Sunday, September 12, 2010

Drumbeat of Lies Continue about U.S. Semiautos By Mex Prez & Clinton/Obama Totalitarians

U.S. weapons fuel drug violence, Mexico's president says -"The 2004 end to the U.S. federal assault weapons ban gave criminals new resources, he (Mexican President Felipe Calderon) said."They gained access to powerful firearms that they didn't have before"...Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have repeatedly publicly acknowledged that the United States plays a role in drug violence. "It's not only guns; it's weapons, it's arsenals of all kinds that come south," Clinton told the Council on Foreign Relations"...

Under-reported (in the U.S.) story at CNN en EspaƱol
The armed forces of Mexico, armed with the best weapons & troops available to the country, still are unable to defeat the Cartel terrorist hitmen, which has more to do with tactics, motivation, and corruption than firearms & the 2nd Amendment in the U.S. Repeating lies about where the Cartels obtains the vast majority of their weapons cannot change the FACTS!. The propaganda mind-control LIES the anti-gun Running Dog Media regularly pushes out never questions these FACTS, since their agenda is to support the Liars (i.e. The Anti-gun Totalitarians)...The evidence against these lies are overwhelming, and have been refuted just as repeatedly, including on this Blog, links can (again) can be found here...So don't believe the hype of the lying mind-controllers and be a gullible dupe! - (S9)

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