Saturday, August 14, 2010

Illinois Tyranny: New Semi-Auto Ban Challenged

The National Rifle Association is backing a protest filed with the Electoral Board in Cook County, Illinois, in response to a petition to ban the sale of semi-automatic firearms across the state. The petition asks, “Shall the Governor and the members of the Illinois General Assembly enact legislation to ban the sale of semi-automatic and assault weapons that are used by criminals to threaten the lives of law enforcement and the people of Illinois?”...Chris W. Cox (said) “Semi-automatic firearms have been around for 125 years and are used everywhere in America for self-defense, competitive shooting at all levels and hunting. Banning the sale of these commonly owned firearms will do nothing to curb crime, because criminals pay no attention to the law.”...
Full report @ ILA
The Anti-Gun Nuts keep up the attack, despite propaganda to lull you into complacency about the current administration "not going after" guns, as the media running-dogs claim (which is a bald faced lie, check the archives of this site if you have any doubts, particularly when concerning your semi-automatics!)...Never forget Atty. Gen Holder's retracted early confident statement that he was going for a renewed semi-auto ban at the behest of his gun-owner hating master!. Never forget the constant bowing down the current occupant of the Oval Office has done worldwide to lesser Potentates, but in particular, to the Oligarchs of Mexico, to whom he hopes to justify a ban on semi-autos based on their constant lies about US Firearms as the source of the out of control crime-murder problem now spilling across our border, a border intentionally neglected by Washington to create said chaos to justify a totalitarian crackdown for "our own good"...Who said "Reichstag Fire"?...I heard that "Warning from history", did you? -  (S9)

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