Semi-Automatic Image Gallery

FAL 7.62x51mm Battle Rifles in action on the range 

Russian Leader Medvedev w/tricked-out customized AK variant and unspecified custom "SIG" style-based compact machine pistol (Dagestan SWAT firearms)
US Team with AR pattern custom rifles protect Afgan President (Private collection photo)

Always "Under Construction"...
Black Paratroopers Zap Charlie w/hand grenades & M-16's in Vietnam combat action  (173rd Airborne, US Army)

Northern-Ireland cops w/issued "Orbendorfers" (Heckler & Koch G3 Rifle & MP5 9mm Sub-gun variant)
Banned in California, If one can find these rare classic big-bore battle rifles to begin with. They are considered "Evil" by Utopian Totalitarians merely because folding stocks, ergonomic pistol grips and detachable magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds are features.
M-14 Pattern civilian semi-automatic custom w/shortened tube/muzzle brake, rail system, telescopic sight, fore-grip, tacical flashlight, bi-pod and non-wooden stock. NOT Banned in California if using 10 round limited magazines...
M-14 "Enhanced Battle Rifle" in Combat Action w/US Army Ranger SDM, Afganistan
M-14  Issued custom rifle in combat action w/US Army "Squad Designated Marksman"
US Marine w/standard M-14, VietNam era
CAR 15 in Vietnam: US Army LRRP/Ranger with his "Shorty"
CAR-15: Modern "Retro "Vietnam style "Shorty" Semi-auto (California Neutered build) similar to the "CAR-15 African/Mercenary" firearm seen the the film "Blood Diamond"...
M-14 Rifle punishes US Navy Female during test fire off the fantail
Below: What's left of AR-15 hit by enemy gunfire in fatal ambush of Mexican Police
(Lesson:Being armed doesn't make you invincible)...
US Airman w/captured "pimped" Gold-Plated AK Underfolder (Iraq)
Hungarian AMD 65 (7.62x39mm) Paratrooper/Officers/Tanker carbine AK variant in California neutered configuration . This is a new FEG arsenal made firearm with matching serial numbered parts (not a "parts kit mongrel"), but curiously, is missing the rear sling lanyard loop device. Customized with an NcStar top cover scope mount, and "ancient" British Small Arms brand "RD30" 30mm Red dot scope. An unmodified blank-adapted version was seen in the film "Death Wish 5", while a regular AK was mocked up to look like an AMD in a "Rambo" film, when these were harder to obtain in western countries.

Early Model AR-15/M-16 with "partial fence slabside" lower receiver shown (1968-"Green Berets")
"A Kitty"-A  Very Girl y-Girl custom AK (California neutered build)
Media Mind-Control propagandists wall chart
Notice the Ferrari "Prancing Horse" logo on the single-action auto-pistol at middle left
Experimental "Thor" Personal Defense Weapon with stock folded. Notice see through integral drum magazine.
Early Experimental AR15/M-16 "Shorty" example. Note the "single fence slabside" lower receiver and the early Armalite style "waffle" magazine design.
M-14's with USMC in Vietnam Combat action (M79 and M60  GPMG also seen here); early 1960's prior to issuance of M-16's.
WW2: Black US Troops in combat action, hunting Nazi Snipers in France. M-1 Carbine precursor semi-automatics and Springfield Bolt Action rifle seen here (Black troops were commonly given second line guns and equipment, yet expected to perform on par with better equipped units.  They were always set up to fail, despite proof otherwise, which was ignored, minimized, even outright lied about (For example, all combat medals were routinely downgraded for Black troops when submitted for review)
WW2: Nazi "Penal Battalion" Troops w/ K-98 Mausers and the infamous MP-44  9mm Machine pistol in a rare photo. (Commonly called a "Burp-Gun" by US Troops, who also incorrectly referred to it as a "Schmeisser", which was an earlier model sub-machinegun, the WW1 era "MP-18".  The mis-identification probably started by vets who had encountered it in the hands of the original "Storm Trooper" raiders of previous war).  These scum were all criminals released from prison to fight, and were looked down upon even by their "comrades" as "thugs", but respected for their ruthless efficiency, that is, until it was turned upon them in the last days of the war when they participated in murderous "flying squads" hunting "traitors" retreating from the front....
Hungarian AMD-65 version with wood, rather than plastic grips; USMC Instructor (Iraq)
The famous "U.N.C.L.E." gun, here in the "Carbine" configuration, a semiautomatic double-action 9mm Walther model "P-38" with extended barrel and magazine, "skeleton" shoulder stock, and Bushnell "Phantom" scope; hand filled by Agent "Napoleon Solo" (Robert Vaughn) with  partner Agent "Illya Kuriyakin" (David McCallum). MGM Studio publicity photo-1960's (The Studio was raided by gun police who assumed the prop-masters were "illegally" manufacturing machine guns after seeing these on the TV show. After showing that the guns were blank-firing models only, the raid was called off, and the "authorities" were shown to be gullible fools looking for a cheap arrest, taken in by Hollywood SFX)...McCallum is currently seen in "NCIS" TV series.
Carabineri Paramilitary unit armed with Beretta M-12 9mm Sub machine guns on public drill ("Squadrone Eliportato Carabinieri Cacciatori" aka "National Police Helicopter Air-Assault Squadron") - Photo by "Jollyroger"
Female enforcers with Beretta M12 9mm Sub-gun and unidentified Shotgun (Algeria)
Indian Army Para-Commando w/CAR-15 in mid-air "HALO" jump
Actress Roselyn Sanchez w/satin finished Glock semiautomatic (from "L.A. Dragnet")
German Cops w/confiscated guns incl.(R) rare WW2 Era "StG 44"Assault Rifle (7.92x33Kurtz)

Integrated Combat Patrol hunts terrorists with FN-FAL; 7.62x51mm NATO Rifles (Rhodesian Africa Bushwar-1970/80's)
Muscular model w/100 round drum magazine fed M-16 on "rock and roll", Lara Croft style holstered pistols

AR-15 sexily handled by Jenny McCarthy: Playboy Alumnus (and gorgeous single Mom of autistic son),  in a cut-scene from the video game "Command and Conquer". (I still love the intro clip from "Scary Movie #3" where she is paired with the other most famous blonde single mother, Pamela Anderson. Dual Blonde hotness, and hilarious too!. Vibrating shower head indeed)..

Custom AR-15 in fantasy image (Model: Cassandra)

Classic Colt AR-15 "Delta Elite" Target model (Leather sling, Scope and Cheek Riser) This is the type Ronald Reagan owned

German Heckler and Koch 416 - Custom "Shorty". This weapon is reputedly the model used to liquidate Usama Bin Laden...
Two HK 416's in full size, dressed and ready for a Special Operation

Ethiopian troops during the Korean War in standard USA Infantry kit and weapons. Semi-Automatics (LtoR) 1911A1 pistol in .45 ACP, a .30 Caliber M-1 (or M-2) Carbine with two taped 30 round magazines, and the M-1 Rifle in Caliber 30-06

AR-15 Belt Fed Pistol
AK-47 with unusual 100 round curved magazine
AK-47 with unusual curved magazine (capacity unknown)

U.S.Army Honor Guard Burial detail with M-4 variant AR-15's, firing the salute

Firearms Competitor Nori Tonaka with her AR-15
AR-15 variant in the hands of camo-clad adult film actress Jessie Jane (Making it look good!)

AK-47 Machinegun (select-fire full automatic capable) in hands of child. They are training them from birth to kill Americans, (Europeans, and Christians of all ethnicities worldwide); while in the USA, too many unrealistic fools are actively preventing our kids from learning the slightest gun handling self defense skills anymore.We are setting up present and future generations for slavery and extermination if this is not stopped. You may not like the thought, but in your gut you know I am right...

This time an AR-15 in "Hello Kitty" style, with matching outfit and heels. Snazzy...

Needless to say, the Policeman who let this cute waitress pose on his car with his AR-15 got the dirty end...

Steyr AUG (Automatic Universal Gun) in the hands of a model representing
 "The Baroness" of the fictional terrorist organization "Cobra"

Estonian variant of the M-14 Rifle as used by their troops in Afghanistan