Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Afghan insurgents hand over weapons

A group of insurgents handed over their weapons to a military unit led by Afghan intelligence services taking part in a reintegration program under way in the country. The militants handed over a batch of assault rifles, machine guns and grenade launchers in exchange for information on reintegration programs in Badghis province, NATO said. Badghis Gov. Dilbar Jan Arman Shinwari was quoted as saying the reintegration effort was a step in the right direction for his country. "Acts like this are a clear demonstration that the path we're taking is the correct one towards reconstruction and progress in Afghanistan," he said...
Full story @ UPI
The usual Kalashnikov A.K.'s & other Russian pattern weapons no doubt. A glorified publicity stunt like the so-called "Gun Buyback" programs U.S. Anti-Gun Nuts are so fond of? (Q: How can you "Buy back" something you never "owned" in the first place?) or a bit of good news that you will never hear from the U.S./U.K. "lamestream" media, who in perpetual replay of Vietnam coverage, only report when our Troops are killed or injured, but never when our heroic Troops (Fighting with one hand tied behind their backs) close with and destroy the enemy. You make the call...(S9)

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