Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Obama bans over 100,000 rifles (Dave Kopel Reports)

"The Obama administration has blocked efforts by the South Korean government to sell over a  hundred thousand surplus M1 Garandand Carbine rifles into the United States market. These self-loading were rifles introduced in 1926 and 1941...According to a South Korean official, “The U.S. insisted that imports of the aging rifles could cause problems such as firearm accidents. It was also worried the weapons could be smuggled to terrorists, gangs or other people with bad intentions.”...Legally, it is indisputable that the guns are importable. Being over 50 years old, the rifles are automatically “Curios and Relics” according to federal law. 27 CFR section 478.11. Accordingly, they are by statutory definition importable. 18 USC section 925 (e)(1). Notwithstanding the law, the Obama administration has the ability to pressure the South Korean government to block the sale of the guns"...
Full report at Volokh
One more nail in the coffin of the anti-gun media's web of lies that the current resident of the White House is not actively anti-gun. These surplus semi-automatic G.I. firearms are invaluable and have a negligible history of criminal misuse. The reasons given for blocking importation are not only weak and illogical, they are downright stupid. More abuse of power by the current administration...(S9)  Note: there are some factual errors about the history of these firearms in this report, so it would not hurt the uninitiated to check out here and also here...

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