Friday, July 30, 2010

Greens demand Semi-Auto Ban: Emotions Trump Facts yet again

Rhiannon wants semiautomatic pistols banned
Greens Senate candidate Lee Rhiannon is calling for a national uniform ban on semiautomatic pistols after two shooting crimes in Sydney yesterday...while police have not yet confirmed what types of guns were used, handguns are the most likely culprit. "Because they're so easy to conceal, semiautomatic pistols are a favoured weapon in drive-by shootings, in armed robberies, in a whole range of crimes," she said..."They are in many ways more dangerous than semiautomatic long arms"...
Full story at ABC News...
Here we go again, emotionalist claims about firearms made without any facts to back them up! Most outrageous in this case, they did not even wait to find out what type of weapons were misused by the criminals before jumping on the "let's blame the evil semi-automatic" mind-control propaganda bandwagon: The same old lies told the same old way we have seen ad nauseum. These are the kind of fools that want to make firearms policy? Totally unqualified practiced liars with a pie-in-the-sky utopian agenda of unarmed victimhood. They have seen the mind-control playbook work before, and know that facts don't matter in a propaganda war to dupe a gullible public they despise and seek to dominate "for their own good"...Their way of doing things only result in the road to serfdom...(S9)

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