Sunday, July 4, 2010

California candidate opposes Semi-Auto Ban in fight against incumbent

Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina said...she opposes a ban on assault weapons and supports a U.S. Supreme Court decision...affirming a constitutional right to bear arms. After a commanding victory in the Republican primary earlier this month, Fiorina faces a tougher battle to unseat Boxer, who enjoys a sizable edge in voter registration in the heavily Democratic state, in addition to a large fundraising was the first time she offered an opinion on an assault weapons ban, which is currently in place in California but could be challenged in response to the Supreme Court ruling. "Every time we have a tragedy where someone takes a life and goes crazy with any kind of weapon, the cry goes up for more laws, more infringement,"...But most shootings involve individual circumstances that would not be prevented by gun laws, Fiorina said. She said the Supreme Court "made the right decision" in its ruling this week, which is expected to trigger a flood of litigation challenging state and local gun-control laws. "Which is to say a substantial right guaranteed by the Constitution cannot be curtailed by a state or local government"...
Full media biased story attempting to make Fiorina look bad @ leftist Mercury News
A win by Fiorina would be a Godsend and could make a significant dent in the Nazified anti-gun laws that have been oppressing the citizens of the evil totalitarian empire of Kalifornia for decades. Being right on firearms generally means being right on other issues also...(S9)

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