Tuesday, December 28, 2010

California Tyranny: Thumbprints, ID required for the sale of ammunition

(T)akes effect February 1, 2011.  The new law requires handgun ammunition sellers to record a buyer's thumbprint along with other valid identification and make the records available to law enforcement for five years..."I think a lot of people will walk away because they don't want to have to give their information," ...Kreps said he thinks Californians are at a disadvantage because of "liberal" attitudes toward gun control...Kreps added that he sees the new law as a step in the direction of taking away all guns, and blames Nancy Pelosi. The California Rifle and Pistol Association and the National Rifle Association have filed a lawsuit to stop AB 962...
---- Full story at Napa Patch ---
Another tyrannical move put in to law that will cause more crime than it will ever stop. As usual, the do-gooding & malicious fools who pushed this through cannot see that the real criminals will simply go out of state, load up a trunkful of ammo, drive back to the high crime areas and make a 200% or so profit on the black market, just like you see them do on the east coast with cigarette smuggling. Meanwhile the hammer falls on the people least likely to commit a violent crime, the law-abiding gun owners, who are actually more hated by the politicians whose bottoms defile our seats of government that come up with these Communo/Socialist bully-boy schemes, because the law abiding gun owner is a bigger threat to them than the violent street-criminal goblins: They don't vote, the lawful gun owners do!...P.S.: the comments at the Napa showcase some of the most firearm ignorant and hating fools I have seen spouting off their "step on your fellow-citizens neck to make me feel safe because I'm a coward" balderdash in quite a while; with an editor so biased that she cannot even see her scaly manipulations, with self-important bleating about using your real name and even veiled profanity. A few stalwarts try to set the record straight, but are clearly outnumbered when not being censored by these smug north California elitist trash. Real "forest for the trees" stuff, so get your barf-bags out...(S9)

AR-15 Rifle Planted on US Citizen Shot Dead By Mex Troops Alleged

Mexi-Troop w/HK G3 Rifle
(T)he 32-year-old New York native was dead inside his crashed van on a road outside Acapulco. He had multiple bullet wounds. An AR-15 rifle lay in his hands...It is at least the third case this year in which soldiers, locked in a brutal battle with drug cartels, have been accused of killing innocent civilians and faking evidence in cover-ups...
The military justice system operates in near total secrecy, choosing what to publicly reveal and when.
While privately informing Proctor's family about his case, Defense Department officials have publicly refused to discuss it at all. The day after his death, Guerrero state prosecutors announced to reporters that Proctor was killed after attacking a military convoy...
According to the document sent to his mother, the soldiers tried to stop Proctor and inspect his vehicle. They claim he fled, prompting one of the soldiers to shoot at him, hitting his car. The soldiers chased down the car and fired again, "wounding the driver who nonetheless continued to drive away, fleeing, crashing the car three kilometers down that road," the document said. A superior officer in the patrol told the battalion commander what happened. The battalion commander sent another officer to the scene with the AR-15 rifle "in order to be placed in the vehicle, using the hands of the deceased to try to simulate an attack against military personnel," the document says...
----Full article at Raw Story----
The Salvadorean & Nicaraguan government forces used to do this type of setup regularly during their anti-communist wars, primarily with units not influenced by US advisers.. With all the lies, distortions and mendacious propaganda waged against semi-auto/selective fire rifles like the AR-15, it is ironic that an alleged self-professed New York "gun hater", in a land with no 2nd Amendment, ends up dead with one in his hands; doubly ironic that this took place in the supposedly safe tourist mecca of Acapulco, again proving that where only the Cops & Criminals have guns, it's a De Facto Police State"...(S9)

Monday, December 27, 2010

100 AR-15 rifles are passed out to border deputies

To prepare for potential confrontation against armed gunmen, the Cameron County Sheriff’s Department recently purchased about 100 AR-15 assault rifles to be carried by deputies in their patrol cars...
Previously, deputies carried 12-gauge shotguns, which according to Lucio, while powerful only had an effective range of about 100 yards. With the new rifles, which shoot .223-caliber ammunition, the effective range tripled to approximately 300 yards. Also, the shotguns had a capacity of five to eight rounds of ammunition, while the new rifles carry 30 rounds per magazine.
“With each deputy carrying at least three magazines, it means that at any moment our guys will have 90 rounds ready to use,” Lucio said. “Also, other agencies carry the same type of weapon. In case of a major situation, our guys will be able to exchange magazines with them.”...
---Full Story at  Brownsville Herald---

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

RCMP Bans Legal Semiautomatic rifles: Owners Resist tyranny, File Lawsuit

Several gun owners are refusing to surrender a semi-automatic rifle that was imported from China and bought legally before the RCMP retroactively declared it a prohibited weapon.The police force says that the...Norinco Type 97A can easily be converted to a fully automatic weapon and must be prohibited on that basis. But 15 gun owners...have gone to court in an effort to prevent their weapons from being confiscated...Firearms retailers say the rifle has been prohibited largely because of its appearance. Canada’s National Firearms Association says the RCMP is exceeding its mandate by reclassifying the Norinco Type 97A....“The RCMP subsequently determined 55 of these firearms were fully automatic and thus prohibited,”...gun sellers and the firearms association say the guns are semi-automatic weapons and were sold on that basis...gun owners...say any rifle can be made to fire automatically with the right tools and a little know-how. “The Simonov SKS, which is an incredibly common semi-automatic rifle in Canada, can be converted to fully automatic with as little as a popsicle stick,” one of them said...
----Full story at Canada's Globe & Mail----
Big Bullies pushing people around who are no menace to society, and even worse, doing it under color of authority! California pulled the same trick, banning the non-fixed magazine version of the SKS retroactively and arbitrarily, threatening to jail those who had legally bought the firearms (See the CA-DOJ TV commercial yourself, which I have posted at the sidebar of this blog. Mind-control at it's finest and most disgusting). Again we see the anti-gun Totalitarians willing to lie and break their own rules based on a fantasy of something that "could" happen (but has not), projecting their own spineless fears on the public and willing to put innocent people in prison to realize their mad dreams. Despicable, shameless cowards, one and all, hiding their fascistic social control schemes behind well-tailored suits rather than the more obvious jackboots or hammer & sickle logos...(S9)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

BATFE Requests “Emergency” Authority To Track Semi-Automatic Rifle Sales

Obama/Clinton Axis wants BATFE to up the agression
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has proposed that it be given emergency authority for six months, beginning January 5, to require about 8,500 firearms dealers along the border with Mexico “to alert authorities when they sell within five consecutive business days two or more semiautomatic rifles greater than .22 caliber with detachable magazines.”  A Washington Post story reporting on the BATFE proposal described that definition as being applicable to “so-called assault weapons,” but it would also apply to many rifles that have never been labeled with that term...
DOJ Inspector General Proposes Multiple Sales Reports on Long Guns 
the Justice Department Inspector General had called into question the BATFE’s mega-million-dollar Project Gunrunner program...Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has joined Mexico’s president, Felipe Calderon, as a card-carrying member of the “Blame America First Club”—perverting the traditional economic model known as “supply and demand” to fault the United States for supposedly “supplying” guns to law-breakers who smuggle the guns to Mexico, and for “demanding” the drugs that the Mexican cartels smuggle into our country...a straight-faced Calderon told a joint meeting of Congress ..."there is one issue where Mexico needs your cooperation, and that is stopping the flow of assault weapons and other deadly arms across the border.”...Calderon’s hypocrisy got a free pass from the nation’s anti-Second Amendment “news” media...
---Full story at NRA-ILA--- 
The forces of evil continue to march...It;s up to YOU to stop this outrageous!!!...(S9) 

Friday, December 17, 2010

U.S. Army deploys rifles with radio-controlled smart bullets

XM25 Semiautomatic 25mm "Sci-Fi" Gun a reality
The U.S. Army’s long-awaited, experimental 25mm airburst weapon is headed for battlefields in Afghanistan this month. Labeled a “game-changer,” the $35,000 high-tech rifle is capable of firing explosive bullets that can detonate front of or behind a target....Once the trigger is pulled and the round leaves the barrel, a computer chip inside the ammunition receives information from the scope about how far it should travel before exploding....
----Full article by Chris Jablonski at ZD----
Shades of the smart-bullets seen in the 1984 Sci-Fi film "Runaway" with Tom Selleck (Gene "Kiss" Simmons as a ruthless Terr, plus Kirstie Alley, (when she was still hot, in a leather mini-skirt & spike heels). This is tech that will put a serious hurtn' on the Terrs & , more importantly, free the Infantry from fear of "short rounds", but the downside: hoping this no longer secret weapon falls in enemy hands. Many will pay big buck$ to get a captured example to reverse engineer, particularly the Chi-Coms, Ivans, & Nippons...(S9)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yet Again, Media Exaggerates Scale of Gun Smuggling from U.S. Into Mexico

Federale w/German HK Rifle

Sadly, the Post ignores the Mexican context, and sticks to the tried and true role of blaming the United States for Mexico’s problems...this number says nothing about the percentage of guns seized in Mexico that originated in the U.S., because the U.S. does not trace – because they are not of U.S. origin, and so are not submitted by Mexican authorities to the U.S. for tracing – the majority of guns seized in Mexico. According to the GAO, the number of guns seized in Mexico that have been traced back to the U.S. has ranged from 5,260 in 2005 to 1,950 in 2006 to 3,060 in 2007 to 6,700 in 2008. That is a total of about 17,000, nowhere close to 60,000. There really should not be any dispute about this. It is not an argument about policy. It is about nothing more, or less, than who can look up a number in a government publication more accurately. To its credit, the Post does give the National Rifle Association space for rebuttal, but it leaves the impression that “the gun lobby” is simply trying to defend a long-discredited position. The reality is that, if 60,000 guns – or 75,000, as President Calderon said in May – have been seized in Mexico in recent years, less than a third have been traced back to the U.S.
Amazingly, the Post even acknowledges that “most guns seized in Mexico [are] not traced.” If that is so, then it is obviously impossible to know what proportion of guns came from the United States...
---Full story at Heritage Foundation---
This propaganda war has been extensively covered on this blog, survey the archives at the sidebar for more info & past posts on the subject...(S9)

Town Reacts To Bushmaster Firearms Closing (Video)

Bushmaster is one of the largest producers of the civilian version of the M-16 rifle...Freedom Group announced...  it's closing the Bushmaster Firearms plant in Windham. The company said production will be moved to other plants...(it) is the parent company of Remington, Marlin Firearms and Dakota Arms, along with Bushmaster. The Windham plant has been in operation since 1973...A Freedom Group spokesperson said all affected employees will be offered a severance package and placement services to help them find another job.
---- Full story & video at wmtw news----
The TV "news" report is anti-gun biased, sensationalist and incompetent even by local news standards. I own Bushmaster products and the quality is excellent. Dammed shame...(S9)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Semi-Autos("Assault Rifles") are used legally for hunting, target shooting

There is a long history of military weapons being adapted to civilian uses. Rifles of this type are used legally for hunting, personal defense and target shooting to include the national rifle championships and a number of local shooting events. These uses by far outnumber the illegal uses of such guns. While the federal ban did sunset, multiple laws on the state level remain in place...The pistol grip does not encourage the use of hip shooting...because it is nearly impossible to control where the rounds hit when fired in this manner. The collapsible stocks...make it easier to fit them to smaller-statured youth or female shooters...The key to eliminating illegal use of these items is to aggressively prosecute those using them illegally with the current statutes in place...
Full editorial at Buffalo News (New York)
Citizen Dan Dudziak does his civic duty responding to a hysterical talking-point ridden anti-semi automatic firearm screed. A tip of the hat to him for his effort! - (S9)

Police State Nippon: Gun stores on strike/Cop arrested for personal firearms

"Enemies Foreign & Domestic" dislike armed citizens

Tokyo gun stores go on strike to protest stricter possession laws - The strike is the first for any gun store organization in the country.The stricter controls were put into place when revisions to the Firearms and Swords Control Law came into effect on Dec. 4 last year.Those revisions were spurred by a shotgun shooting spree at a sports club in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, in Dec. 2007 that killed one and injured six. Under the revised law, people must present the results of a diagnosis by a psychiatrist or other qualified doctor and are also required to take a training course at a shooting range whenever they renew their license, which must be done every three years."Many people have abandoned the idea of owning a gun because the requirements are too much trouble," says the organization...Masahide Maeda of Tokyo Metropolitan University, a professor specializing in the Penal Code who supports the revised law, sounds a different note."It's hard to justify putting the profits of the gun business ahead of the welfare of our citizens," he says. "I think it's a good thing if the gun industry shrinks."...
Osaka cop busted for cache of illegal weapons, ammo at home: Investigators arrested 48-year-old Chikashi Ikeda, a sergeant at the community affairs division of the Osaka Prefectural Police's Minoo Police Station on Dec. 6 on suspicion of possessing a .32 caliber pistol and ammunition at his home...in violation of the Firearms and Swords Control Law. Police seized four firearms from Ikeda's home...the weapons recovered were .22, .32, and .38 caliber pistols and one antique gun, accompanied by about 200 rounds of ammunition. Ikeda has claimed the items were left to him by his father, who passed away last January..."It is extremely regrettable that a police officer was involved in an abominable act like this. We will investigate the facts and punish the suspect severely," said the head of the inspection department....
----Full stories at Manichi Daily News ---
Let's just cut to the "politically incorrect" chase and tell it like it really is in Nippon. It has been said that it was no great trick for the Japanese Facists that led the country into World War 2, to take away what little freedoms the people had in the first place, since they had been socially and politically brainwashed and cowed by (corrupt) authorities for centuries. Non conformity leads to a freakishly high suicide rate, and the current weapons control laws (ironically instituted by U.S. General, and egomaniac, Douglas MacArthur; Whose heavy-handed violence against WW1 Veteran protesters in the U.S. still stains the reputation of the U.S. Army) remains heartily endorsed for the common people and are a major part of the soft tyranny police state Japan remains today. Yet there are those in the USA who point to Japans "high culture" as an excuse to impose their gun-control schemes in America, a constitutional republic 180 degrees opposite that forbids infringement on the right to keep and bear arms. Germany also has a "high culture", yet still produced Nazi tyranny and the bloodbath that resulted from it. It doesn't take a genius to see that this is not the way to go for the USA. Only subservient gullible socialistic fools with no guts or commonsense (or criminal minded bullies with tyranny on the brain) would think these are good ideas for the USA...(S9)


Monday, December 6, 2010

Heroic Rancher Killed in Action, leaves 4 dead Cartel Hitmen in blazing Gunbattle (Videos)

When Mexican Marines arrived at the San Jose Ranch, 15 kilometers from Victoria, Tamaulipas, the scene was bleak: The austere main house was practically destroyed by grenades and heavy gunfire. Outside of the home, they found four bodies. Cautiously, and with their weapons drawn, the troops continued inspecting the exterior and found two more gunmen, wounded and unconscious, but alive. Inside the house only one body was found, riddled with bullets and with two weapons by it's side. The body was identified as Don Alejo Garza Tamez, the owner of the ranch...the man had created his own defense strategy to fight alone, placing weapons at every door and window...trucks entered the ranch and...gunmen got out of their trucks, fired shots in the air, and announced they came to take possession of the ranch. They were expecting the terrified occupants to run out, begging for mercy with their hands in the air. But things didn't go as expected. Don Alejo welcomed them with bullets; the entire army of gunmen returned fire...Various gunmen were killed on sight. The others, in rage and frustration, intensified the attack by swapping out their assault rifles for grenades...a 77 year old man, who before death, took out four gunmen, fighting the same as the best soldiers: with dignity, courage, and honor....
Full story & videos at Borderland Beat
In Vietnam era G.I. slang, the highest compliment for a hard fighting comrade killed in battle was: "He bought the farm, but he took a lot of them with him". Don Garza, the definition of manly courage, fought a desperate battle against overwhelming odds and was still so hard to kill, the enemy had to use high-explosive grenades to prevail against him!. Don Garza decided it was better to fight on his feet than live on his knees against the forces of evil raping his homeland, personally sending 4 murdering cartel scum to hell and dealing out serious pain to several more. He died hard with his boots on, and the world, especially Mexico, is a lesser place without heroes like him. R.I.P., Don Alejo Garza!...(Call me cynical, but I cannot help but wonder, however, how many Mexican gun laws he violated collecting the firearms he used in his last stand)....(S9)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gun Control Advocate Traver to Head ATF

Traver holding "Evil AK-47" rifle he would deny citizens
Inexperienced and politically connected, Traver has developed a reputation as a gun control advocate. Like President Barack Obama, Traver has been tied to the left-wing Joyce Foundation, which bankrolls various anti-gun organizations...Traver lent his voice to a deceptive NBC News article, purposefully blurring the lines between fully automatic military machine guns and civilian-legal semi-automatic rifles that fire one bullet when the trigger is pulled. Traver is also member of the anti-gun International Association of Chiefs of Police...
The anti-gun Brady Center is strongly behind the nomination, stating: “If Mr. Traver is confirmed, we are hopeful that he will be a strong voice for the strengthening and effective enforcement of our gun laws.”
The National Rifle Association and other Second Amendment groups are predictably opposed to the Traver nomination, with the NRA going so far as to warn President Obama to withdraw the nomination.
But the most damning charges against Traver don’t come from outside groups, but from ATF watchdog message boards...Traver has been heavily criticized by ATF agents most familiar with his work. They cite his inexperience and, most damningly, his alleged lack of professionalism...With Traver at the helm, the beleaguered agency’s reputation can only get worse.
Full report by Bob Owens is at Pajamas Media
One of the reasons this blog was started in the first place was for when Obama, with his known anti-gun agenda, took power and as a watchdog for when he made his tyrannical move against lawful gun-owners. This aggression, and his intent to turn them into criminals through legislation, as well as making their lives full of misery and harassment, has arrived. The political backstabbing, arm-twisting, and intimidation begins. The daggers under the togas will soon taste blood. The losers will be the liberty loving supporters of the 2nd Amendment, if the forces of evil and their demonic puppets have their way. Freedom Fighters: Prepare for political battle!...(S9)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Nevada DPS & Nebraska State Patrol convert to AR-15 pattern Smith & Wesson Rifles

"The decision by both the Nevada DPS and the Nebraska State Patrol to convert to our M&P15 rifles continues to reinforce the positive reputation that these firearms have earned with police forces throughout the United States," said Leland Nichols, Vice President of Global Sales for Smith & Wesson. "Today, we offer over 16 variants of the M&P15 rifle, each designed with a specific set of features needed to address different military and law enforcement requirements"...
Full Press Release @ PRNewswire
Somehow, I think this thing had more to do with economics & backroom wheeling and dealing than quality, but I could be wrong...(S9)

Army cadets banned from carrying rifles on Remembrance Day Parade because it "glamorises" weapons

Army cadets have been left ‘bitterly disappointed’ after being banned from carrying rifles on a Remembrance Day parade - amid fears the weapons might 'upset' onlookers.
The young cadets have proudly marched with rifles for decades and around 100 had spent months fine-tuning the drill where they would showcase their skills.  
But the cadets were left 'gutted' just days before the big event when military top brass cut the rifles from the display following complaints from members of the public...
the commanding officer for Plymouth cadets told them they couldn't do it any more because some member of the public complained about cadets marching with rifles.
'They have been doing it forever. My children have been doing rifle drill displays for the past four years and I did it when I was a cadet.'...
But Devon Cadet Executive Officer Major David Waterworth put an end to the tradition after he ruled that carrying weapons was 'not good for the image' of cadets...
He said: 'There is no need for children to appear in public with weapons. It does upset some members of the public...
Full Story @ UK Daily Mail
The Old & Bold of the WW2 generation are going to heaven, while the country they fought to save is going to hell!. The very tools that saved the country are banned, and now even the unloaded symbols of those tools are being banned from merely being seen in public, due to weak kneed panty waists of all ages and sexes and their whining "complaints". God please save England/UK  from it's own suicidal stupidity!...Sir Winston Churchill is spinning in his grave....(S9)


Police Nab Woman With 10 AK 47 Rifles in Borno

Police in Borno State yesterday arrested a 35-year-old woman, Lucy Dangana, with 10 AK rifles and 9 magazines.
Addressing newsmen, the Borno State Commissioner of Police Muhammed J. Abubakar said the woman, who was travelling by boat, was arrested at Dabar Masara in Kukawa Local Government Area of the state while on her way to Doron Baga from Mederina in Chad Republic...the woman, a mother of seven children who hails from Benue State, concealed the rifles in four bags of maize....
Full report at All Africa
Where guns are banned and violence looms, there will be smuggling, nothing new about it. Corn meal & Kalashnikovs, food for different appetites...(S9)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"The stupidity of assault weapon bans" (Walls Of The City)

A rant after my own heart is posted there regarding the war on semi-automatics by the forces of evil...

"anyone still supporting Assault Weapon Bans in this day and age of unbounded-data-at-our-very-fingertips is either a baldfaced liar, a damned fool, a petty totalitarian, or some combination of all three, and in no position to be deciding on laws and legislations that would unconstitutionally limit millions of Americans’ rights"...

Music to my ears...Check out the full deal at Walls of the City
- (S9)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

AK Upgrades as Israeli Firm showcases new rifles

Israeli weapon modification and customization company Silver Shadow has unveiled its two newest weapons at the Israeli Defense Exposition in Tel Aviv. The two rifles are based on Russian weaponry...The first weapon is the Timna Silenced sniper rifle, a Russian M76 sniper rifle modified into a 7.62/51 for use with heavy, high velocity ammunition...Silver Shadow also showed an upgrade package for the AK-47-74 and X9R, converting any standard Kalashnikov into a modern, modular weapon that can carry a wide variety of optics and accessories on standard rail systems...
Full Report @ UPI
Silver Shadow joins the market to upgrade one of the most reliable rifles, the AK series, with the latest "toys" most take for granted on the AR platform...(S9)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ban on Firearms Soon (Liberia: From Anarchy to Tyranny)

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will soon issue an Executive Order banning the use of firearms in the wake of 2 discoveries of ammunitions with passengers at the Roberts International Airport...the President is concerned about the regularity with which firearms have been discovered...As of now, only selected police officers are allowed to be armed since the end of the war, which saw the proliferation of weapons around the country...
From Monrovia New Democrat
("Democrat"? Uh Huh)
Madam President, like many of her counterparts, does not trust her people with firearms, and without any impediments intends to initiate a ban, because she's "worried" about a few measly guns turning up?. Bullshit!. Madam President, hypocritically, doesn't seem to mind her own Security men packing the latest AR pattern firearms however (See Photo) . Hundreds of foreign troops and professional soldiers had to come in and rescue this country using armed force against hordes of ruthless gunmen (who enjoyed pillaging and raping innocent civilians) bent on harvesting natural resources by terrorist means. Many of the saviors including some of those so-called "Mercenaries" they protested against she has protecting her today. Now that the war is over, the same mistakes are being made by the government again. These are the contradictions that keep Africa the cradle of Tyranny, rather than liberty, on the world stage...(S9)

Friday, October 8, 2010

New "Robot" Scopes for U.S. Army Marksmen & Snipers slated for combat

Soldiers from units within Task Force Currahee fire at iron targets over 500 meters away during a range day portion of a training class on the newly-issued M14 during a four-day training class at Forward Operating Base Salerno, Khost province, Sept. 8.

Lockheed Martin won a $6.9 million contract this week for the second phase of DARPA’s One-Shot system, which will provide direct observations of a target, measure every variable that influences a bullet’s flight, and calculate the aim offset in a sniper’s rifle scope.
During the project’s first phase, which started in 2007, Lockheed developed a down-range system that measured average crosswind; range to target; spotter scope position; air temperature, pressure, and humidity; and more, according to Military Aerospace. Using all those variables, the company calculated the ballistics for a .308 bullet at ranges as far as 3,600 feet.
Full Report @ Fox Scitech
These people always drop the ball, confusing "Squad Designated Marksman" with "Snipers", making reports like this inaccurate, because we can't determine which group, or both, will be getting the scopes for testing in combat action. Generally, SDM's (as in the photo) carry the upgraded M-14 Semiauto (.308 Winchester/7.62x51mm NATO), while Snipers carry Mauser style Bolt-Actions. Both have different missions, the only similarity is the skilled ability to sling big-bore jacketed metal death to the enemy in order to protect fellow soldiers and advance the mission. The new scope will enhance that ability. (S9)  

Sunday, October 3, 2010

.300 Magnum: Remington to Upgrade U.S. Army Precision Rifles

The Army's Program Executive Office Soldier recently awarded Remington Arms Company a contract for the M24 Reconfigured Sniper Weapon System. The award will result in the near-term fielding of 250 XM2010 weapon systems, which will be chambered for .300 Winchester Magnum cartridges. The new chambering significantly extends the weapon's maximum effective range. It's expected the Army will field the upgraded weapons to deployed Army snipers by the end of December...the XM2010 sports a Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50mm extended range/tactical riflescope with advanced scalable ranging and targeting reticle. The system is also fielded with the AN/PVS-29 clip-on sniper night sight. And the system's included quick-attach suppressor reduces audible and visible signature with an available thermal sleeve that reduces the mirage effect on heated suppressors...The M24 upgrade initiative is the result of an Army-directed requirement to provide snipers operating in Afghanistan with a greater capability to engage the enemy...
Full story @ US Army Homepage
The .300 Win-Mag (Basically a "Magnum 30-06") is capable of taking down the largest north-American game animals, but the reasoning here is to be able to hit hard at longer ranges than the 7.62x51 NATO (no slouch in the long-range department itself) on man sized targets. However, in this lightweight to carry envelope, it will have an absolutely brutal recoil impulse, unless they have some kind of  muzzle brake rigged up. Between Drone rocket strikes and this XM2010, murderous "throw acid in little girls faces" terrorist rabble in the Afgan are in for some well deserved real bad mojo, just in time for Christmas...(S9)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Flap over banning Semi-auto owners by NY Gun club increases

Debate heats up over Elbridge gun club rules for 'black rifles' and other semi-automatics - “In an effort to reduce noise leaving the club grounds, all semi-automatic medium to large caliber rifles are to use the upper range. Only two shooters at a time and no more than 10 rounds in 30 seconds per shooter with a 1 minute pause between shooters/magazine changes. We are trying to be proactive about the noise before it becomes an issue. Your support is greatly appreciated.”...23 members had their memberships revoked and were banned from the grounds by a vote of the club membership...Both sides have their versions of the events that led to the final vote...“I’m not trying to stop anyone from shooting. Just don’t dump the mags, or play kick the can with your rifle,” he said. “These clubs (such as Elbridge) are just trying to protect our firearm rights and their standing in the communities with their neighbors...The term “black rifle” covers a wide range of semi-automatic, military firearms that in some cases have undergone revisions to their physical makeup to be “civilian approved.” Among the most popular are the AR-15s and the AK-47s, which are similar in appearance and capabilities, and are built to be semi-automatic, as opposed to fully automatic firearms like a machine gun. Fully automatic firearms are illegal...New York state limits the magazine...on the newer black-rifle models to 10 shots — specifically those guns made after Sept. 9, 1994...
---- Full article is Here ----
Knuckleheads on both sides of this issue with their "Me first" attitudes, bring only joy to the Anti-Gun Nuts and their lamestream media running-dogs. Way to hold up the side, Morons...(S9)


Cops Upgrade to 7.62mm German Semi-Autos (Surrey, UK)

Surrey Beefs Up Firearms Teams - Surrey Police Armed Response...confirmed that teams have been issued with Heckler & Koch HK 417, a light-support type weapon that fires a 7.62 calibre round capable of providing a significant punch. This is in addition to the well-established G36, a 5.56 NATO-standard assault rifle, which is the officers’ primary weapon. The kit is in service with some European armies...AC John Yates – Head of the ACPO Terrorism and Allied Matters committee – has said that the police will need “heavier ballistic weaponry and ammunition” to deal with the terrorist threat...
Full story at Police Oracle
Ever notice that in countries where civilian ownership is banned (and the threat is supposedly less), the Police tend to have the latest and best firearms? What's up with that, or does it just seem like they do?. At any rate, the Surrey Police are getting some of the best firearms available anywhere...(S9)

Fewer firearms, More crime (Robert Farago Reports)

According to Article 10 of the Mexican Constitution, our neighbors to the south have the same right to bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution...Mexico's federal government was cracking down on private gun ownership. Its war against civilian firearms began in 1968, after civil unrest spooked the powers that be. The Mexican government closed all privately held firearm stores. From that point on, all firearm sales had to go through the Mexican Defense Ministry. It determined what guns were sold to whom at what price...America's hugely expensive gun-running interdiction efforts may be evoking the law of unintended consequences...we're spending hundreds of millions of dollars actively denying our neighbors to the south the weapons they need to defend themselves against terror, torture, corruption and intimidation. Eradicating the scourge of Mexican drug cartels is not simply a matter of handing Mexican citizens a hundred thousand ArmaLites and a few thousand rounds of ammo each. Even if it were, the Obama administration wouldn't go there. But it is true that America has a long, noble history of helping the defenseless defend themselves...The same guns that President Felipe Calderon and President Obama vilify for crossing the border could actually be the country's salvation...
Full Editorial @ Washington Times
The lies and disinformation about firearms put out by U.S. Anti-gun Nuts & the Mexican Government is loud and continual, but remain lies and disinformation nonetheless, a dagger pointed at the hearts of lawful U.S. Gunowners and a kick in the slats for innocent Mexicans caught in the crossfire, literally, between their Government and the Cartel Hitmen (Who use weapons not found in the U.S. Market, yet BATFE are on board to increase their power and "job security" even though they know the facts of the situation). Look here for more. - (S9)

Wyoming Pols fight aganst Obama/Clinton "M1-Gun Ban"

U.S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis is seeking to stop the federal government from interfering with the legal importation of surplus collectable U.S.-made firearms from South Korea...the Obama administration is using the State Department (Clinton) to prevent the importation and sale of...American-made M1 Garand...and M1 carbines...such firearms transactions are already regulated by the Justice Department...
Full report at Billings Gazette
Previous info on this is here and  here
Nice to see a few politicians with the intestinal fortitude to stand against this rotten little scheme the known gun hating Obama/Clinton Axis have initiated against the re-importation of these classic historically valuable U.S. Semi-automatics...(S9)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Raid on swords society turns up 400 illegal samurai weapons

Tokyo police raided the Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords and three other locations Wednesday on suspicion of illegally possessing some 400 unregistered samurai swords...Under the Sword and Firearm Control Law, owners are required to have their swords registered...
From Japan Times
It will never be enough for those who desire to control minds & weapons...In case you haven't heard, Japan is a Police State, always has been. Gun toting Police "raid" sword societies looking to make arrests for "illegal possession" of art object swords. In a society with few legal firearms, Illegal swords are "suddenly" a big deal, I mean what a menace to society, hundreds of people are cut down with swords every year...Uh, no...Wait...(S9)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Afghan insurgents hand over weapons

A group of insurgents handed over their weapons to a military unit led by Afghan intelligence services taking part in a reintegration program under way in the country. The militants handed over a batch of assault rifles, machine guns and grenade launchers in exchange for information on reintegration programs in Badghis province, NATO said. Badghis Gov. Dilbar Jan Arman Shinwari was quoted as saying the reintegration effort was a step in the right direction for his country. "Acts like this are a clear demonstration that the path we're taking is the correct one towards reconstruction and progress in Afghanistan," he said...
Full story @ UPI
The usual Kalashnikov A.K.'s & other Russian pattern weapons no doubt. A glorified publicity stunt like the so-called "Gun Buyback" programs U.S. Anti-Gun Nuts are so fond of? (Q: How can you "Buy back" something you never "owned" in the first place?) or a bit of good news that you will never hear from the U.S./U.K. "lamestream" media, who in perpetual replay of Vietnam coverage, only report when our Troops are killed or injured, but never when our heroic Troops (Fighting with one hand tied behind their backs) close with and destroy the enemy. You make the call...(S9)

California Gun Ban Ordinance Beaten Back

The Santa Clara City Council was scheduled to adopt Ordinance No. 1863, which would prohibit the possession of firearms in city parks...But the item was withdrawn from consideration by unanimous vote of the City Council when...legal concerns (were) brought up by a letter received from National Rifle Association (“NRA”) and California Rifle and Pistol Association (“CRPA”) attorneys...In recent years cities in California, and now in other states as well, have been bombarded with gun ban lobby anti-gun proposals, including proposed complete bans on the possession of (semi-auto so-called) “assault weapons” (where that term is defined far more broadly than under the state law) and “sniper rifles,” bans on magazines that hold over ten rounds, one-gun-per-month restrictions, ammo sales registration bureaucracies, “trigger lock” laws that prohibit many guns from being sold because no trigger lock exists that fits the gun, “safe” storage laws that would make criminals of those who keep a gun ready to use for self-defense, ultra restrictive zoning laws that put gun dealers out of business, gun show bans, oppressive gun and ammo taxes, and most recently, pending proposals to ban ammo sales entirely and to ban “ultra-compact” handguns (any gun under 6 3/4 inches long or under 4 ½ inches tall). (Several lawsuits challenging some of these ordinances are pending.)...
Full Report @ ILA
The Anti-Gun Nuts, especially in "No State Constitutional RKBA clause" Kalifornia are always at it, and we Freedom fighters must always be ready to battle them at every turn, because these misguided Utopian fools just don't get it. As the late Charlton Heston said in the film "Major Dundee""I'm not here to save the Heathen, I'm here to smite the wicked"...(S9)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Smith & Wesson Awarded ATF Firearms Contract

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) awarded the company an unrestricted open market competitive Firm-Fixed-Price Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite -Quantity (ID/IQ) multiple-award contract for the Military & Police (M&P40) pistol. The award marks the completion of a full and open competition among several firearm manufacturers to provide a commercial off-the-shelf pistol that met or surpassed the ATF technical requirements.  Under this contract, the M&P40 pistol is not only qualified for purchase by the ATF but has also been made available to multiple U.S. Federal Agencies who may now use this contract vehicle for their purchases. The potential value of the contract award is $40 million over 10 years.
Press release @ PR Newswire
Sorry, but this S&W semiauto pales in comparison to the superior SIG pistols already in wide use by US Federal Agencies...(S9) 

Actor admits: "Guns, rifles scare me: George Clooney"

Custom Ruger Mini-14 Semiauto (Folding stock, Scope, Supressor)
"Guns, rifles – there’s something frightening about them. Still. Although I’ve grown up with them in Kentucky and although I’ve had to use them in a lot of my films. I’ve learnt to use them, but I’m still scared of them,’ contactmusic.com quoted Clooney as saying"...
From Real Bollywood News
A healthy " fear" (respect) of guns shows a sane mind, unlike an irrational fear of guns, aka "Hoplophobia". At least I give Clooney credit for not being a hypocrite or a sissy about making a living using blank firing guns in films, unlike 007 James Bond actors Daniel Craig and Sir Roger Moore, who both have stated they "hate" firearms, yet no scruples about getting paid playing a character that risks life and limb defending their country by use of firearms!. Pantywaisted Pommie phonies!...(S9)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Patrol ups ante against criminals with assault rifles for troopers ("S&W MP-15" AR's)

The Nevada Highway Patrol is using nearly $1 million to buy assault rifles for all 500 troopers and Division of Investigations detectives...“We're no longer faced with a criminal element that is armed with the old-style Saturday night special”...Increasingly, law enforcement is facing violent criminals — some with military training — armed with assault rifles. “They're no longer afraid to take on multiple officers”...The money for the purchases...comes from funds generated by criminal forfeitures of everything from cash to equipment and vehicles used in crimes. The rifles themselves, made by Smith and Wesson, will cost $377,500...Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie, D-Reno, said....the decision as an “end run” around legislative authority...
Full story at Nevada Appeal.com
Unlike the Arkansas citizens buying their Police firearms, in Nevada, it is a political football, with the shady issue of "funding by forfeiture" (always bringing into question possible civil rights violations) used to foot the bill...(S9)

Sheriff’s office gets $14,000 worth of rifles (AR-15 Pattern)

Thanks to the generosity of citizens of Mississippi County, sheriff’s office deputies will soon have up-to-date weapons. Members of the public contributed enough money to buy 20 Panther A2 rifles...“After what happened to the officers in West Memphis, I wanted our deputies to know how much we value them and their efforts to protect us,” (Justice of the Peace) McDaniel said...
AP from NWA Online
The Police should not have to go begging hat in hand to obtain equipment, but the citizens that contributed know the score much better than the anti-gun politicians and Utopian fools who have no interest in public safety when firearms are involved, preferring to highlight murderous criminal misuse of firearms rather than defenders saving lives with firearms...(S9)

Drumbeat of Lies Continue about U.S. Semiautos By Mex Prez & Clinton/Obama Totalitarians

U.S. weapons fuel drug violence, Mexico's president says -"The 2004 end to the U.S. federal assault weapons ban gave criminals new resources, he (Mexican President Felipe Calderon) said."They gained access to powerful firearms that they didn't have before"...Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have repeatedly publicly acknowledged that the United States plays a role in drug violence. "It's not only guns; it's weapons, it's arsenals of all kinds that come south," Clinton told the Council on Foreign Relations"...

Under-reported (in the U.S.) story at CNN en EspaƱol
The armed forces of Mexico, armed with the best weapons & troops available to the country, still are unable to defeat the Cartel terrorist hitmen, which has more to do with tactics, motivation, and corruption than firearms & the 2nd Amendment in the U.S. Repeating lies about where the Cartels obtains the vast majority of their weapons cannot change the FACTS!. The propaganda mind-control LIES the anti-gun Running Dog Media regularly pushes out never questions these FACTS, since their agenda is to support the Liars (i.e. The Anti-gun Totalitarians)...The evidence against these lies are overwhelming, and have been refuted just as repeatedly, including on this Blog, links can (again) can be found here...So don't believe the hype of the lying mind-controllers and be a gullible dupe! - (S9)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

(Video) N.Y. Man Arrested For Defending Home/Family with Semiauto Kalashnikov ("AK-47")

He got an AK-47 assault rifle, pulled the trigger and he ended up in jail, reports CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman. George Grier said he had to use his rifle on Sunday night to stop what he thought was going to be an invasion of his Uniondale home by a gang he thought might have been the vicious “MS-13...“He starts threatening my family, my life. ‘Oh you’re dead. I’m gonna kill your family and your babies. You’re dead.’ So when he says that, 20 others guys come rushing around the corner. And so I fired four warning shots into the grass”...
Had the firearm not been a "Dreaded Evil AK-47", this story may not have been more than a footnote in the daily crime blotter, especially since no one was injured. The "Gun grabbers" favorite anti-semiauto talking point is invariably"Why does anyone need an AK-47?". Well this is an example "why": One man outnumbered by 20 plus unruly Hoodlums holds a firearm with a 30 round magazine capacity: This can equalize and deter what could be certain death for the lone defender until the Police arrive to defuse the situation. The Anti-Gun Utopians prefer dead victims to lone defenders every time, however. In my view, I agree with what Gen. Douglas MacArthur once intoned: "There is no substitute for victory". Citizen Grier's firearm (& 2nd Amendment liberty) made that victory possible!....(S9)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Obama/Clinton "M-1Gun Ban" Furor continues; Inquiries given the runaround

Obama Administration Reverses Course, Forbids Sale of 850,000 Antique Rifles - The Obama administration approved the sale of the American-made rifles last year. But it reversed course and banned the sale in March – a decision that went largely unnoticed at the time but that is now sparking opposition from gun rights advocates..."Any guns that retail in the United States, of course, including these, can only be sold to someone who passes the National Instant Check System," said David Kopel, research director at the conservative Independence Institute. "There is no greater risk from these particular guns than there is from any other guns sold in the United States."...(Chris Cox) called the administration's decision "a de facto gun ban, courtesy of Hillary Clinton's State Department"...Kopel said that he hopes the State Department spokesman's statement that it is working to "dispose" of the guns does not mean they want to melt them down."It seems to have this implication of destruction, which would be tremendously wasteful," he said. "These are guns that should be in the hands of American citizens for marksmanship and safety training"...The White House referred questions on the issue to the Pentagon, which referred questions to the U.S. Embassy in South Korea, which deferred back to the State Department..."M1s are used for target practice. For history buffs, they're highly collectible. We're going to continue to make sure that this backdoor effort that infringes not only on lawful commerce but on the Second Amendment is rectified"...----Full story @ Fox News----
As I said in an earlier report on this fiasco:  "One more nail in the coffin of the anti-gun media's web of lies that the current resident of the White House is not actively anti-gun. These surplus semi-automatic G.I. firearms are invaluable and have a negligible history of criminal misuse. The reasons given for blocking importation are not only weak and illogical, they are downright stupid. More abuse of power by the current administration"...I might add that with the current budget situation, why would they turn down the vast amount of money the sale of these to the U.S.  public would generate?.  Blind hatred of Gun Owners and simpering submission to the Gun-Ban Utopian Bloc seem to be the only conclusions available...(S9)

California Tyranny: Victory for Gun Owners in CA.

"Yesterday, Tuesday, August 31, lawmakers in the Golden State heard loud and clear the voices of pro-gun advocates when they defeated three dangerous pieces of anti-gun legislation. Assembly Bill 1810 would have established a registration system, similar to the one currently in place for handguns, for all newly-acquired long guns...Assembly Bill 1934 was a blatant attack on the self-defense rights of law-abiding Californians.  This legislation sought to outlaw the open carrying of a handgun for self-defense...AB2358 would have forced licensed state ammunition retailers to obtain a special local license to operate in municipalities...Without you, success in these battles would not have been possible.  While this is certainly a momentous occasion for California’s gun owners, anti-gun forces are sure to continue their offensive against our rights"...
Full press release @ ILA
Despite underhanded tactics, like repeatedly bringing back the same Bill after it was voted down (In one case nearly 10 times!), the battle went on all evening right up to the wire at midnight!. Hard-fighting pro-gun forces were victorious against the Totalitarian Utopians evil oppressive attempts to impose even more tyranny upon the people. Gun owners everywhere should thank these freedom fighters, because whatever is imposed in California will be coming your way too, so a victory there is a victory everywhere! - (S9)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Military-Style Weapons" Shot By Civilians (Ark.)

THOR Global Defense....hosted the first ever open shooting event called "Critical Mass" at their headquarters in Van Buren. Thousands signed up to have their chance to shoot the weapons.
Jim Kane shot an M-4, marking the first time he has ever shot an automatic weapon.
"I was just a little nervous, but not too bad," Kane said."It's neat. It seems like it was over too fast, I wish I could have sat there longer"...
Lacking detail and implying machine-guns were being used, this TV news report comes off more like a Chamber of Commerce promo for local business...(S9)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Crackdown on Licensed Gun Owners, Murderous Militants unaffected (Lebanon)

Terrorists w/AK-47's listen to Obama
Minister of Defence Elias Murr issued an order this week "freezing all arms licences granted on all Lebanese territory until further notice", according to a statement from the Lebanese Army. "The proliferation of arms in each and every street and neighbourhood is no longer acceptable"..."From now on, the military and security forces, the army and internal security forces, will assume the responsibility of controlling security, and will track down anyone who may provoke problems in this country, especially like the one that happened yesterday," Lebanese Prime Minister Sa'ad Hariri said...Clashes erupted in a Beirut neighbourhood...between followers of the Hezbollah resistance movement and the pro-Syrian Sunni Al Ahbash group, killing at least three people. Rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machineguns were used in the skirmish...-------
Full Report at Gulf News------
Same old story: The registered gun owners, none of whom are licensed to own Heavy Machineguns or Rocket-Propelled Grenade launchers, but are on a government list, take it in the shorts for the out of control behavior of reckless armed militants that are the actual menaces to society, (which government forces are reluctant to take on in actual battle, only in the bombastic media rhetoric of government leaders). Registration = confiscation = disarmed victim-hood for everyone except the armed factions, who laugh in the face of useless "gun laws". Armed Bad Guys can only be stopped by armed Good Guys, an immutable law of nature the "rose colored glasses" Utopians refuse to accept...(S9)