Wednesday, September 22, 2010

California Gun Ban Ordinance Beaten Back

The Santa Clara City Council was scheduled to adopt Ordinance No. 1863, which would prohibit the possession of firearms in city parks...But the item was withdrawn from consideration by unanimous vote of the City Council concerns (were) brought up by a letter received from National Rifle Association (“NRA”) and California Rifle and Pistol Association (“CRPA”) attorneys...In recent years cities in California, and now in other states as well, have been bombarded with gun ban lobby anti-gun proposals, including proposed complete bans on the possession of (semi-auto so-called) “assault weapons” (where that term is defined far more broadly than under the state law) and “sniper rifles,” bans on magazines that hold over ten rounds, one-gun-per-month restrictions, ammo sales registration bureaucracies, “trigger lock” laws that prohibit many guns from being sold because no trigger lock exists that fits the gun, “safe” storage laws that would make criminals of those who keep a gun ready to use for self-defense, ultra restrictive zoning laws that put gun dealers out of business, gun show bans, oppressive gun and ammo taxes, and most recently, pending proposals to ban ammo sales entirely and to ban “ultra-compact” handguns (any gun under 6 3/4 inches long or under 4 ½ inches tall). (Several lawsuits challenging some of these ordinances are pending.)...
Full Report @ ILA
The Anti-Gun Nuts, especially in "No State Constitutional RKBA clause" Kalifornia are always at it, and we Freedom fighters must always be ready to battle them at every turn, because these misguided Utopian fools just don't get it. As the late Charlton Heston said in the film "Major Dundee""I'm not here to save the Heathen, I'm here to smite the wicked"...(S9)

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