Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cops find assault rifle: in man's trousers(?)...

Gun-hating politicians and their media running-dogs constantly push the talking point lie of semi-auto long guns being the "weapon of choice" for criminals. Well, this story is a real world example exposing the fallacy of that execrable lie in burlesque fashion...
South Bend police find assault rifle in man’s pants
A 19-year-old man limping his way through the 3300 block of Western Avenue wound up in jail after police discovered an assault rifle in his pants.

A police officer saw the man walking across Harrison Primary Center’s property about 2 a.m. Wednesday, South Bend police Sgt. Sam Diggins said.

No one was supposed to be on school property, so the officer turned on his car’s overhead lights and approached the man, who had his head down and his hands out of view.

When the officer searched the man, he discovered an SKS assault rifle with a 10-inch bayonet in the man’s pants. One round was in the chamber and 10 rounds were in the magazine.

The man told police he was returning the rifle to his cousin’s house.
Although the report got the firearms details correct, notice that the description was still hyperbolic in tone (They could have simply said he had "a fully loaded rifle concealed on his person" for example). Yes, the firearms haters do not understand the word "concealability", only "ban guns" instead of "ban violent criminals". As for the suspect? As Bugs would say: "What a Maroon"...

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