Thursday, August 12, 2010

Anti-Gun comparisons again fall short in recent mass mayhem incidents

An intoxicated madman slaughters 11 people with...a bulldozer, not a firearm of any type, much less a vilified so-called "evil semi-automatic assault weapon".  A criminally insane serial killer suspect is arrested whose "weapon of choice" is not the "evil semi-automatic assault weapon" political grand-standers and their running dog media allies have lied about for years, but one of mans most basic and ancient tools: The edged metal weapon. The Totalitarian anti-gun Utopians, unable to face reality, will respond with emotionalist claptrap such as "If he had a gun he would have killed more people". As typical, they are concerned with what "could have" happened rather than what actually "did" happen. Realists understand that a bulldozer and a knife are both tools designed to improve our lifestyle, but when misused are deadly weapons no different than a firearm in creating mayhem. In communist china, which has a heavy-handed controlled press, these massacres are more common than known in the west (Earlier this year a man who had stabbed a co-worker drove a bus into pedestrians and cyclists while trying to evade police. That incident left 10 people dead and 11 injured). This is due to censorship and the need to present a superior face to the world. Only in the west with a biased "free press" do we see editors publicizing and making near heroes of psychotic mass-murderers and degenerate spree killers, particularly when criminal misuse of a firearm can be exploited as mind-control propaganda. Not having a firearm available did not slow down these depraved murders one bit, many slaughtering more people than those misusing firearms. Guns don't create massacres, but certainly can stop them, (when in the hands of the righteous), a hard fact that do-gooding fools can never accept at risk of shattering their "rose colored glasses" worldview, a worldview fragile as a house of cards...(S9)

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