Wednesday, May 20, 2009

City Arms Officers With Assault Rifles, Lame excuses given...

City Arms Officers With "Assault Rifles"
Sweetwater Mayor Says Guns Will Help Protect People
SWEETWATER, Fla. -- The city of Sweetwater is fighting back against heavily armed criminals.
All officers in the Sweetwater Police Department are being issued assault rifles. The guns were bought using money confiscated in drug busts and from the sale of extra equipment.
Sweetwater Mayor Manuel Marono said the guns are necessary because of the recent rise in criminals' use of assault weapons. (Really?...So where are your FACTS to back up this claim?. There are none offered because there are none to begin with!. "Moron-O" is obviously wanting to look like he is "doing something" about the rampant street crime in his jurisdiction, how much of it is actually linked to a "rise in criminals use of {so-called misnamed} assault weapons" is debatable at best, but no one will dare challenge him because facts are irrelevant to the anti-gun media running dogs. God help the officer that actually shoots someone with his new AR, because I assure you they will be "thrown under the bus" for it!-S9)...
"I want to send a clear message that Sweetwater (officers) will defend themselves, that our residents have nothing to worry about. Our police officers are armed to protect them and protect themselves, and the criminals should go somewhere else," Marono said. "They need to stop committing crimes, but they need to go somewhere else and not to come here to the city."...
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Note that they do not say if the rifles are capable of full-automatic machine gun fire, or if they are simply semi-auto lookalike clones, this is likely intentional, considering the lies and hype against semi-autos in civilian use. Good for the Goose but not for us Ganders(?)...

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