Saturday, September 18, 2010

Actor admits: "Guns, rifles scare me: George Clooney"

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"Guns, rifles – there’s something frightening about them. Still. Although I’ve grown up with them in Kentucky and although I’ve had to use them in a lot of my films. I’ve learnt to use them, but I’m still scared of them,’ quoted Clooney as saying"...
From Real Bollywood News
A healthy " fear" (respect) of guns shows a sane mind, unlike an irrational fear of guns, aka "Hoplophobia". At least I give Clooney credit for not being a hypocrite or a sissy about making a living using blank firing guns in films, unlike 007 James Bond actors Daniel Craig and Sir Roger Moore, who both have stated they "hate" firearms, yet no scruples about getting paid playing a character that risks life and limb defending their country by use of firearms!. Pantywaisted Pommie phonies!...(S9)

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