Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lies continue about Semi-Autos From Mex Fat-Cats

Mexico’s ambassador to the United States, Arturo Sarukhan, appealed to Congress and the Obama prevent organized criminals...from illegally buying and smuggling weapons from the U.S.... with Mexico’s strict gun-control laws, law enforcement officials estimate that cartels are purchasing nearly all of their assault weapons and other guns from American vendors...he urged the American government to prevent people from countries that ban assault weapons from being able to buy them in the U.S...“It won’t magically solve the issue of violence in Mexico if we were to shut down the flow of weapons into Mexico tomorrow. It won’t terminate the problem,” Sarukhan said...
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Check the archives from the list at the right of this page for repeated bogus bullcrap from these Fat-Cat Mexican incompetents excusing their failures by lying about US semi-autos being the cause of their Cartel problems, when in fact the wealthy and ruthless Cartels obtain the vast majority of their weapons from countries south of their border and on the international black market, weapons not available to lawful gun owners in the US (i.e.: New machineguns, grenades, etc). Their near total ban on civilian ownership has not slowed down Cartels arming themselves. Blaming the US is merely a diversionary ploy which they admit will not solve the problem...(S9)

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