Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Example:How guns end up on the Black Market (Jamaica)

Guns in barrel - 7 weapons, 1,039 rounds of ammo seized in MoBay -MONTEGO BAY, St James — Two men and a woman have been arrested in connection with yesterday's seizure of seven guns and a large quantity of assorted rounds of ammunition at a container terminal in Freeport, Montego Bay...among the weapons seized were two AK-47 rifles, which were found in a bag containing dog food in a barrel. The other guns...were found in a microwave oven..."other than the conventional magazine that comes with the AK-47 rifle, we have what is known as a drum magazine that is capable of holding more than 100 rounds of ammunition."...Describing one of the AK-47 rifles as unique...it carries an optical scope, a bayonet on the end and a folded butt...
Full media biased propaganda style report by Mark Cummings at the Jamaica Observer
Only in a country that bans firearms, with law enforcement unfamiliar with guns, would we get this claptrap about "uniqueness" over a common folding stock AK with bayonet (probably a Chinese Type 56 rifle which comes standard with a bayonet, and the folding stock variant is typical also), and an "optical scope" is no big deal either, particularly with the "scare" propaganda about the drum magazine, which implies little actual "aiming" will be going on. There is no mention if these are selective fire machinegun AK's or semi-automatic "clones". I've seen photos from one of the numerous gunfights in Mexico's Cartel wars and noticed that 100 round drum mags are seen next to the riddled cadavers of hitmen. Didn't seem to do them much good, considering that they were dead(!). No, this entry is less "news" and more editorial propaganda from the authorities and their media running dogs, designed to further intimidate the unarmed populace of Jamaica, more rightly described, in my view, as "victims". Pawns of both the criminal underworld and Jamaica's ineffectual government. They caught this shipment, but how many more have gotten through?(Plenty!). Criminals don't obey gun laws, and losing a shipment or two is just the price of business to them, in a land where a defiant armed citizenry does not exist...(S9)

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