Friday, July 30, 2010

Greens demand Semi-Auto Ban: Emotions Trump Facts yet again

Rhiannon wants semiautomatic pistols banned
Greens Senate candidate Lee Rhiannon is calling for a national uniform ban on semiautomatic pistols after two shooting crimes in Sydney yesterday...while police have not yet confirmed what types of guns were used, handguns are the most likely culprit. "Because they're so easy to conceal, semiautomatic pistols are a favoured weapon in drive-by shootings, in armed robberies, in a whole range of crimes," she said..."They are in many ways more dangerous than semiautomatic long arms"...
Full story at ABC News...
Here we go again, emotionalist claims about firearms made without any facts to back them up! Most outrageous in this case, they did not even wait to find out what type of weapons were misused by the criminals before jumping on the "let's blame the evil semi-automatic" mind-control propaganda bandwagon: The same old lies told the same old way we have seen ad nauseum. These are the kind of fools that want to make firearms policy? Totally unqualified practiced liars with a pie-in-the-sky utopian agenda of unarmed victimhood. They have seen the mind-control playbook work before, and know that facts don't matter in a propaganda war to dupe a gullible public they despise and seek to dominate "for their own good"...Their way of doing things only result in the road to serfdom...(S9)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Helen Mirren illustrates Hollywood hypocrisy on guns (Codrea)

Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea exposes an egregious example of the two-faced forked tongue many actors engage in.  Too many are elitists who think firearms may be alright for them to own but not for the unwashed masses (like you!). These are the people who want to take your money and your semi-autos too!. Always be aware that talk is cheap when it comes to the Hollywood money-making machine. Karl Urban and Bruce Willis should know better, and anti-gun firearms exploiter Stallone is a lost cause...
Read Codrea's report here...
Then read this, (which is also posted in my "relevant links list below)...Here we see Mirren with what appears to be a Browning pattern heavy machine-gun...
and with an Orbendorfer 9mm machine-pistol, also presumably selective-fire full automatic. Please note that these firearms are NOT generally and legally available to US shooters, and are a far cry from the common semiautomatics that are demonized in biased anti-gun media propaganda, such as this AR-15 rifle Mirren is holding in the ad for this movie...The usual excuses about "artistic license" are a load of horse dung when it comes to firearms and Hollywood exploitation...(S9)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Another Example: How Guns end up on the Black Market (Maryland USA)

Semiautomatic rifle allegedly stolen from officer's cruiser
Thieves stole a semiautomatic rifle from a Hyattsville police officer's marked cruiser while it was parked overnight..The rifle, several loaded magazines, a gas mask and GPS unit were stolen...It is against department protocol for an officer to leave a gun in a vehicle overnight...Prince George's County police are investigating the theft, and a $1,000 reward is being offered for information about the theft...
Full report from Maryland
Criminals will not hesitate to break the law to obtain firearms, no matter who from. This is nothing new, the infamous motorized bandits of the 1920's armed themselves by robbing police stations, national guard armories, and buying from underground unlicensed dealers. They still do...(S9)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lies continue about Semi-Autos From Mex Fat-Cats

Mexico’s ambassador to the United States, Arturo Sarukhan, appealed to Congress and the Obama prevent organized criminals...from illegally buying and smuggling weapons from the U.S.... with Mexico’s strict gun-control laws, law enforcement officials estimate that cartels are purchasing nearly all of their assault weapons and other guns from American vendors...he urged the American government to prevent people from countries that ban assault weapons from being able to buy them in the U.S...“It won’t magically solve the issue of violence in Mexico if we were to shut down the flow of weapons into Mexico tomorrow. It won’t terminate the problem,” Sarukhan said...
Full Media Biased article at
Check the archives from the list at the right of this page for repeated bogus bullcrap from these Fat-Cat Mexican incompetents excusing their failures by lying about US semi-autos being the cause of their Cartel problems, when in fact the wealthy and ruthless Cartels obtain the vast majority of their weapons from countries south of their border and on the international black market, weapons not available to lawful gun owners in the US (i.e.: New machineguns, grenades, etc). Their near total ban on civilian ownership has not slowed down Cartels arming themselves. Blaming the US is merely a diversionary ploy which they admit will not solve the problem...(S9)

Germany: Anti-Gun Comparisons Fall Short

18 People killed in mass panic at music festival
DUISBURG, Germany – Crowds of people streaming into a techno music festival surged through an already jammed entry tunnel, setting off a panic that killed 18 people and injured 80 at an event meant to celebrate love and peace....
Full story here
(No Firearms involved in this incident - S9) - German group denounces weapons law as unconstitutional - The group argues that the law puts the interests of sport shooters above peoples' right to life... Two of the complainants...are parents of children who were among the fifteen people killed when a...student went on a shooting spree in southwestern Germany in March 2009...
(A stolen firearm was involved, yet results were less deadly - S9) "Germany has one of the strictest weapons laws worldwide - and it is sufficient," weapons expert Holger Soschinka told Deutsche Welle. People who legally own a firearm have it stored in a safe 95 percent of the time anyway, he said. Illegal weapons possession is the main problem." Juergen Kohlheim, vice-president of the German Shooting Federation (DSB), shares Soschinka's assessment. "Germany's Police Union and the Federal Criminal Police Office have long been saying that it isn't the legal possession of firearms that poses a problem," he said. "It's illegal possession, because there is no way of controlling that."...Kohlheim said the initiative could hardly be taken seriously since it equated sport shooters with murderers. Sport shooters adhere to the law, he said, although it treats them more harshly than criminals; while authorities usually need a magistrate's search warrant to investigate the property of a criminal suspect, a sport shooter must allow the inspection of his storage facilities without such a warrant.
In the end, Kohlheim concluded, no matter how tight Germany's weapons law might be, it doesn't affect illegal firearms possession: "Most crimes are committed with an illegal weapon."...
Full story here
Another example of misdirected hostility: An unarmed crowd of "love festival" people can be more lethal than one isolated maniac misusing a firearm. Blaming the firearm, rather than the human agency that created lethal chaos, is the path of Utopian fools. Disasters happen. Realists understand the fact that when it comes to firearms, a good guy with a firearm can neutralize a bad guy with one...(S9)

Monday, July 19, 2010

AK "Official 3rd-Generation" Rifles to be built in Venezuela

Venezuela has become the first nation in the world to make the iconic Kalashnikov third generation assault rifle on Russia's official license..."The construction works are being conducted according to the schedule. We will also build another plant here which would produce ammo for Kalashnikovs," the official spokesman for Russia's defense export enterprise said...the contract stipulates a $2.2 billion loan, which Russia provided to Venezuela for the purchase of arms, including 92 T-72 tanks...The Russian rifle can fire both NATO 5.56 mm caliber cartridges and Soviet 7.62 mm caliber cartridges, which is the main advantage of this weapon..."Kalashnikov rifles of the 100th series have the more advanced production technology. They are enhanced, universal and meet the requirements of modern-day wars. We learned the mistakes that we made in the past, and all Kalashnikovs of the 100th series have been patented and licensed. The situation that happened to AK-47, which was patented only in 1997, 50 years after it had been invented, won't repeat again," the official said...The Clinton administration banned the import of AK-47 (as all Kalashnikov models are referred to in the West) rifles...Washington is concerned about the penetration of the new rifle into the black arms market...Now Washington has another reason to give angry looks to Hugo Chavez, who owns the official Kalashnikov production license...
Full details on these developments by Ivan Tulyakov from Russia's "Truth" news online
I assume these fab new AK's will all be machinegun selective fire models. It is unclear if the new rifle is capable of firing both 5.56mm and 7.62mm or if there will be separate versions chambered for each. If one can fire both, it will be a major coup, and Vietnam era veterans well remember that the Russian designed heavy mortar and machine-gun deployed in that war were capable of firing both their issued ammo and American 81mm and 7.62 NATO fodder, effectively arming enemy troops from our own stocks to use against us, a perfect example of the diabolical Russian Communist mindset. Nonetheless, these new AK's will be high value items once produced in quantity. After Chavez has armed his political Police and Death Squads, I would not be surprised if semiautomatic-only versions start turning up as a way for him to generate much desired underground and/or legitimate foreign currency for his offshore personal bank accounts (A Communist millionaire? Gee, that's never happened before, right?. OK, so call me cynical, Eh? /;-J- S9

Briefcase AR-15

"In order to avoid incidents with the paranoid neighbors or the criminals who might want access to a firearm, lawful gun owners tend to avoid broadcasting the fact that they’re carrying firearms. It seems that these days the preferred case for the AR-15 is one of the many “discreet” offerings that do not scream GUN! everywhere you go"...
Full details on this are from those fine folks at Ammoland and

Judge Breyer ignorant about Semi-Autos in his dissent (SCOTUS)

(Justice Breyer stated in his dissent): "Semiautomatic weapons? When is a gun semi-automatic? "..."what constitutes a semiautomatic weapon (a gun that fires one round, ejects the empty casing, and automatically loads a new cartridge when the trigger is pulled) or decide whether people have a right to possess them (a question the Court already answered in District of Columbia v. Heller, where it overturned a law that banned semiautomatic handguns). I suspect Breyer is using semiautomatic weapon as a synonym for assault weapon, an arbitrary category that is based mainly on the proscribed guns' military-style appearance rather than their capabilities. While this conflation demonstrates Breyer's point that judges do not necessarily have the knowledge to assess the wisdom or propriety of gun control laws, the same is true of legislators"...
Jacob Sullum exposes Breyer's uninformed stupidity about firearms here
Here we again see that those who seek to ban firearms tend to be bumbling fools with no real knowledge about them, and therefore have no standing to participate in the discussion.  When they are in a position to enforce tyranny upon the people, they rise from annoying pests to potential destroyers of liberty! - (S9) 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New .223 30 grain AFR ("Air Freedom") Round

(Note: This is not an endorsement by me, and is reported as "on topic" information only - S9)
The frangible characteristics of the new AFR make it a necessity when the situation requires a round with no ricochet, reduced over penetration, and will drop all the kinetic energy inside the target...This round is designed to fragment after passing through two ¾ inch sheetrock partitions, thus making your .223 rifle an ideal home-defense weapon. Go here for more info

Monday, July 12, 2010

Black Patriots at sharp end of firearms liberty battle

From Justice Thomas (and his different take on the 2nd Amendment from the majority opinion) to Otis MacDonald and Thomas Sowell, Black American men are standing up to opine on the value of the 2nd Amendment based on logic and historical precedent; again exposing the racist roots of "gun control", and how today, all responsible firearms owners are viewed as a class to be openly demonized, vilified, and discriminated against by the forces of evil (who prefer dead unarmed victims to independent self-reliant citizens capable of self-defense).- (S9)

See Rose Russel's take on Clarence Thomas 
"Justice Thomas wrote: 'In my view, the record makes plain that ... the right to keep and bear arms was essential to the preservation of liberty'.".  Plus more legal detail at NRO and here also

See Take on the Ruling from the big brain of Thomas Sowell
"As for the merits or demerits of gun control laws themselves, a vast amount of evidence, both from the United States and from other countries, shows that keeping guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens does not keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Unfortunately, the media intelligentsia tend to favor gun control laws, so a lot of hard facts about the futility, or the counterproductive consequences of such laws, never reach the public through the media"...Check this out also...

Clinton Gun Ban Returns under U.N. International action (worse than the original)

"The U.N. has long had an agenda of undermining our Second Amendment freedoms by ending all private ownership of firearms by law-abiding Americans. Now, our State Department is joining the effort. The Obama Administration's embrace of this offensive 'celebration' and the UN’s 'Programme of Action on the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects' -- a program that has sought to disarm Americans and undermine the United States Constitution -- is an affront to the 80 million law-abiding gun owners in our country.”...
See This
The Hildebeast, hiding under US State Department sanction, sidesteps the American Constitution to "celebrate" an international gun ban (including your semiautos) soon to be enforced against the USA and the world if the totalitarian U.N. has it's way. The biased US Media repeatedly drones on about how the current occupant of the White House has not gone after US gunowners, yet this and the new flood of anti-gun legislation (see previous post) puts that to the lie...(S9)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Semi-Auto Bans part of NRA Fight against New flood of Anti-Gun Laws

(T)he National Rifle Association is stepping up its campaign to shut down congressional and administration efforts to retaliate with even more anti-gun laws...NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre wasted no time warning that Congress and the administration have plans to attack gun owners..."We are drawing a line in the sand against more gun bans"...
On his NRA hit list is this Hill agenda:
1. Requiring people to apply for a federal license before possessing a handgun, rifle, or shotgun that can accept a detachable magazine like a Glock or some deer rifles.
2. Gun owners would be forced to register, be fingerprinted and photographed, and take a written test on gun safety, storage, gun laws and other subjects the attorney general deems "appropriate."
3. Gun owners would have to give the attorney general access to their mental health records.
4. Failing to notify the attorney general of a change of address could result in a $250,000 fine and a five-year prison term. That's one (of) the elements of H.R. 45 before the House.
"Plus," warns LaPierre, "banning hundreds of commonly owned rifles, pistols and shotguns."...
Full biased story @ US News & World Report
The anti-gun nuts have succeeded in banning semi-automatic firearms (using mind-control media propaganda to dupe the public) by targeting features such as detachable magazines, a normal feature suddenly demonized as "evil" because it allegedly makes it "easier" to reload the piece. This is as asinine and stupid as banning of bayonet lugs (When was the last time you heard of criminals mounting bayonet charges?) and "pistol grips" ("Evil" because it allegedly helps steady the firearm when firing). For example, these features are banned in California and/or were part of Clinton's gun ban. These gun-hating fools see these desirable and normal features, as "evil" machinegun elements (which semi-autos are NOT). This is actually an attempt to ban technology that applies to all modern firearms in general and semi-automatics in particular. They are (ignorantly) attempting to "put the genie back inside the bottle", and throw firearms technology back to pre-1800's levels in their misbegotten quest to justify banning firearms, which their twisted & perverse minds see as inherently "evil" in the first place  They would in effect have us limited to smooth bore muskets and flintlock pistols, then find an excuse to ban those also!. The AR-15 style rifle is the most "commonly owned" firearm in the USA no doubt, so we all know what this really means. There can be no compromise with these excremental ideas which are based on faulty reasoning to begin with at best, and truly snide intentional evil harassment & totalitarian oppression at worst!. Their warped ideas and abuse of the law must be fought against at every turn, and NRA is right to do so!...Support the effort! - (S9)  [Approve of this rant? Then spread it around!]

Sunday, July 4, 2010

California candidate opposes Semi-Auto Ban in fight against incumbent

Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina said...she opposes a ban on assault weapons and supports a U.S. Supreme Court decision...affirming a constitutional right to bear arms. After a commanding victory in the Republican primary earlier this month, Fiorina faces a tougher battle to unseat Boxer, who enjoys a sizable edge in voter registration in the heavily Democratic state, in addition to a large fundraising was the first time she offered an opinion on an assault weapons ban, which is currently in place in California but could be challenged in response to the Supreme Court ruling. "Every time we have a tragedy where someone takes a life and goes crazy with any kind of weapon, the cry goes up for more laws, more infringement,"...But most shootings involve individual circumstances that would not be prevented by gun laws, Fiorina said. She said the Supreme Court "made the right decision" in its ruling this week, which is expected to trigger a flood of litigation challenging state and local gun-control laws. "Which is to say a substantial right guaranteed by the Constitution cannot be curtailed by a state or local government"...
Full media biased story attempting to make Fiorina look bad @ leftist Mercury News
A win by Fiorina would be a Godsend and could make a significant dent in the Nazified anti-gun laws that have been oppressing the citizens of the evil totalitarian empire of Kalifornia for decades. Being right on firearms generally means being right on other issues also...(S9)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

NJ man sentenced for converting semiautomatics into machineguns

A convenience store clerk from northern New Jersey who admitted illegally converting two semiautomatic firearms into fully automatic weapons has been sentenced to five years in prison...(he) will have to forfeit about 40 weapons seized last year when he was arrested. He'll also lose his right to own guns...
Just because you can do something doesn't always mean you should do something. But on the other hand, if the firearms are not meant for criminal purposes, what's the big deal worth prison time and loss of rights?. ..Not enough detail on this story given to make a proper commentary either way...(S9)

Friday, July 2, 2010

West Memphis police to carry semiautomatic rifles

West Memphis police will for the first time equip some patrol officers with AR-15 semiautomatic rifles...Evans and Paudert, who had arrived that morning to back up Evans, died after 16-year-old Joseph Kane shot them with an AK-47 rifle...officers armed with Glock 22 pistols and body armor that would not stop AK-47 bullets would have been defenseless in the shootout...An Arkansas Game & Fish Commission officer armed with an M-4 rifle and SWAT team officers with AR-15 rifles made the difference...The AR-15 semiautomatic rifles...are widely chosen by law enforcement agencies, said Tim Givens, chief instructor for Rangemaster, a gun training facility in Memphis. The rifles have low recoil, and as a version of M-16 military rifles, police officers who served in the military are familiar with them.
AR-15 rifles are semiautomatic, meaning the trigger must be pulled each time a shot is fired. Automatic weapons keep firing when the trigger is pulled. Givens said a rifle must have the ability to be fully automatic to be dubbed an "assault rifle," which means the AR-15 is not one.
Full story @ The Memphis Commercial Appeal
Nice to see some accurate information about semi-autos presented for a change. I have to assume the "AK-47" mentioned was a semi-auto also. Too bad Officers had to die before the decision was made to upgrade to AR-15's however...(S9)