Sunday, July 25, 2010

Germany: Anti-Gun Comparisons Fall Short

18 People killed in mass panic at music festival
DUISBURG, Germany – Crowds of people streaming into a techno music festival surged through an already jammed entry tunnel, setting off a panic that killed 18 people and injured 80 at an event meant to celebrate love and peace....
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(No Firearms involved in this incident - S9) - German group denounces weapons law as unconstitutional - The group argues that the law puts the interests of sport shooters above peoples' right to life... Two of the complainants...are parents of children who were among the fifteen people killed when a...student went on a shooting spree in southwestern Germany in March 2009...
(A stolen firearm was involved, yet results were less deadly - S9) "Germany has one of the strictest weapons laws worldwide - and it is sufficient," weapons expert Holger Soschinka told Deutsche Welle. People who legally own a firearm have it stored in a safe 95 percent of the time anyway, he said. Illegal weapons possession is the main problem." Juergen Kohlheim, vice-president of the German Shooting Federation (DSB), shares Soschinka's assessment. "Germany's Police Union and the Federal Criminal Police Office have long been saying that it isn't the legal possession of firearms that poses a problem," he said. "It's illegal possession, because there is no way of controlling that."...Kohlheim said the initiative could hardly be taken seriously since it equated sport shooters with murderers. Sport shooters adhere to the law, he said, although it treats them more harshly than criminals; while authorities usually need a magistrate's search warrant to investigate the property of a criminal suspect, a sport shooter must allow the inspection of his storage facilities without such a warrant.
In the end, Kohlheim concluded, no matter how tight Germany's weapons law might be, it doesn't affect illegal firearms possession: "Most crimes are committed with an illegal weapon."...
Full story here
Another example of misdirected hostility: An unarmed crowd of "love festival" people can be more lethal than one isolated maniac misusing a firearm. Blaming the firearm, rather than the human agency that created lethal chaos, is the path of Utopian fools. Disasters happen. Realists understand the fact that when it comes to firearms, a good guy with a firearm can neutralize a bad guy with one...(S9)

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