Friday, May 8, 2009

Weapons found - Media Rejoices...

A few issues here: This maroon drew attention to himself by showing a bad temper, knowing full well he had all this stuff in his residence? Bad move, Bubba!. The photo used show, in my expert opinion, an inert non-functional US "LAAW" anti-tank launcher. I have personally used this weapon, so trust me on this one, kids. There are NO so-called "AK-47's" shown, and you would think they would put these on display since they are so demonized, so you have to ask yourself why this is. There is a partial view of an AR, but the flash hider looks suspect, my guess is that one is a .22 Rimfire version, and a partial view of an AR front sight, so that one is unconfirmed. There are 2 normal bolt action hunting rifles and one normal length shotgun shown, plus the barrel of a .22 rifle and what appears to be a 30 round AR magazine. They are pumping up this story by mentioning throwing stars, machetes, batons, etc = *yawn*. They are charging this guy with everything they can, as is to be expected in a gun-hostile country like British Canada. Though the knee jerk reaction is to say this guy blew it, I can't help but notice they mention a domestic violence incident, which indicates to me this guy could very well have been "set up" by people who wanted him out of the way. We probably will never really know. The bottom line here is that the media have another "scare story" to use against legitimate gun owners, and that is a bad thing all around...
Police discover weapons cache - including missile launcher - in NW Calgary
Calgary police allegedly found an arsenal of weaponry in a northwest Calgary home on Thursday and have laid 64 criminal code charges.

Police say they found everything from an anti-tank missile launcher and AK-47 assault rifles to two sawed-off shotguns, an AR-15 Colt assault rifle with scope and several homemade silencers.

On top of the guns, they found a throwing star, baton, machete, bayonet and ammunition.

Facing the numerous weapons charges is John Sattler, 46, of Calgary.

Police say they first became aware of the house after a report of a disturbance involving a firearm in the 5300-block of Brisebois Drive, NW. at 12:15 p.m. They arrested the man leaving through a back door and got a search warrant.

In all, they found 22 firearms in the house.

Sattler faces one count of uttering a threat, 19 counts of possession of a unlicensed weapon, 19 counts of possession of a weapon contrary to a prohibition order, six counts of possession of a restricted/prohibited weapon with ammunition, and 19 counts of unsafe storage of a firearm.

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