Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Criminal allegedly fires "Large Assault Rifle" at Florida Cops, Media rejoices...

Report: Man fired assault rifle at deputies
A traffic stop in southwest Marion County turned violent Monday afternoon when the driver sped away, led sheriff's deputies on a chase and eventually fired a large assault rifle at them...
(Mod Snake9 Note: The video has a Deputy claiming the firearm, which is not shown, was an alleged "AK-47". Keep in mind that in the recent Oakland California officer involved shooting, the suspect was claimed in all media as using an "AK-47", yet later police reports prove the firearm was in fact a semi-sutomatic, CA-AWB fixed magazine 10 round limited, Chinese copy of the Simonov carbine, aka: "SKS" NOT the anti-gunners favorite whipping boy an "all-powerful supremely evil Godless satanic AK-47". This LIE has not been retracted by the media to this day, as usual, because these anti-gun media running dogs thrive off of exploiting every criminal incident available to further demonize and confuse in the public mind the semi-automatic firearm as a "machine-gun-evil-assault weapon" whenever they have the chance, particularly when the involved police agency is commanded by publicity seeking sycophants willing to cravenly grovel to "reporters", hoping for gullible "voter support" that they are "doing something" in the war on crime. In the current political climate, however, such tactics will no longer be as effective as in the past, since citizens are increasingly catching on to such con jobs and are refusing to be tarred with the same brush as violent criminal scum that misuse firearms. I have little doubt, without proof, that this so-called demonized "large assault rifle" may not be anything such)...Cont'd:
The deputies were not struck, but shattered glass from a patrol car injured one of them in the face, the Sheriff's Office reported.
Victor Walker, 22, was chased and taken into custody shortly after the shooting. He was later arrested and charged with two counts of attempted murder on a law enforcement officer...
Full "report" & video at:

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