Monday, June 28, 2010

Candidate Fundraiser Includes Semi-Automatic AR-15

Channel 2's Lori Geary talked to Representative Sean Jerguson, the owner of Hi Caliber shooting range, who happens to be the Republican incumbent...“It's certainly not a gimmick and it's certainly not putting more guns on the street by any stretch of the imagination”...Jerguson’s supporters...would pay $50 and shoot it out for a chance to win an AR-15 a semi-automatic rifle...
Full story and Video here...

Supreme Court extends gun rights to states

The court telling us what we all knew anyway, and which the haters have willfully lied about for years (and continue to do so). However...To paraphrase "Darth Vader": I find the lack of a unanimous vote for the 2nd Amendment...Disturbing...
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

British Commandos using new 7.62 Semi-Automatics in Combat

New rifles in fight against Taliban - Royal Marines serving in Afghanistan have become the first British troops to use a powerful new long-range rifle on the front line, the Ministry of Defence has announced...The new semi-automatic weapon fires a 7.62mm round, larger than the Army's standard issue SA80 A2 assault rifle, and is more accurate over long distances. More than 400 of the guns (represent) the first new infantry combat rifle to be given to troops in more than two decades...Royal Marines from 40 Commando have been using Sharpshooter rifles on the frontline for about a fortnight...
Full story @ Southport Visiter
Like the American M855 round, there have been consistent complaints about the SA80 "Bullpup" since it was first used in combat. There is little specific info given on this mysterious "new 7.62 rifle", but this is essentially the Brits going back to what they used before the introduction of the SA80, the heavy but superb FN/FAL 7.62mm NATO battle rifle; and is consistent with the Americans deploying upgraded 7.62mm "EBR M-14" Rifles for their Squad Designated Marksmen, basically what they used before the introduction of the M-16. For both, "what is old is new again". (It will be interesting to see which performs better, the traditional 7.62x51mm NATO "long" (aka: '.308 Winchester") or the new U.S. "Super" 5.56x45mm (aka:".223 Remington"), in the crucible of combat)...(S9)

New "Super" 5.56mm/.223 Ammo deployed by U.S. Army; Claimed "Better" than 7.62 Ball

‘Green’ ammo shipped to Afghanistan - This summer soldiers will start fighting with a new, “green” bullet that Army ballistics officials are touting as “the best general purpose 5.56mm round ever.” The Army has begun shipping the M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round to soldiers serving in Afghanistan, according to...Picatinny Arsenal, N.J....The new M855A1 will replace the current Cold War-era M855 round, which was developed in the 1970s and approved as an official NATO round in 1980. In recent years, troops have widely criticized it. They complain it is ineffective against barriers such as car windshields and often travels right through unarmored insurgents, with less than lethal effects. The M855A1 has a “number of significant enhancements”...These include improved hard-target capability, more dependable, consistent performance at all distances, improved accuracy, reduced muzzle flash and a higher velocity”...“During testing, the M855A1 performed better than current 7.62mm ball ammunition against certain types of targets, blurring the performance differences that previously separated the two rounds”...Unlike the current round, the M855A1 is designed for use in the M4 carbine, which has a 14.5-inch barrel compared to the M16’s 20-inch barrel...“Its fielding represents the most significant advancement in general purpose small caliber ammunition in decades”...
Full report @ Army Times
I hope like hell this ammo lives up to it's hype, particularly the claim of improved performance vs. the bigger & badder 7.62x51mm NATO (aka:.308 Winchester) round(!). We'll have to wait for reports from the field to find out. Now if these brain-boys would find a (long overdue and shamefully ignored) solution to the IED problem, I'd really be impressed...(S9)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another example:How Firearms end up on the Black Market (England UK)

Training rifles stolen in Lowestoft - Four training rifles were stolen from a storage area at the Pakefield Rifle Range in London Road, Gisleham, near Lowestoft...The rifles, which have had their firing pins removed, were stolen along with four empty magazines, rifle cleaning kits and 40 drill rounds which police have been told are hollow and will not fire...
Report at EDP 24 News
What is unsaid: Training rifles for the support of the government monopoly on force, since UK subjects are prohibited from owning semi-automatic rifles. If your weapons are required (under threat of prison) to be stored in a public place, those that care nothing about "gun control laws/gun bans" know just where to go get them, don't they?...British gun policy is utopian stupidity at it's most blatant and dangerous...(S9)

Monday, June 21, 2010

N.Y. Tyranny: Micro-stamping bill for semi-automatic handguns falls short in state Senate

A bill that would have required new semi-automatic pistols to have micro-stamping technology that marks ammunition fell short because of lack of votes...The legislation would have required all semi-automatic pistols manufactured on or after Jan. 1, 2012 to be capable of producing a unique alpha-numeric or geometric code on at least two locations on each cartridge case expended from such pistol. “This legislation misses the mark and will only infringe on the rights of law abiding gun owners,” Sen. Aubertine said...“The technology unproven and will not achieve the public safety protections proponents of this bill claim. Instead, the end result will be limitations on responsible, law-abiding gun owners who will be required to pay more for their legal guns if they can get them at all, while the actual criminals continue to purchase illegal handguns. We should not be looking to add more laws that infringe on our Second Amendment rights...
Full story at
Another attempt to force California style gun bans on other states!. Kudos to the New Yorkers who fought hard against this phony "science-fiction" abomination, which is in reality is a monopoly big dollar state sponsored kickback scheme to make the "inventor" rich at taxpayers expense, such as is already in place in the evil anti-gun empire of California!!!...(S9)

Lady GaGa's "AR-15 Bra" Cover Shot

"Lady GaGa" (aka; Stefani Germanotta) goes for shock value, plagiarizing the 1960's film "The 10th Victim", with this AR-15 based leather bra. Apparently there are two versions, with and without ammunition magazines. Madonna was blindsided, never saw her replacement coming. La GaGa is a marketing genius...
(Cover & live photo composite courtesy of artist "Blaqueadder")

Finland rejects ban on semi-automatic weapons

HELSINKI - Finland will not impose a full ban on semi-automatic weapons, the interior minister said Monday, rejecting an inquiry commission proposal following two deadly school shootings. "I will not take this proposal forward as it is," Interior Minister Anne Holmlund told national broadcaster YLE..."I don't really believe that the banning of one approach in weapons would be the way to ensure massacres are prevented," she said, adding several different actions were needed, including giving police wider access to information about gun licence applicants...Finland's parliament is currently debating a new gun law, and the so-called Kauhajoki inquiry commission had asked Holmlund to back its proposal for a total ban on semi-automatic handguns in the new legislation...
Full story here
It is good to see cooler heads prevail in Finland, despite emotionalst browbeating, and not falling into the same trap as U.K., Australia, etc., where shootings were cynically used as mass mind-control to enable banning firearms to absolutely no practical effect on criminal behavior (witness the recent spree murders in U.K.), but maximum effect on the law-abiding's ability to defend themselves against armed criminal action...(S9)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

El Paso Police Roll Out M4 Rifles For Officers

EL PASO, Texas -- El Paso police officers have started training with new their new M4 semiautomatic rifles that were ordered back in January...All officers will be issued a new rifle and undergo a two day training process to learn the weapon, including how to load, clean and of course shoot it...El Paso police officials said they made the $800,000 purchase to better equip their officers for different situations. Police said the decision to use the rifles will come on a case by case basis. About 1,200 rifles were ordered...
Full story & video here @ KFOXTV
Media incompetence strikes again, with a totally firearms ignorant "reporter" running his mouth about "bigger and stronger", & "big bullets" in reference to these smallbore .22 caliber center-fire rifles, which anyone familiar with firearms understands are on the smaller side of ammunition size, far from "big" in any way (not to mention that "carbine" is synonymous with a smaller, shorter rifle to begin with!). He poses smarmily with an unloaded carbine and refers to these as "semiautomatic", so we have to assume these are not true military "M-4" carbines, which are full-automatic/machinegun capable, but "civilian" clones of the M-4 (i.e. The same firearms anti-gun nuts & politicians intentionally lie about and "confuse" with machineguns to (wrongly) justify banning them for "civilian" possession)...(S9)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Missing Hero uses AK-47's to help free Hostages: 6 Pirates wiped out (Nations cower in response)

Another example proving guns are not evil, only the uses they might be put to: armed good-guys prevail over armed bad-guys; in this case with AK-47/Kalashnikov rifles (the un-neutered originals, not the semi-automatic only versions anti-gun nuts & Politicians are so fond of lying about)...
Somali cook gives guns to hostage crew who kill pirate captors, but where is Ahmed now?
The pirate cook smuggled food to the terrified hostages held by his gang off the Somali coast...when the pirates started talking about harvesting their organs for cash, he sneaked them guns...But now the life of the Somali cook, known only as Ahmed, is in danger. Despite actions the crew described as heroic, European Union nations, Syria and nearby Djibouti have all refused to take him...Ahmed has since disappeared...(6) pirates hijacked the MV Rim, a Libyan-owned, North Korean-flagged cargo ship in the Gulf of Aden. The crew radioed international navies, but help arrived 15 minutes after the pirates seized the ship. International naval forces patrolling the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean off Somalia generally don't intervene militarily after pirates take a ship because of the danger to the crew (WTF?-S9)...Ahmed told the crew that the pirates had decided to kill them and harvest their organs to get some money out of the seajacking. Ahmed secretly passed the crew three Kalashnikovs. That's when "all hell broke loose,"..."There were six pirates guarding us. We started shooting. I shot like mad. The pirates were taken by surprise. They opened fire, shot each other also by mistake," said Cretu, who was wounded in the back during the firefight. "This lasted for about 45 minutes. All in all, we annihilated them pretty quickly. Some we threw overboard, to the sharks." "It was like being in a commando fight"..."In my mind, cook Ahmed was an angel sent by God," said Cretu. "Without his intervention, without his courage, we would have been dead"...
Full story about this true life blood and thunder action adventure here
Note that this story is less than "under-reported" by the biased U.S. news media, where self-reliant derring-do with firearms must not be encouraged for fear of creating a trend of people fighting back against criminal depredations. This is already standard, because similar stories in the USA are also intentionally under-reported by the biased news media (Were it not for NRA News & "Armed Citizen", we might not hear about them at all!). The shipping companies do not encourage crews to resist Pirates with armed force, and the policy of non-intervention by Naval forces is downright cowardice being imposed upon the military, who would be more than willing to erase these bumbling seagoing terrorist vermin if allowed to take the gloves off!...Eternal shame on the nations who refused asylum for the honorable heroic "Ahmed"...(S9)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

More Proof: Mex Cartel Arms not from U.S. Civilian Market; Mex Civilian arms supressed

Author Bernard Thompson blows the lid off the anti-gun mafia's lies about U.S. so-called "assault weapons" arming Mexican Cartel hitmen. He also exposes the hypocritical and rarely discussed facts about how the tyrannical Mexican government subverts their own Constitution to keep lawful citizens disarmed victims of both armed factions..."it should be pointed out that the Mexican Constitution allows the possession of firearms. Article 10 states: "The inhabitants of the United Mexican States have the right to have arms in their domicile for their protection and legitimate defense, excepting those prohibited by Federal Law and those reserved for the exclusive use of the Army, Navy, Air Force and National Guard. Federal law will determine the cases, conditions, requisites and places (when and where) inhabitants will be authorized to carry arms."...Yet the reality is that applicable laws, a number of requisites and the system are employed — by design — in such a draconian manner, by the responsible government ministries (led by National Defense), individual permits for honest citizens to own firearms are in effect impossible to obtain, excepting by the privileged elite. Guns must be registered with the military, plus the military's area command must notify the Interior Secretariat (GobernaciĆ³n) of each person and firearm registered. Furthermore, to take whichever gun outside of one's domicile a license to carry arms is also required. And then allowable ammunition has its own set of hoops and hurdles"...
See the full story @ An Inside Look at Mexican Guns and Arms Trafficking
Take careful note, Americans, some want this type of Constitutional subversion in the USA. More information on Mexican Gun Myths can be found in the archives of this site (S9)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another Example: How Firearms end up on the Black Market

Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa said...police officers should take responsibility for their firearms. Last month it was reported that close to 100 firearms had gone missing in the Nanda police station...Three guns were recovered and there was an internal investigation pending. Last year two policemen from the Durban Central police station were convicted after 15 firearms went missing, said Mthethwa...
Full story from South Africa here
There is the irony: A country that had firearms freedom under tyrannical racial oppression, is now ruled by ex-communist tyrants working hard to destroy the firearms freedom of it's law-abiding citizens. Meanwhile the murder & mayhem rate continues to climb out of control, creating a profit driven black market for firearms. There are thousands of AK-47's circulating in Africa from decades of insurgent warfare...(See link for the Black Gun Owners Assn. of South Africa below) - (S9)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

California Tyranny: Open carry bill advances

...the California Assembly passed a bill Tuesday that would make it illegal to openly carry a gun in public, even if it is unloaded.
The bill would make it a misdemeanor to carry an exposed handgun on any public street or in a public place. The bill passed on a 41-25 party-line vote and now moves to the Senate.
Under current California law, gun owners can carry a rifle or handgun in a holster in public if it is unloaded...
this media biased article is here...
This was never an issue until a few Tea-Party activists arrived at gatherings with unloaded slung semi-auto rifles and/or holstered handguns. This is simply and purely a leftist direct attack against 2nd Amendment activists, the fact that they are using legislation to persecute law-abiding citizens is the very definition of tyranny! The opressed will not soon forget...(S9)