Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FAL's & AK's:How Guns enter the Black Market: Another Example (Zimbabwe/Ex-Rhodesia)

Detectives from the ZRP Criminal Investigation Department (CID) investigating the theft of firearms from Nkulumane Police Station last week are following leads that the guns were destined for neighbouring Mozambique, where thieves are said to have a ready market for FN rifles.
“We have information that security companies handling transit cash in Mozambique prefer using FN rifles, but they cannot get them in that country”...Three police officers were arrested and are being questioned in connection with aiding the criminals...The thieves got away with two FN rifles, two AK 47 rifles and some pistols...the FN Rifle was the most popular and widely adopted battle rifle among non-eastern bloc countries during the cold war era. It is renowned for being accurate, reliable and powerful. The FN was also the standard military rifle of the Rhodesian army and is still in use in some units of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces...
Full story at The Zimbabwean
The excellent FN-FAL, the Belgian equivalent to the US M-14, continues to be a highly prized firearm both with collectors and with action men who know they can bet their lives on this well-machined hard-hitting semi-automatic battle rifle (I'd love to have one in my collection, but it's not likely to happen). I have seen men armed with the FAL take down fully grown African elephants(!).  Here again, we see that those who need firearms will find a way to obtain them, even at risk of their lives & freedom, when in many cases misguided anti-gun "laws" force many into unnecessary & unjustified criminality...(S9) 

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