporters had exaggerated the role of "assault weapons" in crime, they couldn't get the votes necessary to extend the ban past its 10-year "sunset" date.

There was no particular reason to think that Mr. Carter would fail as president before he took office, but there was every reason to think that the gun ban would fail to reduce crime. Before the ban was imposed, NRA repeatedly pointed out that the much-maligned semi-automatics were used in only a very small percentage of crime. After the ban was in effect a few years, a study mandated by Congress reached the same conclusion, setting the stage for the ban's demise.

NRA also pointed out that the things that caused a gun to be defined as an "assault weapon"—such as a flash suppressor and adjustable-length stock—were not essential to the gun's basic operation. One anti-gun group, the Violence Policy Center, eventually conceded on this point, but other gun control supporters, Carter apparently among them, still stick to their original, erroneous assumption.

Mr. Carter said he supports the right to firearms for hunting, and on that point we'll take him at his word. However, as the Supreme Court reiterated in District of Columbia v. Heller last year, the Second Amendment protects the Right to Keep and Bear Arms primarily for defensive purposes.

Mr. Carter tried to dismiss the concern that "assault weapon" legislation threatens the right to arms. But in addition to adversely affecting the defensive use of firearms, "assault weapon" bills introduced the last few years have proposed to ban many more types of firearms than the 1994 law did, including semi-automatic shotguns and pump-action rifles used by millions of hunters like Mr. Carter.

Most outrageously, Mr. Carter, or whoever ghost wrote his piece, claimed that the only reason anyone would want an "assault weapon" would be to murder police officers, schoolchildren and co-workers. The millions of good Americans who own these guns deserve no such insult and, frankly, it is beneath the degree of dignity we expect from a former president.
In any event, the insult is without merit. That's proved by the fact that while the number of Americans who own so called "assault weapons" has risen to an all-time high, the nation's murder rate has decreased to a 43-year low. Contrary to the catchy propaganda line about the guns being "on the streets," they are more commonly found in the homes of honest citizens throughout the country.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lest We Forget Pt.II:"No one needs an assault weapon"...

So-called "assault weapons" are not machineguns (which have been heavily taxed and restricted since 1934), and are less powerful than many commonly used hunting rifles, like the .30-06 . They only fire one shot per pull of the trigger, not a "spray of bullets," and operate under the same principle as other semi-automatics. They are defined in law primarily according to their appearance, which often resembles a military-issue "select-fire" rifle or machinegun, including a pistol grip, a folding stock, a flash suppressor or muzzle brake, a barrel shroud, a bayonet lug, and/or a grenade launcher. None of these features makes these guns any more their military counterparts, may use the same ammunition as other small and intermediate sized game hunting rifles...These guns are often used for "varmint" control, competition target shooting, small game hunting, and other lawful purposes....
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