Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Heroic Louisiana Pols Vote 10 to 2 against Semi-Auto Ban despite propaganda lies & liars!

House panel kills bill to ban semi-automatic weapons
BATON ROUGE -- Legislation designed to impose a statewide ban on semi-automatic weapons was killed 10-2 by the House Committee on the Administration of Criminal Justice today.
House Bill 387 by Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-New Orleans, is dead for the session unless he can amend it on to another bill or get the full House to order the panel send it the bill. (i.e.:By dirty tricks in other words-S9)
Richmond said his fallback position will be to ask the New Orleans City Council to adopt a local ban on automatic weapons.(Bait & switch inaccuracy again: These are semi-auto, NOT full automatic machineguns!...and these fools wonder why gunowners don't trust them, they never get their facts straight when scare tactics will do! - S9)...
Richmond said under recent court rulings, cities can enact their own ban on the automatic weapons (again!-S9) that he called "tools of mayhem.''(More scare tactics, antigun talking points! - S9!)
The bill originally sought to ban all automatic weapons(again!-S9) as of Jan. 1 or require those who have them to register with the state (Aha!-S9). Before it was killed, Richmond tried to salvage it by amending the measure to make it applicable just to AK-47s, which he said give the New Orleans Police Department and the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office problems. (Oh, these guns just float around the city in thin air, without any human agency, "causing problems", eh?...First off these are not even mil-spec "AK"s, since they are not machineguns! They are merely look-alike clones that have self-loading actions, just like any common shotgun or pistol, they are NOT military "automatic weapons"!!!...Lies, scare tactics, bait & switch, political diversionary bull$h*t is what this is, plain & simple! - S9)
"I am going after one gun", (to start with! - S9) he said. "I don't want to infringe on the Second Amendment" right to bear arms, he said. (As if!?...You, Sir, are a dammed liar, you know it, and are counting on the gullibility of the general public to further your cowardly agenda!. This is a clear example why no one with a brain respects politicians out of New Orleans! - S9).
NOPD Deputy Superintendent Bruce Adams testified that the guns Richmond wants to ban are "killing machines designed for killing human beings," not for sport use. (You are a sorry excuse not fit to call yourself a Cop, are intentionally lying about these firearms, and using totally illegitimate criteria such as "sporting use", a "test" favored in Nazi anti-gun laws, BTW!. So-called "sporting use" has nothing to do with the issue, except in the fogged minds of do-gooding fools, malicious gun-hating totalitarian agenda driven liars, and their media running-dog yellow journalist pals that perpetrate such incompetent "reporting" as this! - S9)...
Lobbyists for the guns-rights organization, the National Rifle Association, testified that if the bill passes, the state will be embarking on "a slippery slope'' of which weapons people can own and which ones are banned.(I'm certain they said a lot more than this! - S9)
Ed Anderson can be reached at eanderson@timespicayune.com or 225.342.5810.
Edward R. Murrow must be doing at least 1000 RPM in his grave...Salute the common-sense Politicos who had the guts to do the right thing and smash this anti-self defense gun grab into the dirt where it rightfully belongs. With crime rampant in New Orleans & a weak-kneed District Attorneys office that refuses to slap armed violent criminal predators into jail where they belong, blaming a firearm for the problem is a deception designed to distract the public from their incompetence . Ban violent criminals, not guns!!! - (S9)...

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