Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chicago PD may get M-4 Rifles, Anti-Gun Mayor approves

Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis has plans to equip the department's officers with M4 carbines to match the firepower of the street gangs they have to face to stop the wave of shootings in the city. Weis' decision to arm and train his 13,500 officers with more powerful weapons was disclosed Friday....rank-and-file officers are currently only allowed to carry handguns...
Source is Blacklisted News
In a city with a Mayor wrong on firearms 100% of the time, this decision reflects that ignorance, and is reminiscent of Hitlers Nazi Party maintaining a monopoly on armed force while disarming the civil populace. The allegations about "heavily armed gangs" does not match the facts, and is pure propaganda, as are claims the M-4 is "more powerful" (Than what?). This is a debacle in the making, the results (unfortunate that many people will have to die violently because of it) of which should be interesting...(S9) 

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